Uptown Gotham City
Tdkr 33
General Information
Official name: Uptown Gotham City
Created by: Christopher Nolan
Nathan Crowley
Galaxy: Milky Way
Star System: Sol
Planet: Earth
Country: USA
State: Gotham
Locale: Gotham City


Not much is known about this location. Some of this location fist appears in The Dark Knight Rises such as the scene when Batman is chased down by the police on his Batpod. And when Selina Kyle using the Batpod to explode the cars blocking a tunnel leaving Gotham City. Uptown Gotham City is located in in north Gotham City. It is also where The Docks is located.

It is surrounded by four rivers: North River, East River, Queens River and River Merchant.


  • Jerold
  • Granton
  • Farrow
  • Grant
  • North Point
  • West Village
  • Bayside
  • South PT
  • South Point
  • Randall