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    owns as the Joker, though.]]

    Well, lads Batman: Arkham Origins came out last Friday. I just finished playing it myself and... wow, I'm a bit underwhelmed and disappointed. It didn't really capture the spirit of the games before, the ones we've come to know an--Now, enough of what I think, like my opinion really matters?! I wanna know what you guys think. Lets just have a discussion in the comment section below!

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    Spoilers: If you haven't seen the movie...there are spoilers here...okay?

    Yeah, I know you'll say, "TDKR was epic", but some stuff in that movie just don't make any sense what so ever.

    "What kind of fusion device spontaneously detonates after five months of decay? A nuclear bomb can be detonated, to be sure, but such bombs require very specific machining and chemical explosive triggers. I’m not aware of any kind of physics that would support the idea that such a device could just spontaneously decide to go off; the entire point of an atomic bomb is that fissionable or fusionable material has to be forced to overcome the electrostatic repulsion between its nuclei. That’s not something that just kinda happens at some point. That’s leaving asid…

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