• Larry1996

    Hey, guys, so, i've been thinking, i saw the Dark Knight Rises on July 20 at 12:03, and i saw the ending, Batman is praised as a hero, while Bruce is assumed killed in the riots. After Bruce's funeral, Blake wants to reveal Batman's identity to the world, but Gordon disagrees. Bruce's estate is divided to cover any debts and the rest is left to Alfred; the manor is left to the city to become an orphanage. Fox discovers that Bruce had repaired the autopilot on the aircraft six months prior, and Gordon finds the Bat-Signal refurbished. Alfred witnesses Bruce and Selina together in Florence, while Blake inherits the Batcave.

    So i've been thinking, if there's going to be a spin-off, or a sequel? I'm suggesting the spin-off in 2015, while the sequel…

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