Thunder Fall
Thunder Fall
General Information
Real name: Bello (first name unknown)
First Appearance: Batwing #2 (October, 2011)
Created by: Judd Winick
Ben Oliver
Affiliations: The Kingdom
Abilities: Electro-Blast
Portrayed by: None

Thunder Fall was an African super hero and former member of The Kingdom.


Thunder Fall is an-ex superhero who now is a teacher at a school in the town of Tanisha, Democratic Republic of Congo. Whilst teaching a class, the villain Massacre walks in and demands he tell the children to run. After doing so, the two fight. In the process Thunder Fall uses his powers to throw Massacre straight through a wall, smashing it in the process. In retaliation Massacre manages to slice Thunder Fall's left arm clean off. The villain is about to finish off the battle when Batwing intervenes.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Electro-Blast


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic)
  • Pedagogy

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