"I can feel someone a few layers deep. Pacing- like an animal in a cage. Just looking for something to start it…"
―John Doe[src]

The Joker is a tritagonist turned major antagonist in Telltale Games' Batman series. A mysterious patient at Arkham Asylum known as "John Doe", he became an ally to billionaire Bruce Wayne whilst he was incarcerated at the asylum. After being discharged from the asylum, Joker went on to associate with a group of criminals called the Pact, whom he wished Bruce to get involved with. After the group disbanded, the actions of Bruce/Batman affected the Joker, turning him into either a vigilante with a perverted sense of justice or one of the greatest threats Gotham City had ever seen.


Nobody truly had an identity for the Joker, with the name "John Doe" that was given to him by the Asylum Staff. It seemed that John was also unaware of his past and didn't remember his life prior to Arkham, how he got there or even his own name. It seemed that no one even remembered the day that John arrived and there was no record of him ever being committed. Other inmates were scared of John, particularly Victor Zsasz, who found him unpredictable. However, to staff members, particularly doctors Joan Leland and Harleen Quinzel, John seemed to recover and was one of the more cooperative of the inmates.

While at Arkham, John became obsessed with billionaire Bruce Wayne and his activities in the public's eyes. He also began to admire Batman and his war against crime, particular criminals like Carmine Falcone. Keeping a scrapbook of information, John became determined to learn everything about the billionaire. It's possible that he deduced that Bruce and Batman were one in the same, but it was left uncertain at that moment in time.

Season One

Guardian of Gotham

When John met Bruce in person, he found the billionaire being attacked by two inmates who claimed to be victims of his father. Coming to his defence, John brutally assaulted them and offered help to Bruce. With Dr. Leland arriving, John tried to vouch that he had helped Bruce and that the billionaire had attacked the other inmates in defense. Bruce can either go along with or deny the claims. After being formerly introduced, John, Bruce and Leland left the cell, showing him the way to the asylum's lobby.

As they walked through the Asylum, John conversed with Leland, though kept his eye on Bruce, and saved him from a cannibal who complained about "not being able to taste." John also banged violently on another inmates door after he tried to use the phone, something that Leland noticed. As they arrived in the Lobby, John bullied "Sane Lewis" out of his seat and left to get the remote from Leland. Before he left, John gave Bruce a key and asked him to use it.

When he returned, John turned over to the Gotham City News Channel, where he witnessed Harvey Dent announcing his imprisonment of Bruce to Arkham and laughed at the mayor's ramblings about his war with Lady Arkham. When a report about Vicki Vale's disappearance appeared, John also revealed his knowledge that she was Lady Arkham's civilian identity, a piece of information that he suspected Bruce would also know. When Bruce confirmed his mutual knowledge, John offered to help set him free, having noticed a "darker side" to him as he had attacked Oswald Cobblepot, and possibly realized who he was.

Knowing that Bruce would go after Vicki if he was released from the Asylum, John revealed Vale's identity as the current generation of the Arkham family: Victoria Arkham. He also revealed her past, including her family's murder and motivation for crusade against Bruce. John offered to set Bruce free, but he required a favor if he did so. Regardless of whether he agrees to, John will go through with his plan to get Bruce released.

Walking up to Zsasz, who was playing chess with another inmate, John asked him what would happen if a tally mark was made before a kill. With Zsasz unable to respond, John cut the serial killer's face with a knife, which caused him to lash out into his old ways. Offering a knife, John hoped that Zsasz's psychotic attack might distract the orderlies long enough for Bruce to get the phone and call to be released. Depending on what Bruce choses to do, the following possibilities will happen.

If Bruce puts himself in front of Victor and tries to stop the fighting, John is surprised by his decision and watches as Bruce tries to subdue him. Following this, he is returned to his cell, where he catches Bruce leaving with with his butler. As he passes him, John calls out to "ask the Vales" as he is taken away.

If Bruce chooses to use the riot as a distraction to use the phone and continue with John's plan, John watches the fight unfold. After Bruce calls either Lt. Gordon or his lawyers to release him, John tells to "ask the Vales". As Bruce is taken away by Leland and an orderly, he tells Bruce that the two will see each other soon. John later sees Bruce as he leaves the asylum with his butler, Alfred. As he walks by, John reminds him of their deal.

City of Light

John was among the inmates who were set free during the Children of Arkham's attempted break out. However, unlike the other inmates, John simply watched the chaos unfold and seemed to enjoy every second of it. After he witnessed Batman defeat Zsasz, John clapped maniacally and told him how he "admired [his] work," which possibly pretending that they had only just met. When the GCPD stormed the room, John remained calm as an officer came in and arrested him.

In the following week, the staff at Arkham deemed John sane and decided to discharge him, believing that he could return to society. It was possible that John had organized the attack on the event that announced James Gordon's promotion to Commissioner, though it currently remains unconfirmed. Regardless of his guilt, John watched the event at the Stacked Deck, during which, he witnessed either Bruce or Batman subdue the assassin. Entertained by the events, John either promised to see the billionaire again or to top the attack, depending on whether Bruce or Batman was present.

Season Two: The Enemy Within

The Enigma

During his year of freedom, John claimed to have found it hard to readjust to society. However, he also became acquainted with some of the world's most dangerous criminals and formed a group known as the Pact. Due to those connections, John became one of the most wanted people in the world for the Agency and its director, Amanda Waller. After an attack on Wayne Enterprises orchestrated by the Pact's leader, Riddler, John decided to invoke the favor that he asked from Bruce, though the reasons currently remain unknown.

Arriving at the funeral for Lucius Fox, a friend of Bruce that had died in Riddler's attack, John talked with the dead man's daughter, Tiffany, making a number of inappropriate comments and jokes until Bruce pulled him aside. John gave Bruce a card that he bought and the two took places as the sermon began. During that, John asked Bruce to meet the Pact for him and join the group as the favor that he asked for back at Arkham. When John mentioned the Riddler, Bruce began to ask information about him, which lead to John giving him information about his operations in the East End of Gotham. As the funeral finished, John decided to leave and hoped to see Bruce again. Bruce had the opportunity to attach a tracking device to John, which he seemingly did not notice.

Later, John managed to learn about Riddler's safehouse in the East End and sent Bruce information about it. John also recommended talking to Rumi Mori, who had been on Riddler's kill list after Mori refused to sell one of his biotech companies. After he sent Bruce the information, John cut off the conversation to take care of other matters. It was currently unknown whether John was involved with one of the Pact's attacks on Gotham, though it's possible he might of assisted either Mr. Freeze or Harley Quinn.

The Pact

The following morning, John was either followed or contacted by Bruce, who had decided to take up his offer to join the Pact. Found at the Stacked Deck in the midst of therapy with another patron, Willy Deever, John finished the session before going to talk with him, during which John ordered him a drink. If Bruce placed the tracking device on him, John will reveal his knowledge of it and express his annoyance but seemingly forgives him for placing it on him.

When Bruce asked about his involvement in the Riddler's death, John denied it and talked about Bruce joining him as a member of the Pact. He also admitted to having lied about Riddler's involvement with the group and promised not to have any more secrets between him and Bruce. He also offered a pinky swear, which Bruce has the opportunity of accepting. Whilst contacting Harley to let her know, Willy tried to attack Bruce. If Bruce chooses to subdue Willy, he will film the incident. Regardless, John decided to leave and take Bruce to meet the others.

After receiving a text from Harley letting him know she was interested, he told Bruce about what had been decided and told him about his feelings for her. He also decided to hot-wire a car, during which he asked for Bruce's assistance. When Harley arrived, he introduced the two and, at Harley's request, collected a slushy for her from a vendor. When he returned, they left in the car as the owner returned. When Harley flirted with Bruce, he showed signs of being uncomfortable and even snatched the slushy when she offered him a drink. When they arrived, they initially stayed behind in the car but followed him into the building shortly afterward.

The two followed him to his office, knocking a guard unconscious and confronting Regina Zellerbach in the process. John also showed some signs of discomfort when Harley flirted with Bruce, with him suggesting that they stayed focused on finding the key. When they arrived in the vault, he was disappointed to find no craters there, having mistaken the explosion to have taken their rather than Fox's office. Whilst Bruce recreated Lucius' thumbprint to access the vault, John looked around the lab, taking notice of an EMP generator. When Bruce was able to get into the vault, he stayed behind with Harley, but later followed when he wondered what was going on. Depending on whether Bruce lied to Tiffany at the funeral, the following will happen.

If Bruce told Tiffany the truth about his involvement with Lucius' death, he will discover the two in conversation, with Bruce trying to get Tiffany to hand over the Phalanx Key. Bruce asks him to keep quiet, something he agrees to do but comments on hating to lie to Harley. Depending on whether he is successful or not, he will either take the key to Harley after Bruce is able to get Tiffany to hand it over or is stunned with a electric gun as she tries to escape. If the latter plays out, he will find the key on the floor and hand it over to Harley. As they leave, Harley asks him to bring the EMP generator with them, having decided to use it for their next attack.

If Bruce lied to Tiffany, John will be stunned with a taser as he enters the vault. He is also present whilst Harley threatens Tiffany and forces Bruce to pledge allegiance to the Pact for her safety. After Bruce either accepts or denies, he finds the Phalanx Key on the floor and gives it to Harley. As they leave, Harley asks him to bring the EMP generator, having decided to use it for their next attack.

After he and Harley returned, they and the rest of the Pact prepared to retrieve Riddler's body from the Agency. After deciding to bring him into the group, John contacted Bruce and told him to meet with the group. After he was brought to the Pact's lair, he watched as Bane and Harley argued whether to bring him into the group. Believing Bane would kill Bruce, John activated the EMP generator "accidentally" so that he could prove his worth to the group.

When Harley tasked him with getting the approval of Bane and Freeze, Bruce talked to John to get advice. Though he had no idea how to get Freeze's approval, he gave him a bottle of beer so he could at least talk to Bane. When the group voted on whether to grant Bruce membership, John voted for him, regardless of his actions. If Bruce was unable to convince Bane and Freeze, this will lead to a tie, which will lead to him being allowed to join the group.

During the attack on the Agency, John remained within the escape vehicles as Bruce and the other members engaged the agents in combat. John helped load the package and watched as the chaos ensued. Depending on who Bruce chooses to stop, the following will happen.

If Bruce chooses to stop Harley, she will escape with the rest of the Pact whilst Bane is left to fight the Agency. Despite Freeze's worries that Bane will seek revenge, John and Harley seem unconcerned about this. He is also present when Bruce opens the Riddler's casket.

If Bruce chooses to stop Bane, John will watch in horror as Harley is left to battle the Agency. Despite his pleas to go back and rescue her from the Agency, Bane and Freeze refuse, believing it to be worthless to go back for her. Furious, he storms back to his Ha-Hacienda to mourn.

Fractured Mask

Depending on who Bruce chose to stop in the previous episode, the following will happen to John.

If Bruce chose to stop Harley, John helps Harley retrieve the payment for Catwoman from her safe and gives it to her. He stands by as Bane and his men return from battling the Agency and the GCPD and as Harley takes control of the Pact.

If Bruce chose to stop Bane, John stays in his Ha-Hacienda to mourn Harley's "death" and doesn't come out to interact with Catwoman. When she returns, he appears to greet her and stands by as she takes control of the Pact.

When Harley gave Bruce the task of investigating Riddler's hideout to find information about an Agency black-site, she suggested that he brought John along to help him. After changing into something more suitable, he, Bruce and Catwoman left to investigate the lair.

Upon arrival, he and Catwoman left to investigate the outside for officers whilst Bruce check the back. After returning, he attempted to break down the fence with a crowbar, only for Bruce to intervene and take over the task, to avoid attracting attention. Whilst Bruce investigated the scene, John and Catwoman remained outside and only entered when Bruce was confronted by a detective on the scene. When John retrieved the crowbar to knock him out, Bruce can either allow him to do so or deal with them himself. Regardless, the three entered Riddler's lair and began their investigation.

Whilst Catwoman investigated the balcony, John and Bruce searched the lower area of the hideout and uncovered a trap left behind by the criminal. Bruce can also interact with John, during which he tells him about his distrust for Catwoman and tell him about some of his history. When Bruce was able to solve Riddler's trap, he and Catwoman insisted John stayed behind whilst they investigated the uncovered elevator. When she tried to escape with the decryption drive, John only watched as Bruce attempted to stop her and took photographs with his phone. After the battle, John, having heard Catwoman mention her intentions to steal a laptop in Harley's possession, decided to confront Bruce about it, but somewhere else than the Riddler's lair.

Taking him to Café Triste, John ordered them drinks, including a frappe for himself, and confronted Bruce on telling Catwoman about the laptop. He pondered telling her to improve her opinion of him but ultimately decided against it. Having witnessed some flirting between Bruce and Catwoman, he asked for some advice to help Harley notice him. Depending on the advice Bruce gives, the following will happen.

If Bruce advices John act like himself whilst trying to seduce Harley, he mentions that he feels unsure about doing so, as he hasn't found his "true self" yet. After taking some advice from Bruce, John asks that they role play some scenarios between him and Harley to improve his confidence. Afterwards, when Bruce decides to leave to "attend to business", John agrees to help him retrieve Harley's laptop and pays for the drinks. As he pays for the drinks, he seemingly fails to notice Bruce leave.

If Bruce advices John tries to manipulate her, he seems a bit unsure about doing so and asks for advice from Bruce. After learning some basic methods of finding out what can be done to get her to notice him, John decides to learn more about Bruce. Using napkins and some of Bruce's coffee, he creates Rorschach tests and asks him to answer. When Bruce decides to leave to "attend to business", John allows him to leave and offers to pay for the drinks. Depending on how Bruce answered, he will either says he'll think about helping him steal the laptop or decided not to go through with it. As he pays for the drinks, he seemingly fails to notice Bruce leave.

After the "disappearing act," John, having noticed the Batsignal shining, realized he was Batman or finally had proof that they were the same person. Deciding to help him, he followed him to the rooftop of the GCPD Headquarters and got the vigilante's attention by making shadow puppets with the Batsignal. Introducing himself for what seemed to be the first time, John offered to help him arrest the Pact and retrieve Harley Quinn's laptop. However, he promised only to do so if she was left alone. The two arranged to meet up behind the Stacked Deck bar if he was successful, which he agreed to do. After this, John took a selfie on his phone and showed it to Batman, with the vigilante either allowing him to keep it or destroying the phone. If the latter is chosen, John is shocked at this action and expresses disappointment for losing it.

When Bruce returned to the Old Five Points, John talked to him and advised that they used the opportunity to steal the laptop. When Harley came over to check on them, John tried to offer to help her search for the Pact's mole, only to be turned down and dismissed. Whilst she and Bruce talked, John slipped into her office to retrieve the laptop for Batman. Depending on whether the vigilante told Catwoman about Gordon's ambush, he either doesn't find it (if Catwoman was informed) or is able to steal it (if she wasn't told).

If the latter plays out, John meets with the vigilante and gives him the laptop. Whilst he comments about feeling conflicted about stealing from Harley, he is pleased for having helped the vigilante and asks for a lesson in Batarang throwing. If Batman agrees to do so, he receives a demonstration on how to do so and given the opportunity to throw one, unsuccessfully. After practice concludes, he asks to keep the Batarang he has been practicing, something which Batman can agree to. As the vigilante leaves, he promises Batman to stay out of trouble and help the vigilante, whenever he needs assistance.

When Harley discovered the laptop was missing, he assisted her in investigating for the culprits. During the final preparations, John was given Riddler's position as "tech guy." If she had not found out about Tiffany or Project LOTUS, he also tells her about these. After learning that Harley had narrowed it down to Bruce and Catwoman, he begged her to let him interrogate the billionaire, receiving some advice on what to do with her. When he finally interrogated Bruce, he worried about what they were going to do and suggested that they pinned the blame on Catwoman. When Harley returned, John, claiming to have finished, told Bruce to tell her who the mole was.

If Bruce blames Catwoman, John is pleased that he followed his advice and receives praise and affection from Harley for getting the information out of him. He also witnesses the rest of the Pact's attempt to kill her with one of Freeze's devices, but is otherwise not involved. After placing her in one of Riddler's death traps as a temporary cell, he, Bruce and the rest of the gang leave to raid the black-site.

If Bruce outs himself as the traitor, John is shocked at his decision, though also receives praise and affection from Harley for getting the information out of him. As he watches the others attempt to kill Bruce with one of Freeze's cryogenic chambers, he asks for them to spare him, only to be turn away. After they activate the chamber, he is forced to leave Bruce whilst he and the rest of the Pact raid the black-site.

What Ails You

Depending on who was given up as the mole, the following possibilities will happen.

If Bruce chose to follow John's advice and blame Catwoman for the theft, he mostly stands by to observe whilst Bruce and the others battle employees of both the Bohdi Spa and SANCTUS. During the raid, he also takes a picture of the group on his phone to mark the occasion. John also catch Bruce communicating with Amanda Waller, but seems to remain oblivious to it, dismissing the action as him talking to himself. Knowing the Pact have come together to get their hands on the virus, John shares with Bruce his belief that they will disband once they get their hands on it.

When asked to install one of Riddler's drives, John supposed misunderstanding causes his position to be given to Bruce. He was amazed at Bruce's actions during the battle, including drawing a turret's fire to allow Harley to destroy it. When Bruce gets separated, John and the rest of the Pact are forced to disable another turret and, as he tries to destroy Project LOTUS, watches as Bane tries to stop him from doing so. When Bane comes close to killing Bruce, John interferes and attacking him, allowing the billionaire to subdue him. When Harley betrays the group, John is shocked by her leaving them behind and flees the scene as the Agency arrives.

If Bruce chose to blow his cover, it is unknown how involved he was in the raid on the lab. After making it into the lab, John's impatience leads to him continually pestering Freeze to hurry up with the extraction, which is looked down upon by Bane. When Batman arrives on the scene with Catwoman, John initially suggests a peaceful method, but does not get involved as they battle the rest of the Pact. However, whilst Bane has Batman trapped, John prevents Freeze from attempting to kill the vigilante, telling him to fight his own hero. When Harley betrays the Pact and escapes with the virus, John is shocked at this betrayal, but manages to escape as the Agency arrives.

After the raid, John fled back to the Old Five Points to hide from the Agency, only to find their operatives already there. Hiding in a place they could not find him, he watched as they stole the Riddler's blood, from both the corpse and samples collected by Freeze. Eventually, he was discovered by Harley, who had returned to retrieve the samples and synthesize a usable version of LOTUS. After telling her what he'd seen, Harley rejected John and gave him a black eye before fleeing. With his feelings truly broken, he broke into her office and drank himself into unconsciousness.

Eventually, John was discovered by Bruce and Special Agent Iman Avesta, who had returned in search of Quinn. After being woken up, he drunkenly introduced himself to the Agency operative and ranted about his perceived one-sided friendship with Bruce. John blamed him for the advice he had given him to win over Harley and showed his frustrations about how the Pact had been disbanded. As Bruce tried to get more answers from him, John drew a gun on him and Avesta, only to be talked into dropping it.

As John attempted to leave, Avesta blocked his entrance whilst Bruce talked him into telling them about what had happened. Though reluctant to help them find Harley, he was talked into doing so but insisted on doing so alone. Regardless of whether Bruce chooses to let him go alone or join him, he will leave to find her by himself. If Bruce insists that he joins him, John will hold him and Avesta at gunpoint before fleeing, ensuring they do not follow him.

John eventually tracked Harley down to the defunct Bonus Brothers Carnival, where she had been storing one of the GCPD's armored vehicles after the attack on the Agency convoy. After informing Bruce, he investigated the funhouse where they had set up a lair, only to discover multiple agents there. John murdered the agents, though he claims it was in self-defense. Eventually, he was discovered talking to the corpses by Bruce, who had come after being given the lead to follow.

After being discovered, John claimed he had been attacked by them and, succumbing to something dark building up inside him, had bludgeoned them to death with the nearest object he could grab. However, Bruce found multiple holes in the story, including a gunshot wound on an agent's back. Depending on dialogue chosen, the their "friendship" can either improve or decrease. During the conversation, John revealed he knew Bruce was actually Batman, having deduced it some time ago. If Bruce doesn't acknowledge this to be true, John gives him evidence to support his claim, along with actions he had taken throughout his time in the Pact. Revealing that Harley had fled to the Gotham Bridge, John asked to help capture her before she did anything too drastic. He also asked Bruce whether he believed his story, promising to help if he did. Depending on whether Bruce believes John, the following possibilities will happen.

If Bruce chooses to believe John, he joins Bruce to capture Harley on the Gotham Bridge. Worried that the Agency may kill Harley, he asks Bruce to get involved and stop them from doing so. When Waller shows surprise on his appearance, he simply waves at her as Bruce talks to her. With Waller running out of options, she allows them to try and talk her out of destroying the bridge. As he watches as Bruce struggles to get Harley to stand down, John goes up and tries to talk to her himself. If Bruce lets him take over negotiations, he promises to get her to stand down. As John communicates with her. the two seem to make flirty gestures towards each other, leading Waller to suspect that he will not be successful and orders her teams to go in. Depending on the choices made, the follow will happen.

If Bruce puts faith in John and is able to prevent Waller from interfering, John is able to subdue her and hands her over to the Agency. As Harley asks him why he had betrayed her, he comments that he has been shown how to be good. When Waller asks him to hand over the virus, John refuses to, believing that it should be destroyed. When she tries to kill him, John realizes she is as bad as the Pact and calls her corrupt. He then steals a smoke grenade from an agent, which he sets off, makes an attempt on Waller's life and detonates Harley's bombs. Climbing on the bridge's railing, John promises to bring the Agency to justice before jumping off the side.

If Bruce chooses not to let John negotiate or begins to suspect he's up to something, he takes the trigger from Harley's hand and demands that they stand down. Chastising Bruce for not trusting him, he calls the billionaire dangerous and berates him for trusting Waller. As he sees Harley being dragged away, John blames Bruce for what has happened and detonates the bombs. Standing on the side of the bridge, he embraces his madness and is praised by Harley for what he has done. He then kisses her and jumps off the bridge, the two disappearing into the night.

If Bruce chooses not to believe him, John admits his disappointment and, believing he should be at Harley's side, tries to escape. As Bruce chases after him, he blocks his path with some mannequins and escapes. John then flees to another location, where he collects one of the stolen vehicles, and drives to the bridge to save Harley.

Arriving in the midst of a failed negotiation between Batman and Quinn, John drives his truck into the bridge, indirectly releases Harley's bombs onto the entire bridge and causes Batman to miss an attempt to steal either the virus or the detonator. He then makes his presence known to everyone and admits his loyalty to Harley. Taking the detonator from her, he berates Batman for not helping him and calls what he stands for "a joke". Venting his frustrations, John takes control and sets off the bombs to destroy the bridge. As he watches the carnage ensure, John tells Batman that he could have prevented this destruction and how he has created him. As Harley praises him, John kisses her and jumps off the bridge, disappearing into the night.

Same Stitch

After the events on the bridge, John would decide to discard the name he was given at Arkham and adopted a new identity: Joker. The Agency would also begin sending manhunts to find him and capture either Harley Quinn or Batman. Depending on the choices made in the previous episode, the Joker will become either a vigilante or a villain. Depending on what happened, the following possibilities will take place.

If Bruce believed that he killed the agents in self defense and trusted him enough to help capture Harley Quinn, Joker becomes obsessed with helping Batman bring criminals to justice and begins assembling his own crew to help him. With Stacked Deck patrons Willy Deever, Frank Dumfree and Lauren deciding to help him, he begins creating his own gadgets and weapons to help him and creates a new costume based around clowns and happiness. Together, the group set up base in the disused Ace Chemical Processing Plant. After several weeks, Joker sends his followers to Riddler's old hideout to attract the Agency's attention.

When Batman arrives on the scene, the Joker attacks the agents as they subdue Batman with their stun pistols. Working together, they defeat the group, despite being severely out numbered. As Joker introduces Batman to his helpers, one of the agents, Roger Harrison, calls the Agency to send an asset in to capture them. As the Agency drops of the package, revealed to be an enhanced Bane, Joker tells his followers to escape whilst he and Batman deal with the criminal.

With Bane's venom injections now lasting longer and using a tubing system as opposed to the injections, Joker and Batman find it hard to defeat the bohemeth. Joker is also shocked as Willy dies trying to stop Harrison, if Batman doesn't react in time or decides to save the Agency operative instead. At Batman's suggestion, Joker either rams Bane in his Jokermobile or drops a smokestack chimney on him. As he confronts Bane, he learns that Waller has incorrectly implicated him for Riddler's death, causing him to lash out in anger. After being called off by Batman, the two leave as more agents arrive.

Making their way to an alleyway, they are met by Alfred, who has come to help Bruce look after his injuries. Delighted to finally meet Bruce's guardian in person, John offers to help Bruce look after his injury, only to be declined. Whilst Bruce takes care of his injury using a medical kit, John converses with Alfred. After Bruce finishes, he listens to Amanda Waller's demands for both him and the LOTUS virus. Though he contemplates killing her with the virus, Joker ultimately is convinced to hand it over to Bruce to destroy it. Afterwards, he accompanies Bruce as he meets up with Iman Avesta to get blackmail on Waller. Whilst Batman meets the agent, Joker is told to stay hidden whilst he meets with her.

After watching Batman negotiate with Waller for her to leave and possibly hand him over for an additional demand, Joker, furious at his actions, intervenes and makes his presence known. Believing that he isn't willing to do what is necessary to protect Gotham, he attacks Waller and his former compatriots in the Pact, who have now become assets to the Agency. Fighting both his former friends and agents, Joker and Batman are quickly overwhelmed and surrounded. Believing there are no other options, Joker throws two bombs towards both the Agency and the Pact, hoping that they will force them back or kill them.

To his surprise, Batman chases after them, successfully throwing one of them to safety whilst he is injured trying to stop the other. Following this, Joker fights his way through the survivors and captures Waller, taking her hostage and fleeing. Though chased through Gotham, he manages to lose his pursuers and takes her to his hideout. Joker and his crew set up plans to force confessions out of Waller about the Agency's involvement in illegal or unethical activities, destroying both her and the organization's credit, and then execute her. With that, he plans to target other organizations, though it is currently not known which ones specifically.

During the midst of filming, Batman arrives to save her. Joyed that the vigilante has survived, Joker pleads with him to stand by and let Waller die or help him bring down the other criminals in Gotham, using his new and somewhat twisted brand of justice. Batman refuses, causing him to question his friendship and whether Bruce is actually using the Batman identity as a façade. As he attempts to execute Waller, Batman stops him. Sending his gang to fight him, Joker takes Waller to the higher levels of the facility, hoping to get her to confess to Riddler's murder.

When Batman arrives, having defeated his allies, Joker tries to get Waller to confess to Riddler's murder, believing that she had framed him in order to cover her own tracks. With her refusing, Joker threatens to drop her into one of the vats, only for Tiffany Fox to appear and confess to the murder. Though he initially disbelieves her, the evidence she presents causes him to realize she is telling the truth and he tries to kill her. When Batman steps in the way, Joker decides to attack him, only for him to be tackled over the railing by Waller. Before he falls into one of the vats, Batman catches him with his grappling gun, but Joker uses his own to reach one of the other walkways.

As he tries to escape, Waller's agents arrive to stop him. Losing faith in Batman and his war on crime, Joker attacks the agents, killing them, and embraces his new identity. With Batman standing in his way, Joker engages the vigilante in an fight, the two evenly matched with their skills and equipment. Managing to gain the upper hand, Joker moves back to try to kill Waller and Tiffany, only for Batman catch up and stop him. Chased to the control room of the plant, Joker realizes that he is destined to become a "villain" and continues to fight Batman, eventually ending with both of them severely injured.

Finally defeated, Joker tells Bruce how much he really wanted to be a hero and asked whether he actually considered him a friend. Regardless of what Bruce says, he falls unconscious and is later found by either the GCPD or the Agency. Whilst Batman is taken away for medical aid, Gordon organizes for Joker to be returned to Arkham Asylum. Left alone in his cell, he is left to contemplate his actions. If Bruce revealed to him that he considered him a friend, he visits Joker in his cell, much to the latter's joy. However, if he was told he was an enemy, he decides to become "enemies for life" with Batman.

If Bruce didn't believe John or trust him to arrest Harley Quinn, Joker and Harley put together their own criminal gang, which he plans revenge against Wayne. Setting up himself, Harley and their gang in the abandoned Ace Chemical Processing Plant, Joker helps Harley create more batches of Project LOTUS, planning to use it to attack the city. He also, with help from Willy, designs a new costume around clowns and creates new weapons and equipment to help him. Joker also captures Catwoman, deduces Tiffany Fox is responsible for Riddler's murder and sends Bruce a message, warning him about his plans.

Using a mole in Wayne Enterprises, Joker is able to falsify documents from Regina Zellerbach that are ordering weapons. Stealing a van, he tells his men to attract the GCPD's attention and, if they did, use an officer as a hostage, hoping to get Batman's attention. The men will eventually capture the detective he and Bruce encountered and, after restraining him, stuff a jack-in-the-box into his stomach. They then leave a weapons create behind, with the false order from Zellerbach.

After their informant tells them that Bruce Wayne had arrived to confront Zellerbach during a board meeting, Joker, Harley and their men attack and take them hostage. Using Willy to announce him, Joker makes his appearance, making the board aware of his relationship to Bruce and revealing to his new enemy how them had been replicating the virus. Whilst the gang put on gasmasks, forcing one of them onto Bruce, Joker releases the virus, killing the enter board. Whilst Harley makes a video giving a number of outrageous demands, Joker tells Bruce how he had decided to become his ultimate enemy and will not stop until either of them are dead. He then allows Harley to knock him out and spread the virus around the rest of Wayne Tower. During this, he leaves a rag, with clues to lead Bruce to one of the bombs at Divinity Church.

Whilst Batman deals with the bomb, Joker contacts Gordon, offering him the location of all of the bombs, in return for Batman. Gordon agrees and contacts Batman, asking the vigilante to come to Ace Chemicals. If Batman has stood beside Gordon for at least one of his actions, he tries to call the deal off, only for Joker to knock him out. When Batman arrives, Joker's men attack him and subdue him. When Joker arrives, he kills one of his men to prevent him from killing Gordon and gives him a map of all the locations of the bombs. As the former commissioner leaves to hand it over to the authorities, Joker shoots him in the legs and tells his men to move him to his car.

With Batman now at his mercy, Joker reveals how Gordon had been only the first of his allies he would "corrupt" and how he knows was betraying Harley, though admits that he enjoys her "the way she is". Going briefly into deep thought, he quickly broke out of it and told the vigilante how she may just activate the bombs if she is told about what had happened. After Batman referred to him as his given name, Joker electrocuted him into unconsciousness.

Taking him back to the Bonus Brothers Carnival, Joker removes the Batsuit, replacing it with a tuxedo, and handcuffed him to one of the attractions. During him time unconscious, Joker contacts Alfred, threatening Bruce's life if he refuses to come to the carnival, and captures Tiffany, locking her within the murder mystery room. Whilst Bruce recovers, Joker makes Selina choose between her freedom and Bruce's. Having timed her answer with Bruce's entry to the room, he reveals the choice and forces him to choose whether he would try to escape himself or trust Selina with their only chance of escape. Regardless, he would forces to work together, forcing them to crawl through a tunnel of glass. When Bruce and Selina arrive in the murder mystery room, he forces them to deduce who killed each person presented. After they solve the puzzle, he reveals a trapped Tiffany and that she was Riddler's murderer.

Afterwards, Joker and Harley present a "family meal" to the group, forcing them to play along by demonstrating Selina's shock collar. After tying them down to their chairs, Joker and Harley offers Bruce a piece of steak with a object in, which he can refuse. When Alfred arrived with scones, Joker forces Bruce to choose before hitting him with the tray. He also stabs him with a knife, later letting go after it either breaks or being head-butted by an angry Bruce. With everyone in the vicinity, Harley reveals a canister full of LOTUS, which she threatens to set off. However, Joker instead asks for them to play a game of "Never Have I Ever", forcing each other them to reveal their darkest secrets.

With Harley agreeing, Joker gives each of them rules, forcing Bruce to play along for his and his friends' lives. Forcing Alfred and Selina to reveal that they have lied or manipulated him, Joker also forces him to admit he's done the same to him. Whilst he tries to force Tiffany to admit to murder, he is distracted by her threats towards him and Harley. Trying to get Bruce to confess to "John Doe"'s murder, Joker fails to notice the billionaire cut his bonds with the knife he lost. When Harley tries to release LOTUS, Bruce turns her against him by revealing he gave the locations of the bombs to Gordon or his fixation with him. Regardless, he is able to distract her long enough to defuse the bomb and, using a Bat-Stunner hidden within one of Alfred's scones, stuns either Joker or Harley.

With Bruce and his friends free, Joker and Harley engage them in a fight, during which he briefly incapacitates Selina with her collar. However, Bruce is able to get the controls away from him, freeing Selina and making the fight even. Using his joke weapons and gadgets, Joker is almost able to defeat them, but is forced to flee after Bruce foils an attempt on Selina's life. Chased to and cornered at another area of the carnival, Joker tries to make Bruce admit that he needs him and engages him in a brutal fight. The billionaire ultimately defeats him and continually beats him, causing him to have a catatonic heart attack.

Realizing Joker is dying, Bruce uses a Bat-Stunner as a defibrillator, eventually reviving him. Surprised that he would actually save him, Joker tries to find out why Bruce had saved him, despite everything he's done. Regardless of the choice, he remembers the night they had shared together at Café Trisle, eventually asking Bruce whether he remembers any good things from their time together. Regardless of the answer, he stabs him with a knife he has, telling him to remember their experiences with the injury he's given him.

Joker is later captured by the GCPD or the Agency and transferred back to Arkham Asylum. Within his cell, he plays with a doll replica of Bruce. Depending on the choices made, Joker either plays with it, pretending the billionaire has visited him, or burns it, promising to see Batman again.


During his first meeting with Bruce at Arkham, Joker seemed to be very unpredictable. He seemed bored with the order imposed by staff and would enjoy chaos when it occurred. He seemed to find both the Children of Arkham's actions and Harvey Dent's wavering sanity entertaining. He also seems to enjoy harmless pranks, including giving a key that didn't unlock anything to Bruce, just to see whether he tried it. According to Leland, Joker also has issues with rejection, something confirmed if Bruce decides not to go through with their "favor."

Whilst free, Joker seemed to find it hard adjusting to freedom and seemed drawn to chaos, which led to his involvement with the Pact and falling in love with Harley Quinn. He also seemed to have little confidence in himself. Despite putting on a show of obliviousness and incompetence, Joker was extremely intelligent and aware of the actions around him, even deducing that Bruce Wayne was Batman. It also seemed he had a habit of giggling whilst nervous.

Up until his identity formation, Joker displayed a contrast between a cunning, capable individual and a desperate, vulnerable wallflower. He gave a "get well soon" card to Bruce at Lucius' funeral, yet subsequently mentioned his association with Riddler to aid him in his search. With this, it was difficult for Bruce at times to discern whether his associate was genuinely reaching out to him or goading him. Even if offering to retrieve Harley's laptop for Bruce following their communication exercise, he contrastingly proceeded to later offer Batman the same.

Should Joker become a vigilante, he becomes overtly passionate for his crusade for justice, even exhibiting frequent recklessness on multiple occasions. However, when Batman corners him in the office, he softly confesses that this may have been a ruse to gain the vigilante's admiration. As a villain, Joker's personality became extremely sadist, not shying away from disturbing acts and manipulating others to get what he wanted. Despite this, he seemed to care about Bruce and cannot commit himself to let him die.

Regardless of Joker's fate, it is gradually revealed that the man was always drawn to violence and chaos, whether it was for malicious purposes (as in the case of his villain scenario) or for misguided lust for justice (as in the case of the vigilante scenario). Depending on Bruce's choices, Joker could become the most deranged and evil of his rogues' gallery or the most flawed with a true lust to do good.


See The Joker (Telltale)/Equipment


Bruce Wayne/Batman

Joker was very welcoming to Bruce when he first arrived in Arkham Asylum, personally saving the billionaire from a group of patients that tried to attack him. He was even willingly to organize a distraction in order to give him a chance of making a phone call, in return for a favor once he was released from Arkham. It is unknown how Joker found out that Bruce was Batman, but it is implied that he knew during their first meeting at Arkham (though it is later claimed that he deduced it after his "disappearing act"). Regardless, he seemed to admire the vigilante, especially when he got the chance to watch him in action.

When Joker was released he listed Bruce as an emergency contact. He made contact with Bruce a year later, hoping to have him join the Pact. When he discovered Bruce was tracking down the Riddler, he also offered to give him information on how to find him, a promise which he kept. Bruce would later join the Pact, with Joker ecstatic that he could join, and assisted in the process of his induction. He had a blank frame, which he was reserved for a photo of him and Batman. When Joker met him as Batman, he would offer to help him in the field, offering to retrieve the laptop from Harley Quinn and help him take them down, but in return for her safety. If he is successful, he is able to bond with Batman and get closer to the vigilante.

Joker seemed to care about Bruce's well being, even suggesting that they gave up Catwoman as the mole to protect him. However, after the fall of the Pact, Joker blamed him for causing the fall and began to doubt their friendship. After he killed a number of agents in claimed self-defense, Joker's friendship with Bruce can become either better or worse, depending on whether Bruce trusts or believes him. If he does, Joker vows to bring the agency to "justice" along with Batman. However, if Bruce doesn't trust or believe him, Joker becomes heartbroken and swears to ruin Bruce's life, spurred on by Harley Quinn's support.

Should Joker become an anti-hero-esque ally to Batman, the two would work together to fight off the Agency, though his methods and willingness to kill and use of lethal force leaves him at odds with Batman. Despite this and deducing that he had actually been used by the Pact, Joker seemed to still admire him and, should Bruce reveal that he considered him to be a friend, would retain their friendship, even visiting him in Arkham. However, if he revealed that he didn't, Joker would swear to become his "enemy for life".

However, if Joker becomes Bruce's enemy, he would work to break Bruce down and make him feel the sense of betrayal that he had instilled in him. This included attacking Gotham with a bioweapon and turning his allies against him. Despite this, he seemed to still care deeply for the billionaire, even keeping his activities as Batman secret and keeping Harley from killing him. In the end, Joker would ask Bruce if he enjoyed their time together and, depending on the answer, would either maintain his obsession with Bruce or swear to kill him.

Selina Kyle/Catwoman

Upon first meeting Catwoman, Joker seemed to have a positive relationship with her and willing to get to know or work with her. However, after learning she had been an associate with the Riddler, he became suspicious of her and kept an eye on her. When she and Bruce were narrowed down to the only possible moles, Joker was willing to put her in danger to protect Bruce. Regardless of what he becomes, Joker seemed to have an antagonistic relationship with Catwoman, either fighting with her on the rooftop of the GCPD or using her as part of his games against Bruce.

The Pact

Dr. Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn

Joker had known Harleen Quinzel from his time at Arkham, as she had been one of his psychiatrists during his time there. When he joined the Pact, he would serve as her right-hand man and help her whenever she required something. Joker claimed he had fallen in love with her, due to her violent actions and pensions to stir things up. To try to impress her, Joker would ask Bruce for advice and take on any action she requested of him. After Harley betrayed the Pact and injured him when he tried to help her, Joker's feelings towards her seemed to be broken. He even defused a hostage situation she had arranged, betrayed her, and renounced his love for her in favor of joining Bruce's side, should Bruce continue to trust him. Despite this, he seemed to still care for her and even regretted handing her over to the Agency.

However, if Bruce cannot trust or doesn't believe Joker, he decides to help her and takes control of an escape from a standoff with Agency. During this, they shared a kiss, cementing his love for her and fall into chaos. Together, they worked on a plan to release the LOTUS virus throughout Gotham and get revenge on Bruce for betraying them both. Despite seemingly becoming an item, Joker was willing to betray Harley, undermining their plan by giving Gordon the bomb locations in exchange for Batman, and kept secrets from her, such as the vigilante's identity. After either his obsession with Bruce or his betrayal was revealed, the two's relationship quickly broke down and, during a fight between them, Bruce and Selina, Joker left Harley behind in an attempt to escape.

The Riddler

Joker's relationship with Riddler was very poor, due to the criminal's apparent rudeness around him. These included interrupting him whilst he told jokes or stealing attention away from him. It also seems that Riddler had negative feelings towards him also, calling him a "white-faced prick." When Bruce questioned him about his involvement in his murder, Joker denied playing a part in his death. However, he seemed delighted after he learnt of Riddler's death, even openly mocking him during the news flash.


It seems that Joker and Bane, like Riddler, had a very poor relationship. However, he was willing to speak to him, though would have to provide Bane with beer if he wished to speak to him. If Harley is behind to battle the Agency, Joker chastised Bane for doing so. However, if Bane is left by the Pact, he also seems unconcerned about Bane, commenting that he was probably having a "brawl." When Bane attacked Bruce/Batman during the raid on the SANCTUS labs, Joker would betray him to save the billionaire/vigilante from harm. If Joker becomes a vigilante, he would fight against Bane, though he seemed concerned with other's well being rather than a grudge against the criminal. However, when the luchador accused him of murdering Riddler, Joker would attack him in anger, even going as far as attempted murder.

Dr. Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze

It's unknown what the precise relationship between Joker and Freeze is, but it's likely to be not as bad as it was with Riddler and Bane. However, after Joker "accidentally" activated the EMP generator, endangering Nora, Freeze threatened to kill him unless someone deactivated the device. He could also be impatient with him, as shown when Freeze was extracting the LOTUS vials, and willing to betray him to save Batman.

Amanda Waller

From the outset, Joker was distrustful of Amanda Waller, due to the Agency's actions and her ruthlessness. If he tries to help Bruce capture Harley Quinn on the Gotham Bridge, he will initially try to work with her if he helps deal with her demands. However, if he successfully captures her, Waller attempts to shoot him after he refused to hand over the LOTUS virus. This action leads to him realizing that she is "corrupt" and vows to bring her to justice. With this, Joker becomes enraged at her betrayal and attacks her before escaping.

The vigilante route sees him continuing to maim her agents, and confront her on the GCPD rooftop for hunting him. He even blames her for Riddler's death, believing that she is accusing him of the crime to cover her tracks. When she both mocks his mission and dismisses his accusations, he made several attempts to kill her, though eventually resorts to kidnapping her. During his interrogation, he refuses to believe her innocent of Riddler's murder and acts as Judge, Jury and Executioner. When Batman tries to intervene, he begins to believe that both Batman and Waller were similar.

In the villain route, while Joker's animosity lies towards Bruce, he does conduct grisly murder towards Waller's transport crew guarding Selina, and even lists one of his and Harley's demands as "Waller being shot out of a cannon by midnight".


  • "The welcoming committee has really gone downhill around here, hasn't it?"
  • "You gotta be more careful, Bruce. Some of these guys bite."
  • "Now THIS is good television!"
  • "I’ve been watching you for a while now, Bruce. And I can tell there is something darker in you."
  • "I know what you really are."
  • "Ask the Vales. Ask her parents."
  • "He sure does clean up well. See you soon, Brucie."
  • "Oh boy, it's going to be hard to top that! But I'll give it a shot."
  • "So sorry, really, it's - it's such a shame. At least he went out with a BANG, right?"
  • "I told you I'd see you again, didn't I? You and me, we're two threads in the same stitch."
  • "I'm going to need that favor you owe me."
  • "I have this enemy. Calls himself 'The Riddler'."
  • "You know, I miss this. This trust, between us."
  • "So, that rude know-it-all really got what was coming to him!"
  • "Who-am-I? Who-am-I? You're a rotting, stinking corpse, that's who you are!"
  • "A tracker, Bruce? Really?"
  • "Why Bruce...seems like you hated him even more than I did. Maybe YOU pulled the trigger. Wouldn't that be a gas?"
  • "Okay, okay, here we go. I enjoyed...the lights. They had a hum to them...felt like a blanket, fuzzy even. I miss that on the outside. I-It doesn't real here, you know? Out here, chaos seems to rule the day. It's loud and--uneven. But you, thrive on it. I can learn from that, because I thrive on you. You're my light outside of Arkham."
  • "You got some real nerve, you know that, buddy? Remember the café? "Just [be yourself/manipulate her], John!" Then I stuck my neck out for you. Way out! Bane nearly ripped my head off! And for what? She flew the coop! And I have nothing! You steered me wrong at every turn! Every bad piece of advice... Everything blew up in my face!"
  • "Wow, I completely redecorated, didn't I?"
  • "You forget, I know you, Bruce. The real you. Always hiding behind some kind of mask. Playboy, businessman, criminal... Bat."
  • "We’re two threads in the same stitch, remember?"
  • "Don't struggle, Harley. They think you're a fighter, they're gonna put you in the hole."
  • "Bruce showed me how to be good, Harley. In a way you never could."
  • "[You say you're all about justice!/Justice...] Justice is a joke! [You tell me what's “just” about MY life/There's nothing "just" about MY life]! I lost half of it in an asylum, to a [sickness/condition] I couldn't control- [but now, I'm in control!/and my biggest crime outside was trying to make a pal, and you betrayed me. You tell me, Bruce, what's "just" about that!?]"
  • "Well, do what you have to do, old friend. Because now... The stitch is broken."
  • "You could have prevented everything, instead you made me into this."
  • "You corrupt're supposed to stand for justice! But you're liars, and you're murderers, and you're so...GODDAMN RUDE!!"
  • "You and me, we're gonna hunt them down're all going to pay for your crimes! Batman and I, we're going to bring you all to justice! It's going to be so much fun!"
  • "Sorry I'm late! Almost missed my own debut!"
  • "You and me, Batman. Fighting crime! Together!"
  • "Well I don't like the sound of that. She's going around telling lies. Pinning murders on me. She has to pay for what she has done!"
  • "We know what you did Waller! You're gonna regret- Sorry, sorry."
  • "We’re taking the Batmobile? We're taking the Batmobile!"
  • "I've seen a lot of AWFUL people since I left Arkham. But you, you're the worst! And you are going to get what you deserve!"
  • "You used Batman! Blackmailed him into doing your dirty work!"
  • "We've heard your excuses. You didn't mean for people to get hurt. Collateral damage, yadda, yadda, yadda. But there's one crime that can't be excused. You killed the Riddler! And then you tried to pin it on ME!"
  • "If there’s one thing I learned by watching you...violence solves A LOT OF PROBLEMS!!!"
  • "You both use that word "Justice" as an excuse. So you can do whatever you want!"
  • "Murder is wrong... Trust the system... Violence isn't the answer... People just pick and choose what they believe! And you're no different!"
  • "I believed in you Batman. Like I never believed in anything. And it was all a lie!"
  • "I was such an idiot. I was so busy looking at you. Admiring you. Wanting to be like you. Be loved by you. I lost myself. But not anymore!"
  • "I guess that's it. I really wanted to be a hero, you know? But, I-I-I just...can't."
  • "I know you used me. I know I should hate you. But I don't because I had such a great time with you, Bruce. Did you ever...? Did you ever think of me as your friend? Like a true friend? Someone you actually care about?"
  • "You...are one...messed up guy."
  • "I wanted us to be friends, Bruce. But you ruined it. Now we get to be enemies. You thought Riddler was bad? Penguin? Lady Arkham? None of them knew you like I do. I know just how to press those buttons."
  • "You can’t beat me, Bruce. You... need me. I’m the villain of your dreams. The shadow within your shadow. The tumor lurking in your soul."
  • "I... I want you to look at that scar... and remember all the fun times we had together."



  • The character has received critical acclaim, with many critics noting how this is one of the first truly sympathetic portrayals of the Joker to ever come along and praising the player's ability to shape John's decisions and affect what kind of a villain he will become.
  • Prior to his "transformation," the Joker is constantly referred to as "John Doe", a name given to male individuals who's names are unknown. After the transformation, he is referred to with both names. In the first season, the credits list him as "Joker", whilst the second season's credits list him as "John" until Same Stitch.
    • The name "John Doe" is also used by the main antagonist of the thriller Se7en.
  • Although he is initially a supporting character, Joker serves as the main antagonist of Same Stitch.
  • During the vigilante Joker path, it is mentioned that the aliases he considered included Birdman and Hawkman. The former is usually used in a name for characters in fiction, including several parodies of Batman, whilst the latter is a reference to the DC superhero of the same name.
  • Joker's standing with Batman in the second season is similar to Harvey Dent/Two-Face's in the first, as it is friendly but changes, depending on the choices made by the player.
  • Prior to the revelation of his knowledge, it was implied that Joker was aware of Bruce's dual identity during their first meeting in Guardian of Gotham. It is also worthy to know how Joker learned about Lady Arkham's true identity as Victoria Arkham and where she was keeping the Children of Arkham's drug cache. However, it is hard to take Joker at his word, so it remains unclear how he knows about these events.
  • Joker's house in the Old Five Points is called the "Ha-Hacienda," a reference to his name for the various hideouts used in both comics and other media. In addition, the interior and death traps in his hideout in the Bonus Bros. Carnival is very reminiscent of his lair in the 1988 graphic novel, Batman: The Killing Joke.
  • Some of Joker's behavior suggests that he may suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), with him suffering from intense mood swings, bouts of violent anger when he feels frustrated or humiliated, paranoia, and hallucinations. His obsession over his interpersonal relationships, an extreme fear of abandonment, and whipping himself up into hysteria out of the very idea that Bruce would be angry with him also seem to also imply this may be what he suffers from.
  • In The Enemy Within, there is a role reversal in the traditional Joker/Harley Quinn relationship. Whilst in most media, the Joker is the dominant one and steers Harleen Quinzel towards becoming a criminal. The season presents the polar opposite, with Harley being the one in control and "John" being submissive and, through her influence, steered towards his transformation into the Joker.
  • In both endings to City of Light, "John" was shown with red lips whilst watching the assassin's failure on the news. However, these are absent in The Enemy Within until his "transformation" into the Joker in either What Ails You or Same Stitch
  • The villain Joker's outfit is similar to the variations used by the iterations in both Tim Burton's Batman and The Dark Knight. The shaved eye-brow is possibly a reference to the version present in the DC Extend Universe.
  • It is unknown how Joker was legally kept at Arkham if the staff there had no record of him ever being committed or if he never gave his name to anyone.
  • Despite not being the one who killed Riddler, Tiffany's shadow at the end of The Enigma resembles Joker's character model.