Rocksteady Studios defied expectations with Batman: Arkham Asylum by creating a Caped Crusader-starring game that didn't suck. Now, with the release of some new(ish) Batman: Arkham City footage, Rocksteady has subverted yet another common trend: gameplay previews where the player looks like he has no idea what he's doing.

The 12-minute preview (covering roughly the same territory as the demo at E3) shows off some incredible direct-feed audio/video (i.e. without the noise of E3 blasting in the background), with levels featuring both Batman and Catwoman in action. Some brand-new things on display include our first look at Gotham news reporter Jack Ryder, confirmation that Catwoman is actually imprisoned in Arkham City, and some great monologuing from Two-Face. Have a look-see below!


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