I've been a huge fan of Batman long before the Arkham games were released, but the games surely brought my geekiness for Batman back to life(especially Arkham City of course). I've enjoyed both games and am of course looking forward to Arkham 3, if it's going to be made. Anyway, to the matter at hand.

I of course loved the way Arkham City's story played out from the beginning to the end. Now I'm surely interested into getting to know the backstories first-hand. However, I'm a tad confused on the books I found...and so I come here, where someone(hopefully) knows about these comic books. So here are my questions concerning it:

  1. Is this book different than this comic series(Volumes 1-5, I believe)? - Like are they separate or are they one and the same in some way?
  2. Are they good compared to other Batman comics? (The Killing Joke in particular) - This is obviously for those who have seen or read them.

Right now, I'm under the impression that these comics are sold separately...but I don't want to make the mistake of buying before I know more about them(like if this book contains all of them or not). I'm definitely planning on getting The Killing Joke ASAP(as I've been told it's one of the greatest Batman comics), but I thought I'd go with the Arkham City series first as I do like Paul Dini's work(from BTAS to the Arkham games).

But if I'm WAAAY off on this...please elaborate this to me. And do so with as much detail as possible, as I'm kinda new to the "Comic book" world(save for one or two comics I've read).

Thank you for any help with this matter...and I am speaking of course for my wallet as well. :)

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