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200px-Trogg 001
General Information
Real name: Unknown
First Appearance: Batman: Vengeance of Bane #1 (January, 1993)
Created by: Chuck Dixon
Doug Moench
Graham Nolan
Affiliations: Bane
Abilities: Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
Portrayed by: None

Trogg was one of the three associates of Bane.


Along with Zombie, Trogg helped orchestrate the Arkham breakout in Bane's effort to ultimately wear down and cripple Batman. He also was incarcerated in Pena Duro, giving him above average fighting skills. He is very skilled with electrical and mechanical devices, which is useful to Bane.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Mechanical Engineering: Trogg demonstrated great facility with mechanical and electrical devices, such as being able to create and maintain Bane's venom pump and run his venom factories.
  • Electrical Engineering: Trogg demonstrated great facility with mechanical and electrical devices, rigging hand crafted electrical adaptions to various technological devices.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic): Trogg has acquired above average fighting skills due to his time in Pena Duro prison. His skills were sufficient to enable him to be thought of as Pena Duro's toughest fighter; until the maturation of Bane.

In Other MediaEdit

Batman: Arkham OriginsEdit

Although Trogg does not directly appear in Batman: Arkham Origins, he was mentioned in Bane's Assassin profile in the beginning of the game, alongside Zombie and Bird, as being associates of Bane. His name in this game was given as Sergio Ortiz.

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