After escaping from the frenzied party Batman returns to the Batmobile, only to find that Robin is missing; two riddles are suddenly fired from the vehicle's Antitheft Rocket chambers, which lead the Caped Crusader to the Gotham Lumberyard. Here the Riddler is filming a death scene involving the Boy Wonder and a deadly buzzsaw; but the Prince of Puzzles, dressed in classic black top hat, cape and moustache, immediately attacks Batman with a bullwhip, and then makes his escape along with his cronies while the Caped Crusader makes to rescue Robin - and then discovers that he has been duped by a dummy dressed as his trusty chum. Batman captures Pauline and takes her to the Batcave, along with Commissioner Gordon, who insists on accompanying them to ensure that the Caped Crusader does not use any unlawful methods of interrogation. Having ensured the secret of his lair’s location with the aid of knock-out Batgas, Batman elicits two more riddles from Pauline. These lead him to the top of the Chessman Building, where the Riddler and his felonious film-crew are filming a sequence in which Robin is about to be pushed off a high ledge to plummet to his death on the street below…





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