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The villainous master of disguise, False-Face, disguises himself as the Queen of Mergenberg's escort and steals her crown, replacing it with a fake under the very noses of the police. Examining the false crown, Batman and Robin find an obscure clue that suggests False-Face's next crime will be to hijack an armored car. The Dynamic Duo arrive at the Gotham City Bank and catch the villain red-handed, but when the police arrive and apprehend his gang, False-Face disguises himself as Police Chief O'Hara and makes his escape. Batman and his trusty chum suspect False face of a counterfeit money scheme, and so head off for the bank note printer's office; here they capture Blaze, False-Face's attractive henchwoman, who is attempting to steal a stash of money paper. They take her to Police Headquarters for questioning - unaware that the Chief O'Hara taking part is none other that False Face in disguise...




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