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General Information
Real name: Harvey Dent
First Appearance: Batman: Arkham City (Detective Comics #66)
Created by: Bob Kane
Bill Finger
Affiliations: Hugo Strange
Abilities: Extensive knowledge of law enforcement
Experienced hand-to-hand combatant
Expert marksman
Portrayed by: Troy Baker (voice)

"The only way to get by in this place is to get ourselves some respect. Fear. That's how we get respect. Show them all how we do things. We should be fair, though. This is a place of justice after all. Screw justice. Kill her and they'll all fear us."
―Two-Face before Catwoman's trial [src]

Former District Attorney Harvey Dent was once Gotham's bright future, until half of his face was burnt with acid and his psyche damaged by one of his adversaries. Reborn as Two-Face, a criminal that relies on a coin toss to make his decisions, Harvey is now as dangerous as any man can be. Within Arkham City, a massive prison meant to hold every criminal in Gotham, Two-Face is a thriving crime lord and is at war with both the Joker and the Penguin, intending on wiping both out in order to assume complete control over the prison and carve up the streets for himself.

After Arkham City's shutdown, Dent is released and compensated due to the high amounts of corruption surrounding the prison facility and uses his newfound freedom to buy up the Hell's Gate Waste Disposal company and forms a law service to work in conjunction. In truth, this was simply a front to reestablish his old gang and recruit others to perform bank heists. Dent and his office are the primary reason why so many Arkham City inmates were released and compensated as his legal expertise paved the way for many successful lawsuits against City Hall.

On Halloween night, Two-Face works together with Scarecrow, the Arkham Knight, Penguin, and many other villains to destroy Batman and claim Gotham City for themselves, specifically targeting the Gotham and Blüdhaven banks for himself.


Batman: Assault on Arkham

Two Face was released from Arkham Asylum by the Joker. He tried to steal a police car, but had his head frozen by Killer Frost, who then threw him backwards.

Road to Arkham

Two-Face was briefly mentioned by Oracle when Batman voiced his suspicions of the three anonymous tips upon apprehending the Joker, where she mentions that he was unlikely to have been the anonymous tipster as he was still hospitalized from an earlier encounter with Batman.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Two faces Asylum cell

Two Face's cell in Arkham Asylum.

Although Two Face doesn't appear in Arkham Asylum, his cell can be found in the Penitentiary. After finally defeating the Joker, a call comes in over the police radios that Two-Face is robbing the Second National Bank in Gotham City. Batman then cuts his conversation with Commissioner Gordon short in order to pursue the criminal. The outcome of this implied confrontation between Batman and Two-Face is unknown, but it would seem that Two-Face would remain at large regardless months later.

After Arkham

Several months after the events of Arkham Asylum, Two-Face remained at large in Gotham City, continuing in leading his gang into making several heists. However, two former gang members of his, the brother, sister team T&T (based on his obsession with duality) begin operating on their own throughout Gotham. Batman correctly guessed that Two-Face hired the pair, who earlier that day attacked an armored car on its way to the bank. When Batman finds him, his left leg is broken, right arm is in a sling, and he's wearing a neck brace with two hookers at his side (each representing his two personalities).

He accepts Batman's deal for a thirty minute head start in exchange for information about T&T. He explains that following the Joker riots he bought several of the crates of Titan that had floated into Gotham docks saying that "the Coin said it was a good investment". Little did he realize the mistake of getting relatively new employee's T&T to bring it down into his basement. Upon realizing what they had they began training extensively in hand to hand combat and experimenting with Titan in small doses (thereby retaining control of themselves in Titan form). It wasn't long before they made their experiments known, slaughtering Two-Face's gang and nearly killing the man himself. He prevents his men from killing Batman, knowing they wouldn't be able to do it and more importantly believing T&T would.

However, Batman stops the duo, but not before they initiate a suicide attack that would completely destroy the newly rebuilt City Hall and kill more than three hundred people. This atrocity was all the City Council needed to approve a plan made by Sharp and, secretly, Hugo Strange, who was also responsible for T&T's attack, known as Arkham City. Arkham City was to be an entire walled off section of Gotham where every criminal and inmate of Blackgate and Arkham would be thrown into with no rules or regulations except for no attempts of escape. As the prison is built, almost every single criminal in Gotham, along with scores of innocent people, are arrested and thrown into the hellish domain to survive with little to no food, medical attention, and clothing and shelter.


Two-Face calls Selina to taunt her over her impending capture

Eventually, Strange would shut down all criminal operations throughout Gotham, forces many criminals and innocent civilians to flee the city, and capture every one of his targets except for three; Two-Face, Catwoman, and Batman. Two-Face, desiring to become the ruling elite on Gotham's streets, gives a tip to Professor Strange on where Selina Kyle resides. Using this information, Strange locates one of Selina Kyle's apartments where she was currently residing.

Attacking the apartment, TYGER operatives were unable to capture Catwoman, but were able to locate her safe, full of stolen loot and goods. Under Strange's orders, the guards took the loot and goods to the Arkham City Confiscated Goods Vault, hoping that this would draw out Catwoman to be captured. True to Strange's prediction, Catwoman would set her sights on Arkham Island to obtain the blueprints for Arkham City that would allow her to locate the perfect entry level into the vault.

Unfortunately for Selina, Dent and his gang had the same idea and attacked the facility first, but Strange saw this as the perfect opportunity to capture the last two criminals on Gotham's streets. As Catwoman and Dent brawl for the plans, which Two-Face photographed with his camera, TYGER guards are sent in to apprehend them both. Batman, however intervenes and saves Catwoman just as she steals Dent's camera and Dent is arrested. Before Batman can get Selina to safety, the feline thief learns that Two-Face had removed the SD card from the camera and looks down to see him swallowing it.

Infuriated, Catwoman breaks free of Batman's hold to attack Dent, only to be arrested as well, while Batman escapes the facility knowing that there is nothing further he can do. While Strange is satisfied with Dent and Selina's capture, he is nonetheless disappointed that Batman has escaped him yet again. He has his guards bring in Two-Face so that he can interrogate him personally while he increases TYGER patrols throughout the city to locate Batman.

Upon his incarceration to the prison, Two-Face became a rising gang leader in the war for Arkham City, and immediately took over the Solomon Wayne Courthouse in Park Row as his base of operations, and locked Calendar Man in a cell beneath the courthouse. To gain power and respect in Arkham, Dent kidnapped the Joker and prepared for a "trial" to be held against Joker, who he blamed to be the entire reason there ever was an Arkham City.

Inviting the Penguin, Bane, Ratcatcher, Poison Ivy, Sickle, Zsasz, Riddler, Mad Hatter, the Carpenter, The Ventriloquist, Black Mask and Deadshot to be apart of the jury and Harley Quinn as Joker's lawyer, nearly every inmate in Arkham attended the court, leaving the streets abandoned and Batman suspicious of the inactivity in the facility. After Joker was proclaimed guilty and sentenced to death, Batman arrived and the entire court turned to chaos, allowing Joker and Quinn to escape with their gang, and Batman to slip away from the fight, where he met with Catwoman on the rooftops of Park Row.

Batman: Arkham City

Once Dent is brought to him, Strange sees him as a great, potential ally as his past public admiration and political prowess would serve Strange's plans and strengthen his hold over the city, though he would need to be cured first. Seeking to break Dent's addiction to his coin, he has his guards take it off his person while Strange replaces it with a coin of his own to ensure that Dent cooperates and answers his questions regarding his past.

When Dent learns of Strange's deception, Strange has him released into Arkham City without his coin in hopes that he will learn to become independent of his iconic item. At first, Dent seems to function well enough to form his own gang and a headquarters within the Solomon Wayne Courthouse, locking up Calendar Man, who used the structure to kill others on holidays, in one of the court's holding cells, encouraging Strange into thinking that Dent may be able to be cured after all.

Once Dent is brought back to him, Strange puts one final contingency manipulation into effect and begins to add fuel to Dent's hatred of Bruce Wayne, whom Dent sees as nothing more than a spoiled rich boy, in preparation towards Wayne's inevitable incarceration in his facility. Strange then legitimately reaches out to Dent and gives him a choice; he will throw his coin in the air and if Dent does not catch it, then Strange would do all that he can in his power to cure him and make him the man he once was. However, if Dent does catch it, then Strange would let him loose in Arkham City and inform him of what Catwoman is doing that very second. After Strange throws the coin in the air, Dent catches it, much to Strange's disappointment and annoyance, but lets Dent know of Catwoman's impending theft of his safe.

Strange then lets Two-Face go, knowing that Dent is too far gone to be cured and serve as a useful ally, and catch Catwoman, hoping to dispose of the cat burglar so that she can no longer interfere with his plans. Soon after, Two-Face catches Catwoman just as she steals the SD card and holds her prisoner in the court house. Two-Face would soon be able to build up his forces until he is seen as one of the leading powers within the massive prison and would eventually seize complete control over the Park Row section of Arkham City to direct his affairs from.

Having established himself as one of the leading crime figures in the lawless region and captured Catwoman, Two-Face intends the execute the feline thief to showcase his might and recruit others for his thriving gang. He believes that this will gain him the respect that he deserves among the gangs of the city and will make him a well placed rival to both Joker and Penguin. His ultimate plans are to recruit half of the city's populace to his cause and to slaughter the other half.

Remembering his past, Two-Face decides to flip his coin to determine whether he should give Catwoman a trial (heads up) or pronounce summary judgment (tails up) against her. His coin lands heads up meaning she gets a trial. Batman reaches the courthouse after hearing TYGER radio chatter that it would happen, and observes part of the trial, taking out armed guards and observing Catwoman tied up above a tub of the same type of acid that made Harvey into Two-Face, right before he pounces on the trial. Harvey fires wildly into the fray as his men fight the Batman and, when the Dark Knight defeats them all, Harvey quickly shoots Batman in the chest.


Catwoman slashes Two-Face's "good" side as she escapes his execution attempt.

Two-Face then turns to Catwoman and flips his coin a second time to decide her fate; this time it lands bad side up and he raises his gun to shoot her. Catwoman manages to knock him down and frees herself from the gallows above the acid vat, scratching his face's good side in the process. Two-Face goes to kill her again with a second gun, but Batman stops him and ties him above the acid, after which Catwoman kicks Two-Face in the groin after sarcastically asking "how's it hanging Harv?", and retrieving the PDA she earlier attempted to steal. Two-Face vows revenge and is later released from his confinement by his gang.

Eventually, the tide in the gang war changes dramatically when Batman subdues Penguin and defeats most of his forces. Two-Face immediately takes advantage of this new tide and has his forces seize complete control over Penguin's territory and claim the museum as their own. He succeeds, slaughtering any of Penguin's followers who resist, converts the museum into his new base of operations, and claims all the goods, loot, and weaponry inside as his own. With a large portion of Arkham City his, Two-Face begins moving his own supplies and weaponry from the Solomon Wayne Courthouse to his new base and turns his attention to murdering Catwoman once again.

As he makes his plans however, he hears Strange announce Mayor Quincy Sharp's impending incarceration in Arkham City. Remembering Sharp from Arkham Asylum when he was Warden, Two-Face sends a handful of his men to abduct the mayor as soon as he is processed and take him to the museum so that he may kill him in retribution for the "treatments" Sharp administered on him to cure his illness.

However, Batman subdues all of Dent's men before they can capture Sharp and rescues him, leaving Two-Face to refocus his concentration on securing his position in the gang wars, now between only him and The Joker. While Two-Face and his forces were more than a formidable opponent, Joker gains the upper hand when he retrieves TYGER weapons and proceeds to leave a path of death and destruction throughout Arkham City and conquers most of it. Before Two-Face could act, Hugo Strange enacts Protocol 10, the systematic destruction of the entire prison city and inmate population through missile attacks. Hundreds of inmates are instantly slaughtered in a rainfall of death and destruction, including many in Two-Face's gang. Two-Face is able to find a secure location to remain hidden and safe while Batman defeats Strange and neutralizes all TYGER forces stops Protocol 10.

After the destructive ramifications of Protocol 10 and Hugo Strange's death, Joker's crew, most of which survived by hiding in the sewer tunnels and subway system, take over the rest of Arkham City as Joker makes the Monarch Theater into an arena for his final showdown with the Dark Knight. While most of Two-Face's gang believe that they have lost the gang war, Joker is defeated by Batman and finally succumbs to his Titan illness. As Batman grimly carries Joker's corpse out of the Theater and Arkham City, Two-Face's gang is able to resume their control over their territory, though Joker's gang would still maintain hold over a large portion of the city as well.


Two-Face is defeated by Catwoman a second time.

Planning one, final massacre against Joker's remaining forces, Two-Face also sets himself out after Catwoman, who was previously spending her time in the prison compound attempting to break into the Arkham City Confiscated Items Vault. While Catwoman was on her quest, Two-Face has his gang rig her apartment to blow with bombs and steal her loot.

Taking the loot back to Penguin's museum, Two-Face puts his army on patrol in case Catwoman was not killed in the explosion, as he prepares all weapons and ammunition for his last attack and siege on Arkham City. Two-Face himself takes a few men and holes up in the museum's armory, knowing Catwoman would come back for her loot. True to his prediction, Catwoman reemerges and systematically takes out Two-Face's men and eventually defeats him a second time. Two-Face would get one last laugh on the feline however when he reveals that he only kept half of her loot and gave the rest away to various members of his gang, at which point a frustrated Catwoman responds by knocking him out cold.

After being humiliated by Catwoman yet again, Two-Face goes into hiding and loses the confidence of many of his men, leaving his gang's future questionable. However, Two-Face's rage and vendetta against Catwoman would only be amplified further after his second defeat at her hands. Before retreating into the shadows, Two-Face leaves a threatening message on Catwoman's apartment, "Catwoman Must Die!!!"; implying that their vendetta is far from finished and has only gotten more personal, possibly foreshadowing events yet to come.

Without leadership from Two-Face, his gang's power remains neutral in Penguin's previous territory, ending the gang wars in Arkham City once and for all and leaving the site secure enough to be shut down by the Gotham City Police. Once Harley Quinn and her gang were apprehended and Arkham City was finally shut down, it can be safely assumed that Two-Face was evacuated to a temporary holding facility along with other inmates until Blackgate Penitentiary is cleared for reopening.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Ultimately, the GCPD was forced to release Harvey Dent/Two-Face from prison due to the illegal nature of Arkham City causing several of its former inmates to give a lawsuit. With his newfound freedom, Dent bought up the Hell's Gate Waste Disposal Company and set up a legal office to work in conjunction. Using his legal expertise, Dent launched a series of successful campaigns and lawsuits against City Hall that saw the release of nearly every single inmate imprisoned within Arkham City and compensated with millions of dollars. Many of the released inmates would become employed at his newly formed company, which was actually a front for illegal activities.

Eventually, nearing Halloween, Two-Face alongside the Penguin, Harley Quinn, and the Riddler, arrived for a meeting arranged by Scarecrow so they could discuss a truce so they can defeat Batman. While waiting for his arrival, Penguin proceeded to smoke one of his cigars in front of Two-Face, resulting in him telling him not to do that, and Penguin taunting him regarding whether it gave him bad memories of his disfigurement, as well as Two-Face being insulted alongside Penguin by Harley Quinn by her calling them "bozos". After Scarecrow alongside the mysterious mercenary known only as the Arkham Knight arrived and explained why they were there, Two-Face, when Penguin demanded for Scarecrow to tell them "something they don't know", asked directly how they can kill the Batman, with the Arkham Knight confirming that killing Batman is his job.

Some time later, although they agreed to the truce, Two-Face and Penguin still managed to bicker, largely because of Two-Face's smart remark about the Penguin's height after the latter commented that when making a deal, he preferred to "look them straight in the eye," as well as vocally voicing distrust of the Arkham Knight. In addition, Two-Face reminded Penguin that he needs to keep his men armed and their guns loaded for his various bank heists, at least until Batman's death ends the truce, after Penguin told him he won't have any part in his bank heists beyond getting his cut.

As part of his bank robbery plans, he and his gang later proceeded to take ownership the Hell's Gate Garbage Disposal and Legal Services, a subsidiary of LexCorp. When asked by one of his thugs about the purpose of the name, Two-Face (under his Harvey Dent persona) implied that the name was due to how the garbage disposal and legal system in Gotham City were one and the same (presumably referring to the notorious amount of corruption in the legal system).

Around the time Batman bailed Poison Ivy from the GCPD and took her to the Botanical Gardens on Miagani Island to supply aid in stopping the Arkham Knight and Scarecrow's Cloudburst plans and brought her to an ancient tree, Two-Face started his first target for his run on bank robberies, the Bank of Gotham in Chinatown. He then has various thugs blow the gate, setting off the alarm while the remainder of the task force breached the bank with various garbage trucks plowing through the entrance by backing into it. He also anticipated Batman's arrival and had his thugs attack him, also claiming he needed the money for surgeries relating to his disfigurement.

Although the blaring of the alarms was loud enough for Batman to not rely solely on stealth in order to take them out, he eventually went back to this approach when Two-Face sealed him inside the bank with the remainder of his men, also telling his men that whoever kills Batman and delivers his body to him gets double their cut. After Batman successfully foiled the robbery, Two-Face claimed that the Bank of Gotham was a laundering front for what was left of the mafia, while also briefly referencing how the mafia had burned half "their" face off because they couldn't get to Batman, and also dismissed there was plenty of clean money mixed in with the dirty money because the town itself was dirty, as well as threatening him to stay away from the banks, making clear to Batman that the Chinatown bank was not the only bank he intended to rob.

Afterwards, Two-Face then sent several of his men to the Bank of Gotham's Drescher branch. Like before, Batman detected the robbery in progress, and then proceeded to use the alarm systems to his advantage when taking out the Two-Face thugs. Because of this, Two-Face proceeded to implement a penalty system for his men: Namely, he'll toss a coin for each person Batman takes down: if his coin lands on heads, the crooks' family gets hazard pay while the crooks themselves are imprisoned, and if the coin lands on tails, Two-Face will punish the families in the crooks' place.

At least two of the crooks were unfortunate enough to get tails, with one's wife and another's kids being placed in grave danger (with Two-Face specifying to the latter that each one will get two bullets) He then proceeded to cut the alarm, and told them that they have an opportunity for a bonus of double their pay if they kill the Batman, forcing Batman to adopt his silent techniques again. Ultimately, the robbery was foiled, with Two-Face referencing how back when he was just the DA, when he initially had principles and stated they shouldn't work with Vigilantes, and he was promised to take down crime within the year, before accusing him of setting him up as a fallguy for the mob. Two-Face then warned Batman that if he doesn't stay out of his way, Two-Face will deal with Batman personally.

Two-Face and what was left of his men then proceeded to rob Gotham's largest bank in Kingston. Fully anticipating that Batman was arriving, he also brought along a backup crew composed of the Arkham Knight's militia, namely those wearing Detective-Vision camo as well as detection equipment for when Batman uses Detective Vision. Like with the previous attempts, Batman used the alarms to his advantage to take out Two-Face's forces, not needing to do it quietly either. Two-Face then commented that the coin decided Batman had to die. He then proceeded to blame Batman for setting him up years ago.

After cutting the alarm, Two-Face, making good of his threat, then personally entered the bank to deal with him alongside a contingent of militia soldiers that are able to detect Batman and camouflage themselves from him. However, despite his efforts, he was subdued. He was then taken to the GCPD lockup by Batman. Upon arrival, his men cheered for Two-Face's arrival, with Two-Face stating they should bide their time as they'll get their revenge on Batman soon. He also threatened Batman that the next time they encounter each other, he'll make sure Batman's dead at his hands. In addition, the GCPD seized all of the cash from the banks, which was enough that Officer Aaron Cash joked that he'll spend a lot of time at home counting it.

A Flip of a Coin

However, not even being locked up was enough to permanently put an end to Two-Face's plans. At least a month after the events of Halloween, having somehow managed to escape the lockup, he and several of his men then proceeded to return to their main hideout, the Hell's Gate Disposal Services headquarters, where they counted up all of the money they had taken, largely due exploiting Batman and Nightwing's earlier raids on the Penguin's gunrunning in Gotham and using that to raid all of Bludhaven's banks instead.

They then processed the money through the smelting vat. News of Two-Face's escape eventually reached the newly-wed couple Tim and Barbara Drake, aka Robin and Oracle, thus forcing them to return from their Caribbean honeymoon early to stop him. Two-Face was holed up in the management building, and also had some of his guards posted nearby, anticipating Robin's arrival, though he didn't view him as much of a threat due to Batman being gone (as Batman was forced to enact the Knightfall Protocol after Scarecrow unmasked him as Bruce Wayne on live television, destroying Wayne Manor and potentially killing himself).

He also had a sniper at his room in the event that Robin managed to hack his security door, as well as had some men break open what was presumably a safe to get money inside. He then fought Robin, and although Robin managed to defeat several of his men, he managed to shoot Robin in the chest and taunt him about how, despite his becoming a man, it was short lived. However, Robin managed to take him down while he was distracted by Oracle, in an attempt to buy Robin time, activating a PA system she had hacked earlier, although with enough injuries for Robin to cancel their honeymoon trip altogether.


Harvey Dent was described as selfless, moral and righteous. He was truly one of the few good men in Gotham and devoid of corruption by the city's standards of politician due to his unwavering sense of right and wrong and belief that the city could become a better place. His idyllic views of justice were considered out of place in a lawless town such as Gotham but he nonetheless inspired hope for its citizens and Batman himself that a better tomorrow was possible. He was incredibly determined even when his face was being burned by acid, he continued to attempt to fight the Falcone Crime Family, such was his tenacity. However, Dent also hated criminals or other corrupt individuals and secretly had mental scars from his abusive childhood that scared off his wife and occasionally went too far whilst dealing with criminals.

When he was scarred by the Falcone Crime Family, resulting in the loss of half his face it warped his mind completely, causing a blow for not only his close friend, Batman but for the city of Gotham. Viewing justice as an unobtainable and naive dream from a "pretty-boy lawyer", Dent's new beliefs was that the only immutable law in the world was fate and that everything should be judged on that perspective. He views the world as pure black-and-white and the only thing that matters in an otherwise cruel and unfair world is 50/50 chance, because of this he makes all decisions based on his coin, including people's lives. He is heavily reliant on his coin and the prospects of fate and destiny rather than calculated decisions. Though he was depicted as a mild strategist, he would much have preferred to follow the coin, even if the decision was a poor one. He has shown the capability to make a decision by himself but only under pressure or in a forced situation.

Because of his former job as a district attorney, Dent's views of justice are extremely twisted. Believing the unprejudiced hand of fate as the only pure causality in the world, he considers the judicial courts of Gotham as a waste of time and that the only thing that comes out of them is injustice, viewing his methods as more superior and just. His new negative ideals of justice also enforce his somewhat draconian beliefs of punishment to said injustice such as removing the hands of Catwoman during her trial when she was caught stealing from him. Matching his appearance and obsession with duality, Dent made it the motif of his criminal empire, having his men dress to match his appearance and dividing everything into halves including two guns, splitting Catwoman's loot and once cutting his henchman in half.

In rare instances, the Two-Face aspect and Harvey Dent personality can contradict each other. Whilst Harvey is rather soft-spoken and how he used to sound like, Two-Face is more aggressive and raspy. This opposition between the two personas can be displayed before Catwoman's trial where Harvey considers giving her a fair one whilst Two-Face considers killing her to gain respect. His own self-opinion after his accident varies, though he refused help from Hugo Strange to cure his scare in Arkham City, either he was pressured to make a decision or was comfortable the way he was, he claimed to Batman "I wish I was dead" while being taken to the GCPD.


Two-Face and Penguin bickering within GCPD

He has difficult relationships with the rest of Gotham's super-criminals, even if he himself is one. He grew a vendetta with Catwoman for stealing from him, scratching his face and humiliating him in front of his men, writing "Catwoman Must Die" at her destroyed apartment and constantly naming her "bitch". With Penguin, theirs is of an intersection dislike due to their ongoing war in Arkham City that resulted in the deaths of dozens of each sides men. Dent humiliated Penguin by locking him within his own museum and mocked him over his short stature and Penguin planning to kill him and his men after Scarecrow's terrorist threat. Nevertheless, they were able to begrudgingly form an alliance to kill Batman and Dent always called Penguin by his first name, showing a taunting friendliness. All of Dent's men seem to have respect and loyalty for him but due to his coin, he had very few loyalties if it came up bad for someone.

Psychological Profile (by Dr. Young)

Two-Face img

Two-Face's photo

Real Name: Harvey Dent


Psychological Profile: A bizarre schizotypal, Dent shows intense ideation focused on the concept of dualism. This arises out of his unique facial disfigurement (half of his face has been scarred by acid) as shown by its emergence concurrent with the incident that scarred him. He has no prior history of psychopathic behavior, but since his disfigurement he has continually created situations based on positive and negative outcomes with chance as the deciding factor. He accepts no responsibility for the sociopathic, destructive outcomes that result approximately 50% of the time.

Additional Notes:

Dent's ideation around dualism extends to his clothing, his environments, and the central token of his psychological make-up, his half-scarred silver dollar. He becomes catatonic if it is removed from him.

Perhaps I should be unsurprised that only half of our treatment sessions are productive. The other half are characterized by endless, pointless word games revolving around chance and fate.

Arkham City Profile: Dr. Hugo Strange

Harvey Dent A.K.A Two-Face

The capture of Two-Face brought an end to his reign of violence and terror on the streets of Gotham. Since his incarceration in Arkham City, he has used his persuasive influence to quickly rise to the top of the food chain.

Two-Face is obsessed with duality, and determined to recruit half the population of Arkham City in preparation for a bloody war against the other gangs within Arkham City. But his strategy starts and ends with a flip of his coin, adding an element of randomness to his every move.

Hugo Strange: Side Note

Is Two-Face useful?

Heads or tails

~ Hugo Strange

Patient Interviews

Batman Arkham City Two-Face Interview Tapes06:00

Batman Arkham City Two-Face Interview Tapes

Two-Face Interview tapes.

Part 1

  • Strange: Sit down, Mister Dent. It is Mr. Dent I am talking to, right?
  • Two-Face: Use our real name.
  • Strange: Two-Face? If you wish. Please. Sit.
  • Two-Face: What is it, Strange? Not happy just arresting us? Throwing us in this place.
  • Strange: I wish to understand you. I have read the reports, seen the footage and now I want to hear your side of the story.
  • Two-Face: We'll see.
  • Strange: I assume that you feel the need to toss your coin in order to decide whether to answer my questions.
  • Two-Face: You ready to find out? (tosses coin in the air, then catches it)
  • Strange: Well?
  • Two-Face: Came up bad. Sorry.
  • Strange: Not a problem. Guard. Take Mr. Dent's coin off of him. (struggling is heard)
  • Two-Face: NO! No!
  • Strange: Good. Now, let us see what fate has in store for you.

Part 2

  • Two-Face: I'll kill you for this.
  • Strange: Really? (flips coin) Look at your coin. It wants you to tell me about that day in the courtroom.
  • Two-Face: It was painful.
  • Strange: Elaborate.
  • Two-Face: I was naïve. I thought I could make a difference. Falcone was going to go down for what he had done.
  • Strange: But he had other plans.
  • Two-Face: Look at my face.
  • Strange: I am. A combination of first, second and third degree burning, hmmm, the scar tissue is quite fascinating.
  • Two-Face: You think?
  • Strange: And that is all it took to make you the way you are?
  • Two-Face: Give me my coin.
  • Strange: Not yet.

Part 3

  • Two-Face: What is it, Strange. Are you enjoying this?
  • Strange: Not in the slightest. Let's go back further. You were a rising star, a beacon of light for this city. A white knight riding in to save it with the dark knight not far behind.
  • Two-Face: You can leave him out of this. He is wrong. They all are. No one understands the beauty of fate's hand. I am grateful to Falcone. He gave me a clarity; a purity that few will know. Everything boils down to a simple choice, this way or that way, good, or bad.
  • Strange: Do you really believe that?
  • Two-Face: How could I not?
  • Strange: Interesting... So all you need is this coin (places coin on table) and everything is simple?
  • Two-Face: Give me it!
  • Strange: Or what about this coin? (throws coin on the table) Or this? (and another) Or these? (and a handful of coins)
  • Two-Face: What are you doing?
  • Strange: Proving a point. Fate didn't make you answer my question. I did. I replaced your coin with my own. See? You answered me because I wanted you to.

Part 4

  • Strange: How is he today?
  • TYGER Guard: The prisoner has been quiet. Since getting those coins, he has spent most of his time examining them.
  • Strange: Good. Hello, Harvey. Are you ready to talk?
  • Two-Face: Leave us. We don't want to talk, not to you.
  • Strange: Please. Take a seat. I have one last thing to discuss and then I will give you something in return.
  • Two-Face: I don't know. I can't decide. It's too confusing.
  • Strange: Of course it is. I want to talk about Mr. Wayne.
  • Two-Face: Why?
  • Strange: Indulge me.
  • Two-Face: We don't like the guy.
  • Strange: Hardly surprising. Did you ever consider that you were alike? A traumatic event created you, an equally traumatic event altered him.
  • Two-Face: He's nothing like us. There's no... no risk, no... danger. It's all just money and girls. We should kill him.
  • Strange: Maybe you should.

Part 5

  • Strange: Listen to me, Harvey. I am going to give you a simple choice. This is your coin.
  • Two-Face: Is it? Why should I trust you?
  • Strange: It was your father's, correct? You know every inch of it. When you close your eyes you can feel it can't you?
  • Two-Face: Give me it... Please.
  • Strange: I want you to understand what I am about to tell you. You believe that this coin determines the fate of your world. I however believe your condition has always been present. It was there before you were attacked and it is still there now. You probably had headaches, your wife found you unpredictable, scary sometimes.
  • Two-Face: Give us it!
  • Strange: I am going to throw the coin in the air. If you let it fall, I will do whatever I can to cure you. I will help you become the man you used to be.
  • Two-Face: Or?
  • Strange: If you grab it, I will let you loose in Arkham City and I will tell you what Catwoman is doing right this second.
  • Two-Face: We can't decide.
  • Strange: You have to. (tosses coin in the air, then Two-Face grabs it) At this moment Catwoman is preparing to steal the contents of the safe in your old campaign office.
  • Two-Face: The bitch! We need to stop her!
  • Strange: And you may. Goodbye Mr. Dent.


  • Concept Art from Arkham City shows Two-Face wielding a revolver, however within the game he is seen to use twin .45 ACPs.
  • In this canon, Carmine Falcone is the responsible one for having scarred Two-Face.
  • He often refers to himself as "we", much like the Batman Forever incarnation of his character.
  • While waiting for Catwoman to show up in the museum so that he can kill her, Two-Face repeatedly urges his men to keep a sharp lookout for her. One statement that he says is "We both want her dead! The first one who finds her gets to be, my right hand guy!" The way he says this line is very similar to and likely referencing a humorous line delivered by The Joker to his most trusted henchman in imitation of Carl Grissom in the 1989 Batman film.
  • His former campaign offices can be found in Park Row as a solution to a Riddle.
  • Two-Face cameos in Injustice: Gods Among Us in one of the stage transitions in Arkham Asylum. When the player attacks their opponent near the edge of the Mess Hall arena, they will be knocked into a room where Killer Croc, the Penguin, Two-Face, and the Riddler all attack the fighter before they move on to the Cell Block arena.
  • As of the recent Arkham Episode, Two-Face is the only one of the criminals captured by Batman in Gotham to have successfully broken out of the GCPD after the Knightfall Protocol.

Game Over Lines

Batman Arkham City - Game Over Two-Face00:53

Batman Arkham City - Game Over Two-Face

Two-Face's game over screens.


  • "And the judgment is... death!"
  • "Heads or tails?"
  • "Looks like your luck's run out, Batman!"
  • "Bad luck, Batman!"
  • "What's up, Batman? In two minds about saving the kitty? Let me help you out. KILL HER!"


  • "Time to die, kitty-cat."
  • "Sorry, kitty."


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