Occupy gotham
Christopher Nolan's third Batman installment, The Dark Knight Rises, has been filming in Los Angeles recently, with previous shooting locations in Pittsburgh, England, Romania, and Jodhpur, India. The production's next stop, come October 29th, will be New York, a city that was long ago nicknamed after the home of Batman, Gotham City. The citizens of NYC are currently making headlines for the rapidly increasing Occupy Wall Street protests. Dark Knight Rises doesn't start shooting there for another 2 weeks, but if you've actually listened to what the 'occupants' have to say, it should be clear that they aren't going anywhere. They will certainly still be there by the time Nolan and crew come to town. So the question is, will Nolan use the massive crowds to his advantage?

The built-in cast of extras stationed in Lower Manhattan (and now in cities worldwide, for that matter) could certainly benefit production. Pessimists might say that the protestors would be opposed to lending their help. Warner Bros. exemplifies the mighty conglomerates against whom the movement stands, and the production budget is a whopping $250 million. On the other hand, Nolan was once a lowly independent filmmaker, and his last Batman film, The Dark Knight, had a strong focus on civil obedience and the balance between urban order and chaos. Plus, the casting call describes the setting of the film as "a city besieged by crime and corruption." [1] Perhaps these perturbed New Yorkers won't even need to take acting lessons.

Of course, it's all speculation. Apparently, cast members have been told that the shoot could include OWS protests, but if we know anything about Nolan, the protests would not be incorporated into the story, but only used for some breathtaking, realistically gritty shots of ginormous crowds. Then again, this could be a ridiculous theory or a signature Nolan red herring. In fact, the protests could even negatively affect the production by taking away space and resources. God forbid the release of the movie is pushed back just because some people want to exercise their rights to free speech! (Kidding of course) What do you guys think Nolan should do?

Do you think The Dark Knight Rises will employ the masses of Occupy Wall Street?

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