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The Riddler smuggles a ring of a revolutionary new Universal Wax Solvent, capable of eating through anything, into the country by hiding it inside a wax statue of Batman, which is intended for display at Madame Soleil's Wax Museum. In place of the wax Batman statue is a wax replica of the Riddler, which, at its unveiling, subsequently sprays the attending audience with a gun filled with paint, while a tape recorder announces two riddles. Inside his hideout at the Kandle Lite Kandle Factory, the Riddler and his henchgirl, Moth, melt the Batman figure into a vat of boiling wax; Batman and Robin solve the puzzles and arrive at the Gotham City Public Library and find the Riddler and his henchmen, Tallow and Matches, attempting to steal a rare book on the lost treasure of the Incas from the vault with the use of the solvent. A battle breaks out, but the Prince of Puzzles uses his Doctor Riddler's Instant Forever-Stick Invisible Wax Emulsion to glue two heroes’ feet to the floor, enabling him and his gang to escape with the book!





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