There were these two guys in a lunatic asylum... Oh hell, you've heard that one before, haven't you?
Batman thekillingjoke 3

The majority of Batman fans should know by now that Mark Hamill is endorsing an animated adaption of The Killing Joke...either from his official Twitter page or the actual petition itself.

So, I implore every fan of Mr. Hamill's Joker to please like this page as an act of support...mostly because of the on-and-off "Mark Hamill's retiring" news. While it is uncertain on if it is or isn't true, which is probably getting on everyone's nerves after a while by this point(****ed paparazzi)...I say we should support this as:

  1. It'd make a great DCAOM; probably the best Batman one yet
  2. If said "retiring" news are true, this will be a great swan song to Mark Hamill's Joker(Arkham City, while the best Batman game yet, isn't a comic book adaption...just sayin')

So in the words of one of Hamill's past Joker roles...Gather round kiddies!

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