Three Face
Three Face
General Information
Real name: Evelyn Dent
First Appearance: Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer: Crime Society (Vol. 1)
Created by: Sean McKeever
Jamal Igle
Affiliations: The Riddler Family
Portrayed by: None

Three Face is the alias of Evelyn "Eve" Dent, a heroic female counterpart to Two-Face in Earth-Three. She's the mother of Duela Dent. Her original affiliation is to The Riddler Family, wich include herself, Quizmaster, Jokester and her daughter Duela (she's The Riddler's/Joker's Daughter). She will later be a part of Alexander Luthor's Justice Underground opposing Ultraman's Crime Syndicate.

Main features

Evelyn has three personalities: Irrational, Practical, and Hedonistic. She wears a costume that is divided in three parts. Her right side favors loud fabrics like polka-dots, stripes, or plaids; her left side favors animal prints like tiger or leopard; and the center is a wide stripe of green. She even wears a leather jacket that is a brown bomber jacket on the right and a black biker jacket on the left. Her face is painted all white with a vertical green center stripe and dark green or black lipstick; sometimes she is shown with her face parted into light green on the right, white in the middle, and mauve on the left. Her black hair is divided into cropped short on the right, sometimes dyed pink or red, worn shoulder-length on the left, and a mohawk in the center. She carries a revolver in a holster slung on her right hip.

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