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The Wizard
General Information
Real name: Carter
Aliases: The Invisible Wizard
Portrayed by: Leonard Penn
Appearances: Batman and Robin (1949 Serial)

Carter 2


Mr.Wizard 2

Using mind-control

The Wizard is a villain who only appears in the 1949 serial Batman and Robin.


Professor Hammil the inventor of a device that could take control of any motor-vehicle in a 50-mile radius had his own device stolen. His assistant, Carter, donned a black hood and cloak as the Wizard. Carter had created a lair in a deep-dark down cave accessible only by submarine as an anti-Batman of sorts. He used the device to hold the city for ransom, operating all from his secret cave, dispatching many a thug to do his dirty work, using the invincible potion when he did something himself out on the field to evade detection.

New police Commissioner Gordon came onto the scene and alerted Batman and Robin on the situation. Batman and Robin would thwart the Wizard's plans again and again, as they had with Dr. Daka, until when the Wizard (invincible) would attempt to assassinate Gordon and fail by climbing down a rope, hanging outside the window of Commissioner Gordon's office. Batman and Robin would go after him, ending in a Batmobile-get-away car chase. Vicki Vale had a photo of the Wizard, and it appered to be Carter. Carter however was beleved dead by a mysterious gunshot earlier. However it is later revealed it was Carter's twin who died as a decoy for the real Wizard to escape.

The Wizard would take Vicki Vale hostage, with Batman and Robin giving chase, with one of the Wizard's gang as they guide. The police would come to the scene, Batman would rescue Vicki, leaving her still bound for the police to come and tend to her, they would then sneak into the cave, where a mighty fist-fight would take place, the Wizard would escape into the Professor's house, of which the cave was connected to, and take off his costume. The Professor falsely confesses that he is the Wizard, Carter having forced him to, at gun-point before-hand. Batman already knew what Carter had done to the Professor, and before Carter could escape, Batman and Robin tackled him to the ground, tying him up, and handing him over to the same police that had tended to Vicki. The device was then destroyed, the cave dismembered, all the Wizard's equipment and operations taken down, his plans foiled at last as he was.

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