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The Joker decides to recruit high school dropouts for his gang of Bad Pennies by rigging the vending machines at Woodrow Roosevelt High School so that they dispense silver dollars and negotiable stocks and bonds instead of milk. Learning of these shenanigans from Police Commissioner Gordon, Batman arrives at the school and calls an assembly of the student leaders: including Dick Grayson, Pete, and Susie, the head cheerleader. The Joker then appears, but when the Caped Crusader attempts to arrest him for loitering on school grounds, the Clown Prince of Crime manages to get off on a mere technicality. Meanwhile, in a bar across town, a trick jukebox with a double-barreled shotgun enables two of the Joker’s henchmen, Nick and Two-Bits, to rob the bar's receipts from the cash-register. Later, at the Joker’s hideout in the One-Armed Bandit Novelty Company, the Homicidal Harlequin and his Bad Pennies - including Susie - hatch a blackmail scheme involving stolen exam papers, and then prepare to set a trap to capture the Dynamic Duo using another rigged vending machine equipped with shackles and sleeping gas!






Breeland Rice was a African American actor who played a part of a Gotham City policeman who helped rescue the Dyamic Duo from Joker deardly Slot machine van;

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