Alexander Stojanov, a 23-year-old artist from Sofia, Bulgaria, has created some incredible Batman posters for the world to enjoy. Seeing as his favorite cartoon character is listed as Batman, and one of his favorite movies is the The Dark Knight, it's no surprise that Alexander used his digital art skills to create his own original posters for the Batman films.

All of Alexander's art incredible, but these four Batman posters are of particular interest to this Wiki. Using Painter X and Photoshop, Alexander created the three posters that feature multiple characters, getting his inspiration from Drew Stuzan's Blade Runner poster. For the imposing poster that features Tom Hardy as Bane, he used Zbrush and Modo.

These are bad ass works of digital art, so go to Alexander's Deviant Art page to see them up-close in all their glory, and don't forget to give the Bulgarian some love!

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