Batman: Arkham Asylum was often praised by many for its detail. The little details are the ones that seem to count the most, in my opinion. But, does anyone notice the secret locations around Arkham? Did anyone pay attention to which room in the Medical Facility's Sanatorium that Dr. Sarah Cassidy was dragged from by the Joker's thugs and discover that that was her office? Did anyone watch the trailers for the game, and see the one about Amadeus Arkham and the history of Arkham Asylum? Did they notice the same cell shown during Arkham's flashback to his murder of Martin "Mad Dog" Hawkins and find it in the Medical Facility's Patient Observation Room? Has anyone noticed the blocked-off, inaccessible hallway with the deceased orderly behind the structurally weak wall in Secure Access? Where does it lead? Why can't players access it? Why can't it be unlocked even with the Cryptographic Sequencer? Why did it take gamers so long to find out about the secret room in Warden Sharp's Office at the Arkham Mansion? Did anyone view the trailers for the game and find the signpost for "Dr. Walker's Office"? Did anyone locate the office itself in the Intensive Treatment Lobby? All of these are secret and hidden locations and/or with more potential than they appear. They are the little details often overlooked. Comments, anyone?

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