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Batman and Robin are alerted when Mooney, a policewoman working undercover as a member of The Catwoman's mob, warns Gordon that Catwoman is planning to join forces with a European criminal known as The Sandman for committing a crime. Catwoman discovers her on the phone with Gordon. She snatches the receiver from her and sprays Mooney with knockout gas. Her henchmen bind and gag the disguised policewoman. They cover her head with a black nylon hood. She has them drag Mooney away to be dealt with later. Catwoman picks up Mooney's heels after they fall off her bound pantyhosed feet as she's dragged away. Later, Catwoman pretending to fall asleep on a mattress display in a store window is spirited away by one of Sandman's cronies and later turns up on a TV newscast, where she cleverly advertises the talents of a sleep expert names Dr. Somnambula, a.k.a. Sandman, in hopes of gaining the attention of J. Pauline Spaghetti, a rich insomniac.

Sandman's scheme is a success, and he is summoned to Spaghetti's penthouse; there, while examining her eyes, he gasses her asleep. Working fast, he snaps photos of J. Pauline's financial ledger just as The Dynamic Duo arrive to rescue her from the man they--but not J. Pauline!--believe to be The Sandman. While Spaghetti proves to them that she wasn't in danger, Sandman escapes. The Caped Crusader and The Boy Wonder later trace The Sandman to his GHQ at the abandoned Morpheus Mattress Factory on Derwin Alley. Upon entering the deserted factory, they are quickly seized by Sandman and his henchmen Snooze and Nap. The Batman is bound to a mattress under a giant button stitcher, while Robin is ordered to push the button which activates the machine. The Sandman decides to give Robin to Catwoman as a present and splits.




Behind the scenesEdit

  • Gypsy Rose Lee cameos as a Newscaster.

See AlsoEdit

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