Now, don't say "Because it sucks!". If you hate Batman Forever, please say what it is you hate about it and don't flame me or anyone else who like Batman Forever. If you like Batman Forever, speak up.

I personally can't understand why it was rated the worst movie of ever. (And of that series, I think Batman & Robin was my least favorite) I liked Batman, and Batman Returns, but Batman Forever is my most favorite and here's why.

1.) The Special Effects

It had really cool special effects. Maybe I'm just speaking as a guy who likes light shows, but both the effects of the Riddler's machine, and his base, looked really cool.

2.) The villains

Two-Face and the Riddler. The Riddler being one of the four biggest Batman villains, and Two-Face was pretty cool as a villain as well. Both are also every bit as maniacal as a Batman villain should be. Also, it's Tommy Lee Jones and Jim Carrey

3.) The villain defeats

On one hand, we have Two-Face. He gets the single coolest death scene in the series, falling down that shaft to his doom. On the other hand, we have the Riddler, who is committed to Arkham Asylum, which comes into play for the first time.

4.) Robin

Batman's partner Robin is introduced in this film.

So what's not to like about it? I respect others' opinions so I won't give you any hate for saying you don't like it, and I'd like to know why.

5.) The action

Well, the others have as much action, but just saying, it doesn't really have any less.

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