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  • JokerJay779

    Batman Beyond is my favorite series and it saddens me that we don't have much info on it here. We don't even have pages for all the villains who appeared in the Batman Beyond tv show. And what about some of the comic exclusive characters like Vigilante we really need a page for him.Plus while Blight's page mentions he was in the comics it doesn't go into detail of what he did in the Batman Beyond comics. Come on guys get editing!

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  • JokerJay779

    Well we are getting a prequel after all. But that's still doesn't mean we aren't getting a sequel later down the road. I mean they are going back to the Arkhamverse to around the time Batman became Batman and some of the key relationships he forged with friend and for alike. And Troy Baker does a great Joker sounds exactly like Mark Hamill according to the trailer. I am excited. But like I said there will still be a sequel. But could there be something in Arkham Origins that could hint towards the future? Not references to Arkham Asylum and Arkham City but hints towards a sequel to Arkham City. Guess we will have to wait and see.

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  • JokerJay779

    Warner Bros. just confirmed there will be new Batman game this year!Since I played the first two games and beaten them I am very excited.And even though one website didn't claim that Rocksteady is not developing it doesn't mean it is true.But even if it is it wouldn't be a prequel because of all the questions left unaswered in the Arkham CIty,although something about Batman and Joker meeting for the first time does sound cool,probably even based on "The Killing Joke"!And Mark will probably come back I think he is joking.So what do you think?

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