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Two-Face's Hideout
Two-Face's Lair
General Information
Official name: Two-Face's Hideout
Created by: Barbara Ling
First Appearance: Batman Forever
Country: United States of America
Locale: Gotham City

Two-Face's Hideout is the lair where Two-Face took refuge during his assault on Gotham. His den was fittingly split in two with "good" and "bad" sides. The "good" half was inhabited by his love interest Sugar, while the other, "bad" side was the home of his other assistant Spice. It was here that Two-Face first met The Riddler. Later, after the founding of Nygma-Tech Two-Face would move his operations to The Riddler's headquarters at Claw Island.


The exterior set for Two-Face's hide out in Batman Forever was the same set used in the first disappearance of Max Shreck in Batman Returns.


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