aka Lillian

  • I live in My body (sometimes)
  • I was born on August 13
  • My occupation is being here and also Queer
  • I am Female
  • MaleficiousVillain

    Hi I'm going to be making a series of blogposts dedicated to my redesigning the backstory of famous Batman characters

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  • MaleficiousVillain

    In Batman the Animated series many characters went through a redesign here are the pros and cons


    Poison Ivy:  She just looks so much more dark, seductive, plantish and villainous.

    Catwoman: Like poison Ivy catwoman's costume is now darker and she is paler. My description may not be that good but lookat the picture of her up it rocks.

    Scarecrow:  He may no-longer look like a scarecrow but he's just so much scarier, and awesomer.

    Croc: I never really liked the old croc look with the grey and the warts he did'nt really apeal to me but the new is Killer Croc


    I'm not even putting pictures because they suck so much

    Joker: Colorless

    Ventriliquist: Noone has a hed that flat!!!

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