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Catwoman steals one of a pair of Mark Andrews' priceless Golden Cat statuettes from a Gotham museum, knowing that it holds a secret to the lost treasure of Captain Manx. Batman and Robin rush off to safeguard the other statue, coating it with golden radioactive mist and then lying in wait for Catwoman to appear. However, the nefarious feline and her two henchmen, Felix and Leo, manage to drug the Boy Wonder, and in the subsequent battle they manage to escape with the second statue. After Robin comes to, he and Batman use the radioactive mist to track Catwoman to her lair at the Gato and Chat Fur Company warehouse; but when they arrive, the Dynamic Duo fall through a trap door and straight into Catwoman's clutches - and are immediately subjected to a host of deadly and devious distractions…




Only appreance of Gordon Secretary Bonnie....played by an uncredited actress

Some Connunity Goofs...when the Dynamic duo fall through the trapdoor Robin is on the left and Batman is on the right-yet when they fall into Catwoman room..Batman is on the left and Robin is on the right!

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