Batman: World's Greatest Detective is a movie, rebooting the Batman movie franchise. It has many sequels planned, the first one being World's Finest, and the second one being Justice League of America. The third is Battle for the Cowl, and the fourth is Birth of the Bird. Fifth, and final is Batman and Robin: Gotham's Heroes.


Jason Behr as Bruce Wayne/Batman
Mila Kunis as Selina Kyle/Catwoman
Garret Hedlund as Dick Grayson/Robin
TBA as Alfred Pennyworth
TBA as Victor Fries
TBA as Ra's al Ghul
Camilla Belle as Talia al Ghul

Full Dialogue

Music plays, and the camera moves around to show the slum which is Gotham City. Two guards lay dead on the bridge, and the camera zooms up to the sky. It adjusts to Wayne Manor, and zooms in closely.

Bruce Wayne: Alfred! Get the car ready. The Flying Graysons are performing.

Alfred Pennyworth: Right away, master Wayne. Are we going to be taking the Lamborghini, or the Viper?

Bruce: Doesn't matter Alfred!

Bruce runs upstairs still getting dressed

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