Paul Dini, writer of the first two Batman Rocksteady games, Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, has confirmed that he won’t be returning for the next as-yet unannounced title in the highly-successful superhero franchise.

Fans were eager to find out if Dini would be returning for developer Rocksteady’s next effort - rumored to be a prequel focusing on the Silver Age of DC comics – and took to Twitter to get some answers. “Are you writing the new game? I thought Arkham City was your last,” wrote one fan. In response, Dini said, “It was.”

The writer further added that he hasn’t received any information on the next Batman game or the rumored prequel focusing on the Silver Age of DC comics.

Here are some articles to read from:

Some things to think about...What does this mean for future Rocksteady Batman games? Will Dini's vision of the aftermath of Arkham City/Harley Quinn's Revenge see the light of day? If he's replaced, will the writer be as good as Dini, if not better?

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