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The Penguin
General Information
Real name: Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot
First Appearance: Batman: Arkham City (Detective Comics #58 December 1941)
Created by: Bob Kane
Bill Finger
Affiliations: Black Mask
Qing Lu
Alex Cane
Mr. Freeze
Hugo Strange
Solomon Grundy
Abilities: Expert Manufacturer
Experienced Businessman
Portrayed by: Nolan North
"Listen, I'm what you might call... a collector. If someone wants it, I like to think I've got it. And if I don't have it... I'll get it."
―The Penguin to Batman.[src]

A brutal and sadistic crime lord, Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot is known in the Gotham City Underworld as The Penguin and funds much of its criminal operations as one of its biggest black market manufactures. Directing his affairs from predominately the Iceberg Lounge, Oswald was seen as a reputable business man to the people of Gotham, but was a sadistic, mass murdering gang leader in reality.

Initially operating out of a dilapidated ship, the Final Offer, as he recently began to accumulate his power within Gotham City's criminal underworld, Cobblepot began to build up his own forces and carve up a piece of the black market for his own profits and purposes. Forming an alliance with Black Mask, the most powerful and sadistic crime lord in the entire city, who has put a $50 million bounty on Batman himself, the Penguin seeks to crumble his competition, particularly the Falcone Crime Family, and aid in killing the Dark Knight in order to consolidate his own power over the city.

Eventually captured by Batman and incarcerated within Blackgate, Penguin would bribe his way out of prison and established his new base of operations within the Cyrus Pinkney Museum, constructing the Iceberg Lounge on the other side and continuing in his criminal activities. Years later, after refusing to leave his base of operations when Arkham City was being constructed around it, Oswald stayed within the prison compound and built up his forces to become one of the ruling elites on the streets, determined to keep anyone from taking over his turf and claim the rest of Arkham City for his own purposes.

After being humiliated and defeated by Batman once again, Penguin joins in an alliance of other villains, orchestrated by Scarecrow and the Arkham Knight. Using his new front company, North Refrigeration, to smuggle weapons out of Blüdhaven and into Gotham to be sold to the other villains, Penguin hopes to help destroy Batman on Halloween night and conquer Gotham City once and for all.


Childhood and Arrival in Gotham

Throughout the history of the Cobblepot family, many its members were in a constant rivalry with the Wayne family for control of Gotham City. However, in the case of the Waynes, they were simply conducting their businesses to make a living and even improve Gotham's economic and moral standings through charitable ventures and improved architectural projects, and were not aware of the direct competition the Cobblepots saw in them in their bid to dominate Gotham's business revenues and criminal underworld.

Regardless, the unhealthy fixation to outdo the Wayne family and their business cost many of the Cobblepots their health and their business empires, including Oswald's father, Stanley Cobblepot, who began to neglect his son as a result and sent him overseas to England to spend his educational years. While overseas however, Cobblepot was often bullied for his small stature and spent many days outside of school and on the violent streets instead, associating with the various criminals and thugs.

Feeling appreciated and seen as somebody worth wild by the criminal element, Cobblepot began to learn and educate himself about the criminal lifestyle that so appealed to him and how to accumulate massive amounts of wealth and numbers. In the meantime, Cobblepot's father died after nearly bankrupting his own businesses while trying to outdo the Wayne family, the final straw for Oswald, who saw the Wayne family as nothing more than spoiled individuals who ruined his family. As a result of his stay in England, he also adopted an East London accent.

Arriving back in Gotham, Oswald Cobblepot soon became known to the criminal underworld as the Penguin. From then on, he uses his inheritance money to purchase a large ship within Gotham's harbor in Old Gotham, the Final Offer, which he uses as his headquarters. From within the bowels of the ship, Penguin would market and sell the latest firearms and military grade equipment, which he smuggles into Gotham through illegal means and could even be tested out in the ship's shooting range, to the criminal element in Gotham. Eventually building up a massive gang of his own, Penguin would lead his men into performing daring heists on other companies that specialized in advanced and military grade weaponry manufacturing and would sell his ill-gotten gains to other criminals and gangs, while keeping a good portion of the equipment for his plans.

This would lead to a massive increase in gun activity and violence in Gotham as well as crime as criminals make daring robberies to obtain the money needed to purchase the firearms. Pocketing all his profits, as well as keeping some of the smuggled weaponry as his own, Cobblepot would additionally perform jobs of his own on lucrative establishments for their profits and become a rising star in the criminal underworld.

Penguin would also build in a large casino filled with booze and drugs within his massive ship, which would attract all manner of thugs, criminals, and greedy individuals to engage in illegal gambling on a nightly basis. However, unknown to all except for Cobblepot's crew, the machines within the casino are purposely rigged to cheat gamblers out of their money while clerks were paid to cheat and swindle others out of their winnings. If anyone on the other side of the spectrum is caught cheating though, Penguin would brutally torture and murder them, displaying their corpses within the ship's theater as a reminder to all with regards to what will happen if they cross him. Penguin would even go as far as to build a gladiator pit within the center of the ship's boiler deck, where brutal fights to the death occurred, appropriately named as the 'Boiler Deck' fights, in which all viewers and participants can bet on the winners.

Penguin would store all his money, plans, and blueprints for his future headquarters, the Ice Burg Lounge, in his office. Overseeing the criminal mastermind's operations with him were Candy and Tracy, two beautiful women who worked for Cobblepot simply to support themselves in light of the worsening economy in Gotham. With his massive profits, Penguin has no trouble in hiring his own bent cops from within the Gotham City Police Department and even corrupt guards at Blackgate Penitentiary, all of whom aided Penguin's plans by stealing weapons from their respective facilities and selling them to him, giving him inside information on the occurrences in Gotham, and turning a blind eye on his black market dealings. With various informants throughout Gotham's other gangs and criminal elements, Copplebot has tabs all over Gotham and inside information on all its criminal operations and activities. 

All of Penguin's operations would make him a growing star in the criminal element of Gotham, but Cobblepot was still not satisfied and lusted to wipe out his competition and become one of the leading crime bosses throughout the city. With his immense wealth, Cobblepot began to purchase most of the real estate throughout Old Gotham, including the Cyrus Pinkney Museum, putting him in complete control of the area and gaining the attention of Black Mask, the city's most powerful crime lord. At some point during this time, Penguin also arranged for a series of heists against various major industries, including LexCorp, AmerTek, and Queen Industries.

The two villains soon begin a brutal and bloody turf war over complete control of Gotham's criminal underworld until a truce was made; Black Mask would run his operations throughout New Gotham while Penguin would continue to control Old Gotham without the worry of other fractions interfering with his own operations. Both crime lords know however, that the truce would simply be a diversion to allow them time to plan counter attacks and, eventually, the war would continue to wipe each other out and conquer the entire criminal underworld; Cobblepot is intent to make sure that he is the victor.

Batman: Arkham Origins

"Penguin. Not a dime changes hands in this city he can't tell you about. If anyone knows where Black Mask and his assassins are, it's him."
Batman Arkham Origins Sept 18 5

The Penguin in Batman: Arkham Origins.

On a particularly snowy Christmas Eve in Gotham, Black Mask places a bounty of $50 million on the Dark Knight's head, and enlists eight of the world's most deadly assassins to take down the vigilante. Penguin, having previously formed a truce with Black Mask, decided that the time is right to make his own moves and commence an open war on Black Mask once he learns that Roman Sionis and Black Mask were one and the same based off the fact that Roman has a collection of various masks.

Using his latest shipment of military spying equipment, droids, Penguin keeps surveillance over the crime lord. Eventually, Penguin attempts to murder Black Mask with a handful of his crew within his safe house at Lacey Towers, only to find Black Mask's girlfriend, Tiffany Ambrose, dead and hanging from a chandler, and a decoy Black Mask slaughtered. Disturbed by the gruesome fashion in which the murders were committed and annoyed after learning that it wasn't actually Black Mask (due to the fact that there was no pacemaker among the carnage as Roman Sionis had one implanted in his heart), Penguin left the room and building after unknowingly leaving his fingerprints at the crime scene. Due to this, Penguin is initially believed to be the killer by the police, but, thanks to a few bribes, he is never convicted.

Unknown to Penguin at the time, Tiffany and the Black Mask decoy were murdered by The Joker, a new criminal mastermind and mass murdering psychopath, who desired pure chaos and anarchy and has been impersonating Black Mask to take control of his criminal empire, hired the assassins, and taken the real Roman Sionis hostage. Using one of his many inside agents within the Gotham City Police Department, Penguin learns of the assassins and which ones would be of particular interest with regards to selling firearms, and also arranged for an alternate method of getting communications through after Captain James Gordon's running of the GCPD prevented them from using the normal channels due to his by-the-book nature.

Penguin sees this as a great opportunity to capitalize on his own criminal lifestyle and forms an alliance with some of Black Mask's assassins, particularly Deathstroke, also known as Slade Wilson, Deadshot aka Floyd Lawton, Bane, and the Electrocutioner aka Lester Butchinsky, the last of whom who was more concerned with the annual fighting matches, known as the 'Boiler Deck' fights, that Penguin hosts rather than firearms.

Penguin provides Bane and his army of mercenaries with immense firepower and military grade equipment to use in their own plans while Deathstroke arrives on the Final offer to collect his ammunition and Electrocutioner arrives to fight in the 'Boiler Deck' fights for money and glory. Batman would eventually make his way to the ship after foiling one of Penguin's firearms deals in Old Gotham (which was largely Penguin's fault, as he sent a text to the gang member in charge of the deal inquiring about its status around the time Batman had interrogated him), and fights his way past scores of Penguin's men, soundly defeating Electrocutioner in the process with one kick to the face, and ripping through all his operations.

"Now hold on, hold on a bloody minute! I seen your act. I ain't done nothing you'd not'a done."
―The Penguin to Batman[src]

In the meantime, Penguin has managed to capture Alberto Falcone, son of Carmine Falcone and one of Penguin and Black Mask's remaining competitors, and has him brought to the Final Offer to be tortured. Brutalizing Alberto, Cobblepot entices him to convince his father to give up their criminal activities or he would wipe them all out himself. As Penguin is about to further torture Alberto, Batman himself arrives, takes out Penguin's thugs, and interrogates Penguin for information on Black Mask.

Penguin informs the vigilante that there was a murder at the Lacey Towers in South Gotham that was somehow connected to Black Mask and his criminal empire. Before he could pry Cobblepot for additional information, Batman is pulled out of the room by Deathstroke's remote claw detonator and is suspended upside down and about to be cut into pieces by Deathstroke. Batman, however, punches Deathstroke, takes his sword, and uses it to free himself and glide down to the gladiator pit below. With Slade following, Batman and the assassin prepare themselves for a brutal brawl as the Penguin gleefully watches from above.

However, Batman proves to be much more than even Deathstroke could possibly imagine and defeats the assassin, leaving Penguin to lock himself in his office with Tracey and Candy, also taunting Batman when he attempted to enter and question him further. However, Batman would have Alfred call the police and let them know where Penguin has been storing his illegally obtained weapons as well as the location of Deathstroke. This would force Penguin to flee his ship as Batman foils the rest of his plans, including disarming all his arms caches hidden throughout Gotham by his inside agents in the GCPD. Despite this, his forcing the Falcone crime family to give up on the weapons business increased his popularity in the underworld, causing at least one criminal, under the employ of Firefly, to consider joining Penguin's group.

Cold, Cold Heart

"All those assassins and he still ain't dead. It's like a bad joke."
―The Penguin[src]

With the criminal underworld in disarray with the emergence of the Joker and the subsequent reveal of the massive amount of conspiracy and corruption within Gotham's infrastructure to the general public, Penguin realizes that he needs a game changer to remain within his power base against the more outlandish villains suddenly emerging and the more sufficient police force. With his other competitors, namely Black Mask and the Falcones, crippled in power due to Joker's actions, Penguin plans to capitalize on his remaining influence to become a leading power within the criminal underworld. To this end, on New Years Eve, the Penguin sets up a meeting with a mysterious armored man requesting his assistance, known only as Mr. Freeze, a former scientist who cannot survive outside sub-zero temperatures due to a lab accident and is thirsty for revenge. Freeze offers Penguin cryogenic weaponry manufactured at his previous employer, GothCorp, and in exchange, they ally with him to capture the GothCorp CEO Ferris Boyle.

With Freeze supplying Penguin and his gang various cyrogenic weapons, Penguin plans to use his upgraded artillery to unleash another crime wave on Gotham and perform daring heists, while also selling some of their new weapons to the black market. Penguin and his men use the weapons to freeze over entire sections of South Gotham, along with many officers, preventing police forces from stopping the crime wave, and take control of the 'My Alibi' night club, formally shutdown after Joker's capture. Penguin converts the club into a secondary base of operations, where he stores some of his newly acquired cryogenic weapons to be sold to interested parties on the streets. 

Freeze and Penguin's gang eventually track Boyle's location at Wayne Manor, as he was being presented with the Humanitarian of the Year award by Bruce Wayne's foundation. This presents Penguin yet another unique opportunity as the crime lord harbors a deep rooted hatred of the Waynes, blaming them for ruining his family's legacy. Penguin instructs his men to aid Mr. Freeze in abducting Boyle and to additionally take anything of value, torch the mansion, and kill Bruce Wayne to obtain his revenge over the Wayne legacy.

However, with the gang not knowing that Bruce Wayne and Batman are one in the same, Bruce is able to fight off his attackers, rescues Alfred and his guests, and prevents his mansion from being engulfed in the fires, despite Penguin's men successfully abducting Boyle. Meanwhile, some of Penguin's men also use their cryoweapons to conduct a burglary at one of Gotham's banks, although this operation is foiled by Batman, who had at that time been following a trail of cryogenic chemicals from one of the Penguin's arms dealers to find the dealer and get Freeze and Boyle's destination.  

Upon his men successfully retrieving Boyle, Penguin and Freeze then proceed to attack and seize complete control over GothCorp, freezing entire sections of the building and holding the staff hostage. Using security codes given to him by Freeze, Penguin has Boyle brought to the Propellant Research Wing of GothCorp HQ, also telling the guards to keep a lookout for anyone trying to rescue the CEO. Penguin eventually turns on Freeze when he learns that the villain had wanted Boyle for security codes that would grant him access to what Penguin assumed to be a massive weapon and plans to procure the weapon for himself. 

The reality of the situation however, is that Boyle had been holding Freeze's wife, Nora Fries, at his corporation for his own personal gain after stealing her from the former scientist once Boyle learns Fries had been continuing to use company resources without his knowledge in an attempt to cure Nora and neglecting his orders to advance GothCorp's secret weapons manufacturing project. 

Penguin then attacks Batman after he reveals himself, but ends up frozen by Mr. Freeze, eventually ending up trapped in a thick wall of ice by Freeze after overloading some cryogenic equipment. Penguin then proceeds to tell Batman about the existence of a cryodrill that Freeze had supplied them, citing its location at the "My Alibi" club. However, Penguin had ordered for the drill to be separated into pieces to be sold to external parties, and its fuel was still at the weapons lab where Freeze, then known as Victor Fries, experienced his accident.

Despite this, Batman manages to retrieve the parts from Penguin's men, discovers Freeze's tragic origins and Boyle's crimes, and completes the drill to make a path to the center of GothCorp in order to apprehend Freeze and Boyle and ensure Nora's safety. As Penguin's gang attempt to thaw their boss out of the ice, the frozen crime lord threatens them to hurry up and get him out, even implying that he'll drown his men in a hot bath made by Candy as soon as he got out. Batman, after defeating his men, decides to leave the Penguin trapped in the wall.

While trapped, Penguin reflected on the Joker's hiring of eight assassins and how Batman managed to live despite that, viewing the caped crusader as being "like a bad joke." Penguin is eventually and finally arrested, alongside Freeze and Boyle (with the latter's crimes being exposed), and was presumably freed from his icy tomb in the process, being placed into Blackgate Penitentiary.

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate

It is implied that Penguin continued to remain locked up in Blackgate, even if he could bribe his way out, as he initially thought that the prospect of running his criminal empire from within the prison might be an ideal method to recruit other criminals and keep himself safe from Batman as he was already locked up and in relative comfort thanks to at least twelve guards on his payroll. Using gardening equipment, Penguin would also dig several tunnels beneath the prison and monitor all guard movements so he could effectively run Blackgate when an opportunity presented itself and even escape if he wanted to. However, three months later, a massive explosion within the prison commences a riot that allows Black Mask, The Joker, and the Penguin to seize complete control of the facility and carve up a portion of it for themselves and advance their own, individual agendas.

Believing the carnage to be much more complex than just a simple prison riot and takeover, Batman arrives at the penitentiary to investigate the situation further, allowing the Penguin and his fellow criminals a chance of ultimate revenge against their hated enemy. Destroying all the cameras throughout the cell block, using fragments of a broken bathroom mirror to reflect sensor lasers, and a blowtorch and spade to destroy security boxes, Penguin breaks into several weapon caches and claims the weaponry for himself and his gang. The crime lord would even go as far as to create makeshift electrical fences throughout the cell block to incapacitate first responding guards and use them as human shields for successive officers.

Penguin would additionally use the riots as an opportunity to recruit the prisoners for members of his gang, also using the opportunity to stage fights between various prisoners. Taking the prison yard guard hostage, Penguin has his men string the man's neck in a noose and hang him, only to be rescued at the last second by Ben Turner, aka, Bronze Tiger. Wanting to teach the man a lesson, Penguin gave Tiger the title of "champion" and forces him into fighting various guards and prisoners to the death, until he decides to join his army. After Batman refuses to kill Bronze Tiger upon defeating him, Penguin demands that the prisoners beat up Batman, but Bronze Tiger grazes Penguin with bullets, forcing Penguin to escape, although not before ordering several of his men to attack both as revenge.

During this time, Penguin also tries to steal the armory inside Blackgate and smuggle them. His plans are once again thwarted by Batman in the Cell Blocks, and is left to hang. However, he previously struck a deal with Catwoman to rig the place with explosives and hold hostages as ensurance to his escape, which forces Batman to diffuse them or else it would completely destroy Blackgate (this development varies between which of the three main bosses Batman defeats last). Catwoman did not care either way, as she only wants to smuggle Bane out of the prison. While Cobblepot is again apprehended, he is able to escape thanks to a Blackgate guard on his payroll, who is almost immediately murdered by Penguin after the criminal was freed of his restraints and gave him back his umbrella from police lockup, although not before learning that there were 120 criminals under Penguin's employ outside the prison.

Not long after this event, Penguin would take up residence within the Cyrus Pinkney Museum in the Bowery of Old Gotham, having purchased it several months prior, and convert it into his new base of operations, constructing the Iceberg themed restaurant on the other side of the structure.

Before Assault on Arkham

Cobblepot eventually used his ill-conceived fortune to purchase large sections of Old Gotham, including the Cyrus Pinkney's Institute for Natural History, which was in the process of being shutdown due to its position in a dilapidating part of Gotham City. Oswald saw the museum as the perfect base operations and converted both the museum and the attached restaurant he constructed, the Iceberg Lounge, into his main criminal quarters. Reestablishing the Iceberg Lounge into one of the finest restaurants in Gotham, Cobblepot gained the attention of the wealthy and criminal citizens of Gotham with a den of booze, drugs, gambling, and beautiful women.

On the opening night for the Iceberg Lounge, Oswald felt proud to have finally gained respect. He invited the Joker and Harley Quinn and offered them a free drink. When a waitress arrived, she tripped and accidentally spilled the drink on the Joker. Joker then sprayed acid on her face with his flower. Joker and Harley then trashed the club and fled. Enraged at Joker for ruining his party, killing his waitress, and tarnishing his reputation, Penguin developed a deep hatred of the clown.

On the outside, Oswald was a legitimate business tycoon, but truly made a living off of the black market in Gotham, having shipments of drugs and firearms arrive in Gotham each week, which he then sold to Gotham's criminals, while also performing his own scores and heists with his gang. Penguin gained a reputation for sadistic torture and mass murder, particularly on those he caught cheating in his casino. Within the museum, Penguin created a gladiator pit where he would select various criminals from Gotham's streets to partake in illegal fights to the death. The winners would become part of Penguin's growing gang while those that died would be put on display in various cases or fed to his shark, Tiny, originally part of the museum's underwater attractions.

Penguin also added a torture chamber to punish those who stood against him or were caught cheating in his gambling activities and additionally added a war room to plan his criminal operations, and a weapons cache to store his own personal shipments of weapons for his gang's use or to be sold to the black market. Gambling ran rampant through the Lounge and those who couldn't pay were either put into a private torture room or were killed.

With one such client that couldn't pay a bar room brawl broke out resulting in a broken beer bottle being lodged in Penguin's face, a favor which Cobblepot repaid by taking both the client's eyes, as well as leaving the client wandering blindly through the freeway at rush hour. After seeing the finest doctors it was determined that the removal of the bottle would result in death.

Penguin became content with it, believing that it made him look "unique." In addition, due to his hatred of the Waynes, he never stops laughing about their deaths at the hands of a mugger as well as Bruce Wayne's status as an orphan as a result upon learning about their deaths, even going as far to state that it "couldn't have happened to nicer people."

Batman: Assault on Arkham

At some point prior to the events of the film, Penguin's feud with the the Joker and Harley Quinn, initially sparked when the Joker murdered one of his waitresses at the Iceberg Lounge, would intensify when the murderous couple lit fire to a delivery truck, containing cigarettes and contraband meant to be sold onto the streets, and dumped it into the river. As this act was committed by the Joker simply for a laugh at the cost of the crime boss, along with a considerable amount of expenses, Penguin's hatred of the Joker and Harley was renewed. He also held a lot of respect for Deadshot for his reputation of being among the best assassins out in the criminal underworld, having worked with the assassin several years prior by supplying him with various artillery and weaponry for a hit he was hired to embark on in Gotham City on Christmas Eve.

He was eventually contacted by Amanda Waller with supplying the Suicide Squad with a way into Arkham Asylum, and supplied them with a file allowing access into the Asylum. However, when he saw that Harley Quinn was among the group, he attempted to gun her and the others down in his rage against her for her earlier ruining of one of his operations. However, he was eventually talked out of it by Deadshot when the latter pointed out that him killing his clients would reflect badly on him and allowed them to leave, although under the condition that they not appear in his sight again, especially with Harley Quinn.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Penguin aa2--article image

An advertisement featuring the Penguin in Batman: Arkham Asylum.

While the Penguin does not appear in Batman: Arkham Asylum, his top hat and a collection of his trademark umbrellas can be seen behind glass at the South Corridor of the Arkham Mansion. An advertisement for his club, the Iceberg Lounge, can also be seen in the Intensive Treatment Center in William North's office. His name also appears on the party list.

Arkham City's Construction and Hugo Strange's Plans

ThePenguin AC

The Penguin

When Arkham City was developed, Penguin ended up trapped within the city because of his refusal to abandon the Iceberg Lounge, as he didn't wish to let his base get caught at the hands of some of the thugs. Ordering his men to open fire on the police force that was sent to evacuate the museum, Penguin's forces murdered three officers and finally revealed his criminal status to the people of Gotham. Now officially branded as a criminal once again, Dr. Hugo Strange has the perimeter wall that would encompass Arkham City still undergo construction as scheduled, leaving Penguin as another inmate.

Now situated within the newly christened Arkham City, Penguin quickly adapted to his new environment, seeing fresh opportunities to conquer the criminal underworld and eliminate his competitors. After Joker escaped from Arkham Asylum and arrived at Arkham City, Cobblepot briefly met with the clown prince attempting to make peace with Oswald, to which he reminded Joker that he hadn't forgiven him for ruining the Iceberg's Lounge's opening, thus beginning the war between the two anew during the events of the game.

In order to survive Arkham City's violent environment, Penguin starts his own gang, hoping to seize complete control over the rest of the facility for his own ends. He ends up meeting Lester Kurtz, who wished to join the gang after fleeing the Joker's. Unlike Joker, Penguin didn't want to put Kurtz through any initiation and just told him to follow orders and he'll be paid. He then turns to another thug named Grisby, revealing a picture showing him double-crossing Penguin by giving information to Harley Quinn. He then sends a panicked Grisby to "tell the man downstairs" and sends him down a trapdoor.

Kurtz asks him what's down there and Penguin simply replies "Pray you never have to find out." Since Grisby told the Joker about the raid on the Security Armory planned by the Penguin, he tells his thugs they will have to get the weapons before they get to the armory. Due to the unexpected appearance of the Joker's goons, Kurtz had to destroy the guns infuriating Penguin, but Kurtz was able to talk his way out of being sent "downstairs" and instead cuts his pay in half and makes him lead a strike on the weakened Joker's hideout the next day.

To be sure he doesn't escape, Penguin tells his men to lock Kurtz up for the night, but he escapes anyway by knocking out the goons, a little later. Penguin never realized that Kurtz was a new alias of his mortal enemy, Batman. Presumably because of Kurtz' earlier actions, the Penguin instigated an initiation process where he would handpick any "horrible psychopaths" who wished to join who proved themselves to be the best, the exact initiation process being different each day.

Eventually, Penguin was taken to Hugo Strange by TYGER operatives to begin taped interview sessions, as much of the rest of the super-criminals had to do as well. There, Strange began to diagnose Penguin, much to the villain's annoyance, and even struck an alliance with the gang lord as part of his own plans for power. At the Penguin's request, Strange purchased and delivered a wide variety of military grade weaponry, ammunition, and technology to his base of operations, telling Penguin that Arkham City is merely an experiment to observe the actions of the criminal populace it houses when Penguin questioned his motives for the alliance.

With Penguin's new and incredible artillery in conjunction with all the resources he had at his disposal to begin with at his museum, Penguin took the compound by storm, killing all who opposed him and recruited hundreds of individuals to build up a massive gang. Throughout the months, Penguin's men would go on recruitment missions, assembling large groups of potential gang members and other inmates to be locked up in the gladiator arena within the Iceberg Lounge to eventually undergo duels to the death to determine who is worthy of joining Penguin's gang.

Penguin would remain in contact with Strange, who would continue to supply him with weapons and even hand over victims of his inhumane experiments to be used as target practice. Strange eventually informed Penguin that his rival, the Joker, was indeed sick and dying, but has blackmailed Mr. Freeze into developing a potential cure for his Titan illness. Strange reveals that Freeze has already been captured and locked up in one of his holding cells and offers to hand him and his various freeze equipment over to Penguin in order impede Joker's progress on a cure and cement his fate.

Penguin agreed and has several of his men take Freeze away to be locked up in one his display cases in his museum, cruelly choosing the one that it ventilated with extreme heat. As one last string to pull, Strange revealed to Cobblepot that ten inmates that work within his gang are actually inside agents for the Gotham City Police Department for Commissioner Gordon, trusting Penguin to dispose of them. Penguin wasted no time when he returned to his museum and has all ten of the undercover cops abducted, beaten, and locked away in his torture chamber for eventual death.

Robin posed as a street thug to investigate a fight club Penguin was running beneath the museum. Penguin claims that they are in a fight to the death and whoever wins will join his gang. As the fight goes on, Penguin decides to speed things up by adding a Titan henchman. Robin escaped once Bane arrived for Penguin's supply of Titan. Bane demanded the Titan be handed over to him, but he was met with Solomon Grundy, who's brute strength and near immortal power forced him to retreat

Penguin appeared as a juror in Two-Face's trial against the Joker and voted guilty for all the trouble Joker caused him over the years. Later, Penguin made a deal with Black Mask to blow the steel mill sky-high to kill the Joker, due to their mutual hatred of the clown. Black Mask instead decided to use the explosives given to him by Penguin to escape Arkham City.

Batman: Arkham City

"So, Batman, you 'ere for the cops, the ice man, or me?"
"I was only here for Fries and the hostages, but now, I'm taking you down too.
―The Penguin and Batman[src]

When Bruce Wayne is imprisoned within Arkham City for leading a protest against the city, the Penguin and his gang are among the first of the criminals to greet him. Desiring revenge against Wayne for his family, the Cobblepots, being ruined, he takes out some brass knuckles to beat him up. Although he managed to land a blow on Wayne, Wayne managed to grab his hand while he was preparing a second blow and bend it around, breaking it. Penguin then has his gang kill Wayne, but he defeats them with ease, also breaking his handcuffs in the process.

Later the during the night, Penguin had his men rig the bridges and streets that lead to Joker's base of operations, the Sionis Steel Mill, with explosives to cut off the Clown Prince of Crime's forces. When all the explosives were put in place, Penguin detonated them, killing many of Joker's followers and his own men in the process and stranding any who were left on the other side. Eventually, Batman, trying to locate Mr. Freeze so he could gain a cure for the Titan poison that he and thousands of Gotham citizens were infected with by the Joker, managed to encounter Penguin, who mercilessly executed one of the cops, Officer Best. Penguin then asked Batman whether he was here to rescue the cops, Mr. Freeze, or to take him down. Batman, with barely concealed rage towards his murder of Best, tells Penguin that he had initially arrived to rescue the hostage cops as well as Fries, but that Penguin's current action meant Batman now intends fully to take him down, with Batman ominously vowing that Penguin is "about to find out" when the latter sarcastically stated that Batman was scary with his response. After a failed attempt at getting Batman to surrender and become a part of his collection, he then has some inmates attempt to kill Batman as their initiation.

Batman defeated all of them with ease, enticing the Penguin to unveil his big guns: more specifically, a henchman he injected with some the Titan formula he acquired from shipments Joker previously sent off from Arkham Island. After Batman managed to defeat the minion, Penguin escaped from the chaos and back to the Iceberg Lounge. One of the cops he held hostage, Forrester, also managed to escape Penguin, but wasn't able to get to the exit before Penguin froze him with Mr. Freeze's Ice Gun. Penguin then revealed that he had a shark in the frozen pool of water known as Tiny, which he regularly used to dispose of bodies and even devour living victims.

Penguin ordered the rest of his gang to guard the other cops in the armory, with the threat of killing them should they fail to do so. Eventually, Batman, after saving most of the cops, debating legions of Penguin's gang, and even Tiny, proceeded to the Iceberg Lounge. Once there, Penguin taunted Batman with the intention of torturing another undercover cop by the name of Dennis by freezing one of his hands as well as declaring his intention of shattering the frozen hand with a hammer.

Batman managed to arrive in time, but Penguin forced him to retreat due to his use of the Ice Gun. Batman eventually returned and, thanks to the override code for the Ice Gun from Freeze, the gun failed to fire on Batman, resulting in the Dark Knight decking Penguin off the iceberg monument. Penguin tried to talk his way out of his predicament, but when Batman implied that he wasn't simply going to let him go after all the destruction and death he caused, Penguin destroyed the iceberg monument with a remote-controlled detonator, dropping Batman to a room below the lounge, with Penguin declaring that Batman brought it upon himself.

He activated an entity that he discovered under the lounge presumably before Arkham City was even established, Solomon Grundy, and forces Batman to fight him. After Batman manages to completely destroy the mechanism that continuously revived Grundy and putting the beast down for good, Penguin is eventually forced to fight Batman himself with a grenade launcher, but is easily defeated. Batman then delivers Penguin to Mr. Freeze, who steps on Penguin's already broken hand as revenge for the latter's earlier treatment of him. Batman ordered Freeze to stop hurting Penguin and focus on the cure, enticing him to place Penguin within one of his own display cases, the one he had reserved for Bruce Wayne, although not before making a subtle threat to Penguin.

Catwoman can speak to Penguin inside the display case. She asks him what he's supposed to be in the exhibit. Penguin rudely tells her to "piss off". Offended, Catwoman warns him against talking like that to her again before leaving and Penguin immediately apologized out of cowardice.

When Protocol 10 began, Penguin's museum was targeted for destruction, but it withstood the missile attack with Penguin still safe inside. When Two-Face and his gang took control of the museum, Penguin hid behind the display in the display case to avoid being spotted by Dent. If Batman returns to speak with him, Penguin denies his cowardice.

Batman: Arkham Knight

After being released from Arkham City, Penguin and his gang spent time recovering from their time there, including doing gunrunning to and from Blüdhaven via a front company known as North Refrigeration, which he managed to form after retrieving a deed to the company from his old manor. The actions of North Refrigeration and Penguin in Bludhaven and Gotham City eventually got Nightwing involved. Eventually, he met up with the recently escaped Harley Quinn. Despite their animosity in the past (mostly due to her boyfriend), they nonetheless managed to form a partnership, being kissed by her to seal the deal. Months later, he proceeded to enter a meeting arranged by Scarecrow, alongside Quinn and Two-Face.

While waiting for his arrival, Penguin proceeded to smoke one of his cigars in front of Two-Face, resulting in him telling him not to do that, and Penguin taunting him regarding whether it gave him bad memories of his disfigurement, as well as being insulted alongside Two-Face by Harley Quinn by her calling them "bozos". After Scarecrow alongside the mysterious mercenary known only as the Arkham Knight arrived and explained why they were there, Penguin then confirmed they knew they were afraid of Batman, and told him to tell them something they didn't know.

Some time later, although they agreed to the truce, Penguin nonetheless continued to bicker with Two-Face, largely because of the latter's smart remark about Penguin's height after he commented that when making a deal, he preferred to "look them straight in the eye," as well as vocally voicing distrust of the Arkham Knight. He also mentioned that, his cut aside, he won't have anything to do with Two-Face's bank heists, before Two-Face reminded him that he needs to keep them armed and their guns loaded via their gun smuggling operation, at least until the truce ends with Batman's death. At some point later, Penguin had a group of his thugs go over to the docks for what is presumably a business deal.

However, only one of his men returned with a broken arm. Penguin then proceeded to interrogate him, threatening to "give him a matching pair" if he doesn't have a good reason for why their operation failed. He then explained that his forces ended up ambushed and taken out by unanticipated methods, causing Penguin to deduce that the person who ambushed them was none other than the Arkham Knight. He then proceeded to break the man's arm anyway, in response to the saying "don't shoot the messenger."

Some time later, Penguin gave radio support to Harley Quinn when she raided the Blüdhaven Police Department to retrieve Poison Ivy and recruit her into Scarecrow's cause, although throughout the mission it was clear their alliance was uneasy as he and Harley constantly gave biting remarks to each other.

Eventually, on Halloween night, Penguin proceeded to conduct gunrunning businesses in Gotham, which eventually drew Nightwing in to put a halt to it. Batman, after learning of North Refrigeration and Penguin's ties to Scarecrow from brutally interrogating a Militia member regarding the Arkham Knight and the then-recently abducted Oracle's destination, also proceeded to meet up with Nightwing and reluctantly accepted his aid in stopping Penguin (as he wasn't willing to risk losing any other allies after Oracle ended up abducted). Penguin then had the place put under heavy guard in case Batman was nearby and ordered his men not to lead Batman to them, although Batman nonetheless managed to trace them via one of the rounds of a firearms disabling device placed on one of their delivery trucks.

Penguin then proceeded to give a speech telling his men that they're now "bloody rich" with the proceeds from their weapons racket during the night, as well as implying that once Batman's dead, he will take out Scarecrow and the others to be the top kingpin. However, Batman was lurking in one of the grates below, and proceeded to interrogate him on Oracle and the Arkham Knight's location. He then told him that they and Scarecrow had departed to meet up with Simon Stagg on one of Stagg Enterprise's Airships, although he managed to escape after some of Penguin's men managed to restrain Batman. However, it wouldn't be without a cost, as Nightwing proceeded to save Batman and their proceeding to blow up the weapons' cache.

Throughout the night, Penguin's remaining weapons caches were being destroyed by Batman and Nightwing, which gradually angered Penguin to the extent that he began regularly threatening the drivers of various vans that were meant to deliver illicit weapons and by the fourth weapons' cache, he stopped taking calls altogether.

Around the time Batman was tracking the fourth weapons' cache in Gotham, Nightwing snooped around and uncovered the final weapons' cache, although he ended up captured by Penguin and held hostage, with Penguin transmitting a video message revealing Nightwing's current status with the threat that he will kill Nightwing if Batman doesn't back off. After being traced and freeing Nightwing from his bonds and eliminating the men in the room, Penguin managed to subdue Nightwing just as Batman was about to detonate the bombs. While threatening Batman (as well as Nightwing alluding to his past as being a part of the Flying Graysons), Nightwing managed to break free and have Batman pin him down.

Despite demanding Batman to not blow up the cache, Batman proceeded to do so in front of him, causing Penguin to angrily threaten to kill him if Batman doesn't break his one rule of no killing. He is then transferred over to the GCPD Lockup, also angrily lamenting the destruction of his weapons cache, with Batman suggesting that, if he ever gets out of jail, he can always sell them for scrap. While being led to the holding cell, he was cheered on by Penguin's troops in their cells, with Penguin remarking to Batman that this is what true loyalty is like.

GCPD Lockdown

However, even being locked up in the GCPD holding cell was not enough to stop Penguin. Having anticipated the possibility of his being arrested, he planned a breakout from GCPD with the remaining members of his gang that hadn't been arrested by Batman, even directing them to the Bludhaven docks to retrieve some money that he had stashed there after Batman had ruined several of his operations. He also had his men break him out by cutting the power to the GCPD.

However, due to miscommunication with his underlings, this backfired as it resulted in Penguin being sealed inside the elevator before he was able to actually leave the GCPD. To make matters worse for him, Nightwing also returned to Gotham upon learning of the jail break after thwarting the recovery of Penguin's illegal money stash. His escape was ultimately foiled by Nightwing, with the latter adding insult to injury by pranking him by posing as one of his men via radio transmission outside the elevator and making it seem as though Nightwing was taken out and thus having the crime lord literally walk right into him.

Penguin's attempt to escape from the GCPD through sheer force implies that he can no longer bribe his way out of jail, with Gordon now elected as Mayor, Aaron Cash heading the station, and much of the corruption throughout the city's police department and other infrastructures finally cleaned up. With Nightwing locating the last of the crime lord's ill-gotten gains in Blüdhaven, his men rounded up, and his gun supply depleted (to the point that his men had to attempt an earlier purchase from Black Mask before being foiled by the Red Hood, who later killed Roman), it can be assumed that Penguin finally lost all power and influence within Gotham City once and for all and will be spending the rest of his days behind bars.

A Flip of a Coin

In addition, Penguin's gunrunning spree during the events of Halloween ultimately acted as a diversion against Batman and Nightwing that Two-Face and his gang exploited for their secondary plan of robbing Bludhaven's banks in the event that Two-Face himself failed to successfully rob Gotham's banks, which went off without a hitch. A month later, some of Two-Face's thugs commented on this, especially after the GCPD had seized the stolen assets from Gotham's banks.


Since his early ages, Penguin has made numerous acquisitions to achieve positions of power, respect and authority, through the use of brutal and unorthodox torture and other, often intricate, elaborate and violent means, but always seeks more to dominate over others and destroy his rivals. He has an extensive love for money and other materialism but only takes the best, that went for weaponry, equipment and members of his own gang and will often violently outrage over petty slights if things do not match these standards or go precisely the way he planned. Penguin also enjoys luxury and extravagance, having lived a life of entitlement and lavishness, and will do most anything to regain the influence and fortune he lost.

Noticeably, Penguin is one of the few Batman villains who are utterly ruthless in his pursuits but seems quite sane. Glaringly, the most noticeable of Penguin's psychological disorders would be his Napoleon Complex; caused by his short stature, he will act extremely aggressive, over dominative and ruthless towards everyone including his own men. Even his desire to grow his criminal empire larger is an extension to his greatest goal, and that is to tower over everyone until he is the only one in possession to the keys of the kingdom, including going to war with the other crime lords in Arkham City to seize control of the super-prison. Penguin's megalomaniacal and hedonistic tendencies are displayed by the way he refused to leave Arkham City out of fear the Joker would take over his territory and makes sexual advances on several female characters including his assistants, Candy and Tracey Buxton and the League of Assassins Ninja in his Display Case. He considers himself a collector of sorts and amassed such collection with living and deceased prisoners trapped within his museum for display, entertainment, humiliation and a reminder to his own men.

Though he has amassed an extensive number of followers, Penguin has little concern for any of them and even left his remaining forces who were trapped in Joker's territory to die after he blew up the bridges connecting Arkham City. Nevertheless, the competent or loyal henchman that get on his good side, Penguin does treat them well, paying them better than most, granting them passage into the Iceberg Lounge and granting them top-of-the-line equipment. Beyond this he is heavily reliant on fear to keep his men in line, intimidating them constantly with the threat of death, physical threat, brutal torture or a false cockney accent. Penguin has a hatred for traitors and squealers, planning to cut the tongue out of a henchman who informed Batman of Mr. Freeze's location in his museum and torturing the twelve GCPD officers who disguised themself within Penguin's gang. He will occasionally kill his men for simply being the bearer of bad news, such as "shooting the messenger" (or more aptly breaking the arm) of the man who informed him how the Arkham Knight slaughtered his men.

When faced with a truly powerful opponent, such as Catwoman and Batman, Penguin abandons his intimidating and menacing persona and reverts to his cowardly nature, grovelling for his life and desperately pleading or apologising in a frantic manner to not be hurt further. In the face of cowardice though or in possession of a superior hand or ulterior design, Penguin can be defiant, such as adapting a sarcastic, arrogant and taunting facade throughout Batman's advance on his museum fortress and pretending to beg when he was overpowered in the Iceberg Lounge just after rigging explosives where Batman was standing. He also found the courage to threaten to kill Batman while being pinned down and claims that the Dark Knight would have to kill him otherwise and continued this nature while being taken to the GCPD (although this would only occur due to Scarecrow's news reveal of Bruce Wayne's identity of Batman and Batman being cured of the Joker-Toxin).

Matching his name, Penguin had a fondness for ice-related or Arctic paraphernalia as well aquatic, using it for the cover of his operations and establishment such as the Iceberg Lounge and North Refrigeration. He also stole Mr. Freeze's Ice Gun and began using it against Batman and several undercover cops, encasing them in a pool of frozen water where he has his personal shark, Tiny which he feeds traitors or other insubordinate henchman. Also, Penguin is a heavy cigar smoker but it's unknown if the voice box in his throat is because of smoking or an injury caused because of Batman.


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Extortion Data

Extortion File- The Penguin02:14

Extortion File- The Penguin

Penguin's Extortion

File One

  • Candy: Hiya, boss.
  • Penguin: Candy? What a treat! Where you been, luv?
  • Candy: Gone fishing, remember?
  • Penguin: Ah, yes. Ya catch anything interesting.
  • Candy: Just a nibble. That Roman's a slippery one, but he does have a new hobby.
  • Penguin: Oh?
  • Candy: Collecting masks. Ain't that a hoot?
  • Penguin: Now, what would Roman want with that lot, I wonder? I think it's time to break out some of our new hardware. We need to keep an eye on our friend, Black Mask.

File Two

  • Policeman: Yeah, that you?
  • Criminal: Yeah, it's me. What is it?
  • Policeman: I got uh... information. Your boss - we got him at the scene of the crime.
  • Criminal: What scene?
  • Policeman: Lacey Towers.
  • Criminal: He didn't do it.
  • Policeman: Oh no?
  • Criminal: Should I repeat myself?
  • Policeman: We got him at the scene. Understand? Direct evidence of murder. Cobblepot ain't gonna be able to slip this one. Branden says we're gonna have to bring him in.
  • Criminal: I told ya - he didn't do it.
  • Policeman: That don't matter. All that matters is the evidence. Now... if that evidence should happen to disappear...
  • Criminal: Ah. I see.
  • Policeman: Well, it is Christmas. And with Loeb gone, I gotta look out for my future.
  • Criminal: Alright. It'll be in the usual place. Just don't wait too long. Wouldn't want your cash to get soggy in all this snow. And make sure Branden gets his cut. I don't want that sunova bitch comin' back at me.
  • Policeman: Hey. Always glad to help.

File Three

  • Criminal: So? Whattaya got?
  • Policeman: A bunch of heavy hitters. Couple I've identified as potential customers.
  • Criminal: These really their names?
  • Policeman: Aliases.
  • Criminal: Deathstroke. What's that guy into?
  • Policeman: Guns, flashbangs. Deadshot too - sniper by trade. He's good for ammo.
  • Criminal: Whoa. Whoa! Who is this chick? Copperhead? She's wearin' nothin' but ink.
  • Policeman: Yeah, dunno about her. Firefly neither - not for weapons at least. Maybe for other...materials. But this Bane guy - if you got the stomach for it - he's got a whole gang with him. That's your big sale right there. Assuming he don't just rip your arms out for fun.
  • Criminal: Alright. So, how's this work fork with Loeb out a'the picture?
  • Policeman: Can't use the normal channels. This Gordon's a regular boy scout.
  • Criminal: Oh, yeah? Maybe we can help you with that.

Psychological Profile (by Dr. Young)

180px-The Penguin img

Penguin's photo

The Penguin

Real Name: Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot


Psychological Profile: Pushed into schizotypal behavior by an inferiority complex. Cobblepot's specific eccentricities revolve around an obsession with ornithology and intense ideation based around umbrellas. Even within the confines of the asylum, he has managed to create working umbrellas with "trick" features. Maltreatment by other inmates and probings into possible sources for his insecurities always trigger intense overcompensation on his part, in the form of rantings about his business acumen and misunderstood intelligence.

Additional Notes

His off-putting, antisocial behavior is frequently at odds with his need to be valued and admired.

He is compulsive about his sartorial appearance, which argues with his avoidance and denial of his physical shortcomings.

Patient Interviews

Batman Arkham City Penguin Interview Tapes06:13

Batman Arkham City Penguin Interview Tapes

The Penguin interview tapes.

Part 1

  • Penguin: I'm only doing this as a courtesy, Strange. Don't think you've beaten me.
  • Strange: I just thought we could both benefit from a little talk, Mr. Cobblepot.
  • Penguin: Don't try that psycho mumbo jumbo with me, Strange. I'm not like the other crazies.
  • Strange: Of course not, after all, considering the... challenges you've faced.
  • Penguin: Challenges? What freakin' Challenges? You're not better than me. No one is. I own this place.
  • Strange: Well, to be clear, I allow you certain freedoms, but let's continue. Why do you feel the need to own anything. I believe it is a mechanism to compensate for some childhood inadequacy. You were friends with the Waynes, correct?
  • Penguin: I was, 'till someone did the world a favor and blew the brains out of little Wayne's self-righteous parents. I was laughing for weeks. It still brings a smile to my face.
  • Strange: And you think that's ok?
  • Penguin: Ok? No I don't think it's ok. I think it's bloody hysterical. That family destroyed mine. What happened to them, well, it couldn't have happened to nicer people.

Part 2

  • Strange: Take a seat Mr. Cobblepot.
  • Penguin: What is it now, Strange?
  • Strange: I wanted to talk about your apparent hatred of the Waynes. Your outburst last time was most interesting.
  • Penguin: It's simple really, I don't like the snivelling little bastard. Look at him. All high and mighty because someone killed mummy and daddy.
  • Strange: Most people look upon him with sympathy.
  • Penguin: No they don't. They're jealous. Jealous of his money, his cars, his women. He lost his sympathy when he vanished for all those years. I can't tell you how much I hoped he was visiting his dear mum and dad.
  • Strange: Where do you suppose he went?
  • Penguin: How am I supposed to know?
  • Strange: Let us move on, then.
  • Penguin: No. It's time that you do something for me.
  • Strange: And what is that?
  • Penguin: Here's a list.

Part 3

  • Penguin: I thought I told you, Strange, no more little questions until you give me what I want.
  • Strange: Take a look, Mr. Cobblepot. Here is a purchase order for the various firearms you require. I must say, you chose an exotic selection.
  • Penguin: I only take the best.
  • Strange: A wise strategy.
  • Penguin: So, what's yours?
  • Strange: Excuse me?
  • Penguin: What are you up to? Why would you give me, me of all people guns, explosives... all this stuff?
  • Strange: Arkham City is an experiment, Mr. Cobblepot, a new way of thinking. We've separated you from society, so I'm more than willing to study the results if you all just decide to kill each other. Besides, your feud with the Joker is intriguing.
  • Penguin: I was here first. I bought my museum and the Iceberg Lounge fair and square. It was you and that mayor that stuck us all together.
  • Strange: Again, you refer to owning things, quite fascinating. I believe we gave you the opportunity to leave.
  • Penguin: And take over my turf? Never.

Part 4

  • Strange: Good evening Mr. Cobblepot. I trust you received the second delivery.
  • Penguin: Yeah, I did. I don't know what you did to those dribbling monkeys, Strange, but they were perfect.
  • Strange: I'm glad. It appears we can both help each other.
  • Penguin: If you say so. I suppose it doesn't hurt that by the time I'm done with 'em, they're usually in too many pieces for anyone to know what you are really getting up to in those rooms of yours.
  • Strange: I have no idea what you are talking about.
  • Penguin: Of course not. So, Hugo, the clown. Is he really dying?
  • Strange: It appears so. Self-inflicted, of course, but yes he is. He has Mister Freeze working on a potential cure, but I'm sure neither of us want him to get his hands on it, do we?

Part 5

  • Penguin: We're ready.
  • Strange: Good. Now one last thing. Your face.
  • Penguin: It's beautiful, isn't it?
  • Strange: The eye? I believe it was the result of a bar brawl, correct?
  • Penguin: The toe rag got lucky. He got his though.He took my eye. I took both of his, left him trying to walk across the Gotham Freeway at rush hour. Hilarious.
  • Strange: You're a rich man, Mr. Cobblepot. You could have had that glass removed.
  • Penguin: They said it was impossible and what the hell, I think it gives me a... more unique look. Know what I mean? Now, where is Freeze?
  • Strange: He's right here, in the room next door. You can take him with you. Are you familiar with the term Napoleon complex?
  • Penguin: No. What is it?
  • Strange: It's nothing. Oh, and one last thing. Here is a list of ten prisoners I believe work for you.
  • Penguin: Yeah, so what? You want to saw their heads open and scoop out their brains too?
  • Strange: No, I just thought you'd like to know that they are all in the employ of the GCPD.
  • Penguin: WHAT?
  • Strange: I believe you know what to do with them. I don't like being spied on, Mr. Cobblepot. Goodnight.

Audio Files

Batman - Arkham Knight - Penguin Audio Tapes-002:34

Batman - Arkham Knight - Penguin Audio Tapes-0

The Penguin Audio log

File One

  • Two-Face: Keep that smoke out of my face little man.
  • Penguin: What's the matter Harv? The burning smell bringing back some bad memories?
  • Harley Quinn: You're a real couple o' bozos you know that!
  • Scarecrow: Enough!
  • Penguin: Well well! 'bout time you showed ya face.
  • Harley Quinn: Yeah. What's left of it.
  • Two-Face: What's the deal Crane? Why are we here?
  • Scarecrow: Because you share something. A fear that strikes you from the shadows. Hunts you. Keeps you afraid of the dark.
  • Penguin: Yeah yeah. We all fear Batman. Tell us something we don't know.
  • Two-Face: Like how we kill him.
  • Arkham Knight: That's my job.

File Two

  • Penguin: This cocky gobshite isn't the first Bat-fanatic to muscle in on our turf. I'd sooner piss on him than trust him.
  • Two-Face: The coin says give him a chance.
  • Penguin: Sod the stinkin' coin. When I make a deal I like to look a man in the eye.
  • Two-Face: Did you bring a footstool?
  • Penguin: Yeah, real funny, Harv. You keep talking like that and Scarecrow's little ceasefire ain't gonna happen.
  • Two-Face: (Harvey) Let this Arkham Knight run his army. Leave him and Scarecrow to chase the Bat. (Two-Face) We can take care of ourselves.
  • Penguin: I'm 'avin nothin to do with your bank job, aside from my cut, of course.
  • Two-Face: You just make sure our men are armed and our guns loaded.
  • Penguin: Oh don't you worry, Harv. The guns'll be loaded. Every bleeding second of this truce.

File Three

Note, the tape does not have subtitles

  • Penguin: Look at ya! Gettin' claret everywhere. Looks like you've got ten rounds with Grundy!
  • Thug: My arm... I think it's broken...
  • Penguin: This had better be good, otherwise I'll give you a matching pair! What happened?
  • Thug: We got to the docks like you said. All these men, they had the same idea as us.
  • Penguin: They wanted more, did they? You! You dirty crusty crust!
  • Thug: Boss, please! Someone got the drop on all of us! They killed everyone!
  • Penguin: What?
  • Thug: He went through us like we weren't even there. ...I've never seen anything like it.
  • Penguin: The Arkham Knight...
  • Thug: He had a gun in my mouth, said this was a family now, we all gotta get along. He said you better know your place.
  • Penguin: Cheeky bastard!
  • Thug: Hey, don't shoot the messenger, right boss?
  • Penguin: Naw... I could break his bloody arm, though.
  • Thug: My arm...!


Batman: Arkham Origins

Game Over Lines

Batman Arkham Origins - Game Over The Penguin01:13

Batman Arkham Origins - Game Over The Penguin

Game Over Screens


  • "And that's why I'm the boss! Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got business to attend to. Piss off!"
  • "Boys, get him out of here! And don't ding up any of the gear! That's worth some money!"
  • "Aww, it's a real shame you're dead. You're actually worth more alive!"


  • "World's greatest assassin? You? Bollocks!"
  • "Someone rip off his mask for my collection. At least it's not spandex!"

Bruce Wayne: Note: These are for the Cold Cold Heart DLC

  • "What's a'matter, Brucie boy? D'ja choke on the pate?"
  • "And THAT'S how you ring in the New Year!"
  • "Break out the Champagne, boys! I think it's goin' to be a very, very good year."

Batman: Arkham City

Game Over Lines

Batman Arkham City - Game Over Penguin00:41

Batman Arkham City - Game Over Penguin

The Penguin's game over screens.

  • "Anyone want a slightly used Batsuit? I'm sure the blood'll wash off."
  • "And there was me thinking it was going to be difficult. Get him out of here!"
  • "Having a little lie-down, are you? Enjoy it. It's your last."
  • "Someone cut the mask off his face. No need to be gentle."

Batman: Arkham Knight

  • "Cocky little bastard." - Insulting Nightwing.

Game Over Lines

Batman Arkham Knight - All Harley Quinn DLC Game Over Death Scenes00:44

Batman Arkham Knight - All Harley Quinn DLC Game Over Death Scenes

Harley Quinn: Note: these are for Harley Quinn DLC

Batman Arkham Knight Game Over Penguin00:32

Batman Arkham Knight Game Over Penguin


Batman: Arkham Origins

  • Some criminal chatter has them speculating about the functions of the Penguin's umbrella, including a function where he hypnotizes people by opening it up to reveal a swirling pattern and spin it around. This was a reference to one of the Penguin's umbrellas in the 1960s TV series, as well as a similar umbrella technique used by the Penguin in the film Batman Returns.
  • The Penguin in an audio tape discussing the origins of the Final Offer commented that its original name was the Olivia B. Meredith, alluding to Oliver Burgess Meredith, the actor who portrayed the Penguin in the 1960s TV series.
  • In the Penguin's main office, there were blueprints for the Iceberg Lounge. The design was based on the Iceberg Casino from the New 52 serial.
  • The brief bit in "Cold, Cold Heart" where Batman stumbled upon and foiled an attempted robbery by the Penguin's men in Coventry while tracking down his arms dealer via a chemical leak was actually taken from the E3 Demo for Arkham Origins.
  • In both the main story and Cold, Cold Heart, whenever Batman encountered the Penguin and his men, Penguin always shouts disparaging comments to his men for not doing a perceived good job at dealing with the caped crusader while he never actually does anything himself (although in the case of the latter event, he was justified in not being able to do anything due to being partially frozen).

Batman: Assault on Arkham

  • The Penguin's feasting on raw fish and octopi during his meeting with the Suicide Squad was a reference to the Penguin's dietary habits in Batman Returns.

Batman: Arkham City

  • In his own words "[Penguin] only takes the best." This ranges from weaponary, equipment, and assassins. In Arkham City, Penguin has Hugo Strange deliver "an exotic selection" of weaponry and military equipment in exchange for favors (killing lunatics that Strange experimented on and kidnapping Mr. Freeze, to keep Joker from curing his TITAN poisoning). In the tie-in movie Assualt on Arkham, Penguin implies that he has hired Deadshot for assasssinations in the past, even calling him the best in the business.
  • In the game, The Penguin and Joker start off as the two biggest gangs in the city. Both gangs each have a heavy (Sickle/Mr. Hammer), a juggernaut (Solomon Grundy/Clayface), Titan Henchmen, questionable control over a doctor (Mr. Freeze), and both sides are being provided weapons by Hugo Strange.
  • Unlike most other versions of The Penguin, who choose to wear a monocle, this incarnation instead had the bottom of a broken beer bottle lodged in place around his eye, and has been told that removing it would be fatal. In his interview tapes with Strange, he says he doesn't mind the bottle because it gives him "a rather unique look".
  • He does not wear his signature hat once in the game. However, he is shown to have a wide collection of them as part of a Riddler riddle, and is seen wearing one in posters.
  • In-game rumors relating to the Arkham lunatics stated that Dr. Hugo Strange sent them to Penguin for use as target practice for him and his men. An interview tape between Strange and Penguin confirmed the rumors, of which the latter referred to them as "dribbling monkeys."
  • This version of The Penguin has a voice box in his throat, implying that he has suffered damage to his vocal chords, either by his constant smoking of cigars, or possibly at the hands of Batman. Regardless of how he got the voice box, it is clear he got it some time after the events of Batman: Arkham Origins, due to his neck being whole in that game.
  • Of his collections in the museum, he has one waiting for Batman and Bruce Wayne. He may have at one point held Victor Zsasz captive as well. The exhibit he was kept in was full of tally marks, and the glass is shattered.
  • The Penguin may be in possession of the Black Mask's first wooden mask. It can be seen on a skeleton in one of the torture exhibits alongside one in a top hat. This may show that the Black Mask was Penguin's main rival at one point, and not Joker. This was confirmed in Batman: Arkham Origins
  • If the player chose to not knock Penguin out in the beginning of the game, when Bruce Wayne is climbing the ladder, Penguin will be heard declaring that he always knew Bruce Wayne was a coward.
  • Penguin cameos in Injustice: Gods Among Us in one of the stage transitions in Arkham Asylum. When the player attacks their opponent near the edge of the Mess Hall arena, they will be knocked into a room where Killer Croc, the Penguin, Two-Face, and the Riddler all attack the fighter before they move on to the Cell Block arena.

Batman: Arkham Knight

  • Depending on when the player beats the Gunrunning mission, Penguin's dialogue while in transit to the GCPD will vary. If it was before confronting Scarecrow, he will taunt Batman with nearly killing Nightwing, causing Batman to subtly threaten Penguin with killing him by telling him that he can choose GCPD or the morgue as his next destination, with Penguin attempting to call his bluff by reminding him of his one rule, with Batman admitting he's not himself that night (alluding to Joker's toxin slowly taking him over and turning him into the next Joker). If it was after Scarecrow is defeated, Penguin will instead reveal that he now knows that it was a Wayne who was underneath the cowl, and scolds him two-fold for ruining his family and for ruining his operations as Bruce Wayne and Batman, respectively, with Batman informing him that the Cobblepots were corrupt, and Penguin shooting back that the Waynes are dead before asking tauntingly if he touched a nerve. He also proceeded to imply that he'll get the drop on him soon, although Batman tells him that he may change identities, with Penguin mockingly suggesting he become a squirrel.
    • In addition, his dialogue will also vary depending on whether he was placed in the cell first or Two-Face. If the latter, Penguin will voice a complaint about working with Two-Face in the first place and stating that he told Scarecrow that it was a bad idea to get him involved, with Two-Face proceeding to subtly threaten him to watch his tongue due to being behind the same set of bars now.
  • When in transit to the GCPD in the Batmobile, after Penguin complains about Batman destroying his guns, the latter suggests to him that he could always sell the ruined weapons for scrap if he ever got out. His tone with the last bit implies that Penguin will most likely face life imprisonment or even the death penalty for his role in the events of the night, especially the bit about his gunrunning.


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