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  • Bladesofsdoom

    Ok... Arkham city, come on you'd either be unaware of this game coming out or not a Batman fan to not be excited! But i'm thinking about some stuff gong on here. WARNING: This is just opinion, not something we all agree with. So don't get too worked up about my opinions.

    1: The Joker... to be honest i'm expecting most of my opinions to be about him. My number 1 enemy in this game is going to die in the game. "I WILL NOW KILL YOU BATMAN IN AN EPIC BOSS FIGHT!" Cough, choke? This is not the way i wanted. i expected some sort of cool boss fight. but on the other hand, There isn't gonna be a boss fight with him. Rocksteady are going to pull out something special instead... i hope. They'd better. Because i don't want this guy dying in a wheelcha…

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