Batman is like a hero that has a very dark rather than tragic biography reference so I am there to check his rank as a hero that gets the job done than just moaning about it, checking biographies, trying to save civilians since the 40s, defeating villains that only Arkham Asylum knows, fighting evil with his bare pulp, and just getting it done… He has a great rank as a superhero from DCU™ witnessing sadness, action, death, serving evil, justice, and revenge, Superman, Hawkeye, and Wonderwoman, training new robins, and at last meeting Green Lantern. Only God knows his pain and suffering, him experiencing being trained by miscellany League of Assassins®, Ra’s al Ghul means “Demon’s Head” found Bruce Wayne in misery so he got him out of it by training him to serve justice but the league didn’t serve it by turning it to an international terrorism revolution because of his exit of misery, he betrays them of their evil and good commute persona routine and that’s why Batman has his verbal freedom of destroying evil and using his own power to destroy the vile forces of superhuman villainous revelations.   

File:Batman Begins Boss Fight.

As you can see Batman fought Ra's and he died because of the explosion and now the body is dipped by The League of Assassins recruits or old timers of experiencing grieve against him.


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