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The Mad Hatter decides to wreak his revenge on Batman and the twelve jury members that sent him to prison. With the aid of the Super Instant Mesmerizer device concealed in his top hat, the villain steals just about all the jurors’ hats - and the jurors wearing them. He has two left to retrieve. Madame Magda and Batman. They exit their van and enter Madame Magda's. The Mad Hatter swipes the hat from her head. As she turns, she's met eye to eye with his Mesmerizer. She falls into the arms of his henchmen. Madame is dragged away under her arms; to the shock and horror of her patrons. Hatter scoops up her high heels as they fall from her pantyhosed feet. His henchmen now lift her up and carry her outside to their getaway van and load Madame into the back. One to go! He then sets about obtaining the "thirteenth hat” - Batman's cowl. The Hatter and his henchmen, Cappy and Dicer, head for the studio of Octave Marbot, a sculptor currently working on a statue of Batman; here the Hatter overpowers Marbot and then poses as the sculptor. When the Dynamic Duo arrive the Hatter attempts to trick the Caped Crusader into removing his cowl so that he can use it as a model for the statue’s head...





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