AC Catwoman

Just in time for the upcoming E3 Expo, Rocksteady has just announced that the highly anticipated Batman: Arkham City, aside from Bruce Wayne himself, will also feature Catwoman as the second playable character throughout the game.

Playing as the sexy Selina Kyle will be very different from the Batman gameplay that we're already familiar with from Batman: Arkham Asylum. While there is some overlap with the main Batman narrative, she has a story of her own, a separate motivation (which is, unsurprisingly, stealing as much as she can), and some major gameplay differences. The Catwoman part comprises of around 10% of the game's story.

As it turns out, Hugo Strange managed to acquire the possessions of various other villains and stashed them in some secret hideout. Our anti-heroine obviously cannot resist such a challenge. Unlike Batman, she doesn't have a plethora of gadgets, but has to rely on her whip and a handful of modest burglar tools. She also has a special vision mode called Thief Vision, which replaces Batman's Detective Mode. It helps her locate the most valuable items to steal.

Here's the trailer showcasing her gameplay:


Are you excited about being able to play Gotham's most famous cat burglar? Or maybe you prefer the good old Dark Knight?

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