• EliteShadow

    What If?

    May 26, 2013 by EliteShadow

    If there were to be more sequels to Christopher Nolan's outstanding trilogy which villains do you like to see incorporated into his realistic portrayal of Batman? Mine are:

    1. Harley Quinn
    2. Poison Ivy - She could have been changed into a Bio-terrorist
    3. Deadshot
    4. The Riddler
    5. Hush
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  • EliteShadow


    July 22, 2012 by EliteShadow

    I started writing my own Batman screenplays and was wondering if any of you had ideas you would like to have tossed in. Right now I have these basic outlines

    • Bruce Wayne - Justin Bruening
    • Dick Grayson - Brant Daugherty
    • Pamela Isley - Kate Mara
    • Harley Quinn - Kristen Bell
    • Talia al Ghul - Dianna Agron
    • The Penguin - James Gandolfini
    • Two Face - Josh Brolin
    • Hugo Strange - Christopher Lee or James Cromwell
    • Commissioner Gordon - Henry Czerny
    • Selina Kyle - Megan Fox
    • Scarecrow - Leonardo DiCaprio
    • Thomas Elliot - Dave Annable
    • The Joker - 
    • Deadshot - 
    • Alfred - Anthony Hopkins
    • Vicki Vale - 
    • Jack Ryder - 
    • Ra's al Ghul - Andrew Lincoln

    The Joker, Two Face and Penguins gang war that is stated in Arkham City would be the main grounds of the story. Pamela Isley will attend t…

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  • EliteShadow

    Ignore This!

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