Figures. 2 days ago or so when I was googling some of my favorite Batman villains - Harley Quinn - I found some webpage or so regarding the fictional character, and there's this unknown lady, 31 years old, dressed up as Harley but partially resembles Heath Ledger's Joker from The Dark Knight movie a bit, but she is a psycho. Either this or cosplay. The name is "Harley Quinn Psycho-Therapy". Following this, I was researching who's the woman behind this, no real name, alias, nothing. All I know is she has a Facebook page, Twitter page, MySpace, and a personalized YouTube channel (with only 7 videos). I also subscribed to her channel as well as friending her. Her premise is "Watch and learn what Harley had to learn the hard way - Joker is always right. SPREAD THE MESSAGE!"

She also qoutes:

"Me? You see, I miss a special someone, and I want him to come back and... play... with us again. But to get him back, we have to show him we get the message."

Funny huh? Anyway, she, whoever she is, seems pretty awesome playing Harley in these vids.

Here's two photos of her:

Img 2367-2

There. I've seen her act her out. One element missing from her incarnation of Harley Quinn though, is the character speaking in a New York accent. (Boo-boo!).I bet the guy in one of her upcoming vids sooner or later would eventually dress up as the Joker. You'll see. She wants her back big time.

I watched all of her videos and she is amazing. Can't wait to see what she has in store soon.

If you want to following her, here's the links:

And also on Tumblr and MySpace.

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