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The Tattooed Strongman
The Tattooed Strongman HQ
General Information
Real name: Unidentified
Alignment: Bad
Affiliation: The Penguin (Boss)
Characteristics: Gender - Male
Hair - Bald
Eyes - Blue
Portrayed by: Rick Zumwalt
Appearances: Batman Returns

"Yeah, go ahead. Hit me. "
―The Tattooed Strongman[src]

The Tattooed Strongman was a thug working for The Penguin, as a member of the Red Triangle Circus Gang.


When The Tattooed Strongman confronted Batman, it looked like there was no stopping him. A powerful blow to the face barely fazed him. Unbeknownst, Batman had slid a bomb in the Tattooed Strongman's belt. He pushed him down a manhole, and The Tattooed Strongman promptly blew up.

In Other MediaEdit

  • He's the second boss in the Super Nintendo video game adaptation of Batman Returns. Near the end of the second level, he was seen in the sidewalk, reading a newspaper and tapping his foot. After Batman defeats all the enemies in the level, the strongman rips the paper and starts fighting Batman.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In the aftermath of The Tattooed Strongman's explosion, fire and smoke can be seen confirming how deadly the bomb was.
  • This is one of the few times that Batman has deliberately caused a villain or/and criminal to be killed in the Burtonverse.
    • This is seemingly the only time that Batman has used lethal force in a questionably unwarranted fashion in the Burtonverse.


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