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The Joker commits a series of seemingly senseless crimes: he steals a hairpin from one of the rich patrons of a fur salon, then makes off with a hole from a golf course. Purplexed, Commissioner Gordon calls in Batman and Robin to help, just as an inflatable Jack-in-the-Box is delivered to his office; realising the object was sent by the Joker, Batman deduces that the Clown Prince of Crime is planning to steal the visiting Maharajah of Nimpah’s solid gold golf clubs. The Dynamic Duo rush off to the golf course, but just as the Maharajah hits his ball into the hole a cloud of sleeping gas spews out of it and renders everyone unconscious. The Joker's henchmen kidnap the hefty Maharajah using a forklift truck and then drive off with him in their van; the Caped Crusader gives chase in the Batmobile, but then loses his quarry when the van apparently vanishes into thin air. Batman and Robin later find the Joker's hideout. Joker's henchmen catch them off guard and tied them up while the Joker sings a little rhyme. Joker than has them put in a poisonous gas chamber.




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