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The Penguin's A Jinx07:50

The Penguin's A Jinx

The Penguin's A Jinx part 208:10

The Penguin's A Jinx part 2


With the aid of a cigarette lighter and its lifetime supply of butane gas, Bruce Wayne causes an explosion that consumes all the oxygen inside the furnace; the flames are extinguished, and Bruce is blasted free of his bonds. He returns to the Batcave and Robin, unaware that The Penguin and his finks are eavesdropping via the transmitter hidden inside the Batbrella. When Batman and Robin surmises that the Penguin's scheme is to kidnap the beautiful actress Dawn Robbins, the fiendish fowl listens on as the Caped Crusader and Boy Wonder outline the whole operation for him. Batman and Robin visit Dawn and warn her of the danger, then prepare to stake-out the place. However, the Penguin, Hawkeye and Sparrow swing across to Dawn’s terrace on giant umbrellas and then gas the actress to sleep; Batman and Robin try to stop the Penguin and his stooges, only to be rendered immobile by a giant magnet – allowing the villains to escape with their helpless victim! She's gagged and put into a sack. They scoop up the sackbound Dawn and drag her away. Her bound sheer nylon feet fall from her slippers as they drag her to the balcony.



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