The Perfect Crime was a Most Wanted story arc in Batman: Arkham Knight.


Batman came across a dead body chained to a wall and inspected it. He learned that the victim was sent to Gotham City, and was then killed. Batman found five other victims in Gotham that had the same cause of death. Batman requested Alfred to link the killer of all six victims. The killer was Lazlo Valentin of the Circus of Strange. Lazlo was last seen at Pretty Dolls Parlor on Founders' Island. Batman came across Lazlo also known as Professor Pyg. Pyg killed the victims because they were "too broken" to become Pyg's vision of perfect people known as Dollotrons, doll-faced zombies with their free will, pain receptors and genitals removed. Pyg summoned his pain-immune Dollotrons to attack Batman. Batman rescued the victims and sent Pyg and his Dollotrons to the GCPD Lockup.

Cast and CharactersEdit

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