Two-Face's handgun was the gun used by Two-Face to unleash his rage on various people over Rachel's death.

History Edit

The Joker visited Harvey Dent in hospital, apologising for the loss of Rachel, stating it wasn't his fault, it was everyone's, explaining that no one cares if he kills any random person, but panic when he threatens to kill a mayor. This explanation from the Joker convinced Harvey and he then let the Joker live as he became Two-Face.

Two-Face used this pistol to shoot Michael Wuertz, Sal Maroni's Driver and he also attempted to shoot James Gordon's son, but never had the chance as Batman tackled him, knocking him to his apparent death several feet below.

It is unknown what happened to the gun, but it is possible it was destroyed or hidden to cover up any evidence linking Two-Face to the murders he committed, as Batman agreed to accept responsibility for them.