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The Toymaker
General Information
Real name: Cosmo Krank
Aliases: Krank
The Toymaker
Alignment: Evil
Affiliation: N/A
Characteristics: Expert toymaker
Portrayed by: Patton Oswalt
Appearances: The Batman
  • Cash For Toys
  • The Metal Face Of Comedy

The Toymaker is an enemy of the Batman from The Batman.


At first, Cosmo Krank was the C.E.O. of a toy company named "Krank Co." that creates incredibly futuristic toys. However, Bruce Wayne notices that Krank Co's toys are very dangerous. So, he led a campaign that eventually closed down Krank Co. for good. Enraged, Cosmo Krank becomes a villain named "the Toymaker," who uses his toys in his attempt to get revenge on Bruce Wayne.

In other mediaEdit

  • The Toymaker is referenced in Batman: Arkham City. In Amusement Mile, you can find his old company factory, Krank Co.


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