• Brandon Storm9

    As many of you May know Arkham Asylum has three Alternate endings based on how many challenges you completed:

    1. Scarecrow having survived being attacked by Killer Croc rises out of the water and grabs onto a stray crate of Titan.

    2. Killer Croc having escaped into Gotham Harbor via large hole Batman blew out of the sewers grabs onto a Titan Crate.

    3. Bane having been knocked into the Harbor by Batman earlier rises out of the water and grabs onto a Titan crate.

    Now then Allow me to post My theories of how these Alternate endings will relate to Batman: Arkham City. Via a downloadable content feature 3 new missions will be unlocked one for each ending:

    1. Scarecrow earns funding for his research via reverse engineering, mass producing and selling…

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