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    During the Star Wars Celebration VI, Mark Hamill performed the Joker eulogy in character 19 years after the speech was first heard in The Man Who Killed Batman. In his performance, Mark stood up with his memory of the speech, even holding a cheat sheet, and performed it for all the cheering and laughing fans.

    Pure epicness that needs to be relived for BTAS fans. Enjoy!

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    Paul Dini, writer of the first two Batman Rocksteady games, Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, has confirmed that he won’t be returning for the next as-yet unannounced title in the highly-successful superhero franchise.

    Fans were eager to find out if Dini would be returning for developer Rocksteady’s next effort - rumored to be a prequel focusing on the Silver Age of DC comics – and took to Twitter to get some answers. “Are you writing the new game? I thought Arkham City was your last,” wrote one fan. In response, Dini said, “It was.”

    The writer further added that he hasn’t received any information on the next Batman game or the rumored prequel focusing on the Silver Age of DC comics.

    Here are some articles to read from:

    • Paul Dini Not Writing Rocksteady…
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    The Killing Joke adaption

    April 18, 2012 by J Fan

    The majority of Batman fans should know by now that Mark Hamill is endorsing an animated adaption of The Killing Joke...either from his official Twitter page or the actual petition itself.

    So, I implore every fan of Mr. Hamill's Joker to please like this page as an act of support...mostly because of the on-and-off "Mark Hamill's retiring" news. While it is uncertain on if it is or isn't true, which is probably getting on everyone's nerves after a while by this point(****ed paparazzi)...I say we should support this as:

    1. It'd make a great DCAOM; probably the best Batman one yet
    2. If said "retiring" news are true, this will be a great swan song to Mark Hamill's Joker(Arkham City, while the best Batman game yet, isn't a comic book adaption...just say…

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    Arkham City comics

    March 8, 2012 by J Fan

    I've been a huge fan of Batman long before the Arkham games were released, but the games surely brought my geekiness for Batman back to life(especially Arkham City of course). I've enjoyed both games and am of course looking forward to Arkham 3, if it's going to be made. Anyway, to the matter at hand.

    I of course loved the way Arkham City's story played out from the beginning to the end. Now I'm surely interested into getting to know the backstories first-hand. However, I'm a tad confused on the books I found...and so I come here, where someone(hopefully) knows about these comic books. So here are my questions concerning it:

    1. Is this book different than this comic series(Volumes 1-5, I believe)? - Like are they separate or are they one and the same …
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