Batman: Arkham Asylum:The Road to Arkham
Batman ArkhamAsylum-RTA
General Information
Type: 16-page comic
Total Issues: one-shot
Published: August 2009
Creators: Alan Burnett
Carl D'Anda

Batman: Arkham Asylum: The Road to Arkham is a 16-page comic written by Alan Burnett, illustrated by Carlos D'Anda and produced by DC Comics specifically for the launch of Batman: Arkham Asylum as a prequel to the game


Batman has captured his greatest foe, The Joker, and is escorting him to Arkham Asylum, Gotham City's home for the criminally insane. But a series of anonymous tips has put Batman on alert; still, he does not realize that he is speeding toward the darkest journey of his life, one that will test all of his abilities in the chaotic depths of Arkham Island.








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