No consistency here folks

Compare each of the three images here with the one directly below it. They each share a similar quality. Yet the top three have some obvious differences as well. The first two are of actors as they looked during the show or even younger! The second two are unflattering random pictures of actors looking older. And then the last two are shots of actors with upper thigh/waist up visible. All of them are uploaded by Doomlurker with exception of the one with Pat Hingle in a bow tie, which is not a worthy replacement for the one in the middle apparently.

At first I thought, Oh, he must want only want headshots with a bit of neck space. Then I got a load of his Anne Hathaway picture. There is no rhyme or reason to images he chooses or why they can only be his selection.

Yvonne Craig gets a great photo with her hot young cleavage hanging out, yet Julie fucking Newmar, THE iconic Catwoman - one best things about the show, gets a random scary wide-eyed old lady pic? What?

Wondering if anybody else thinks this is odd.

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