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Thomas Wayne
Batman 1989 - Dr. Thomas Wayne
General Information
Real name: Thomas Wayne
Alignment: Good
Affiliation: Bruce Wayne (Son)
Martha Wayne (Wife)
Alfred Pennyworth (Friend)
Characteristics: Gender - Male
Eyes -
Hair - Brown
Portrayed by: David Baxt (Batman)
Michael Scranton (Batman Forever)
Appearances: Batman
Batman Forever

Thomas Wayne was a doctor in Gotham City. He was the husband of Martha Wayne, and the father of Bruce Wayne.

After taking his wife and son to see Footlight Frenzy at the Monarch Theatre, his wife was robbed at gunpoint. When he interceded to protect his wife, both of them were shot in cold blood murder by a second assailant, Jack Napier.

Thomas' son Bruce would grow up to become Batman.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The Gotham Globe headline telling of the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne was dated Thursday, October 26, likely placing the date of their murders on Wednesday, October 25.
  • Adam West was considered to play Thomas Wayne. Originally, he wanted to play Batman. Interestingly, West voiced Thomas Wayne in the animated series Batman: The Brave and the Bold.
  • An earlier draft of the script had Thomas Wayne running against Rubert Thorne (in Carl Grissom's place) for City Council before he was murdered by Thorne's hitman Joe Chill.
  • Sam Hamm's original script for the sequel (then titled Batman 2) had Penguin and Catwoman team-up to look for lost gold buried at the bottom of the Gotham harbor, which would then tie into why Bruce's parents were murdered years ago.


  • When Alfred receives Vicki Vale's message a portrait of Thomas Wayne can be seen in the background.


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Batman (1989) Movie Comic AdaptationEdit

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