I have been searching and searching around and i have confurmed that there is a possible chance they will make another Batman Arkam somthing game or anything else. If they were going to make another game then i would love to for it to start out on a airplane and not a small one a MASSIVE one full of goons thugs and a few super villans. Harley Quinn gains control of it along with Two Face,Hush,and Riddler. Then Batman is on the Arkam Plane and then they all break out and near the middle of the game Harly could have all the inmates to get out of the airplane go over Arkam Asylum and let the other inmates free and Harly has the plane blow up over gotham and after it blows up it nucler and so you have to pilot Arkham Plane into Gotham River. And then i really dont care what happens then on out. Now if they would make another game ho would want in the game and how when and the story borad. Please put your anwsers in the comments below.

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