• Sniperteam82308

    Poison Ivy:Not as a villain this time but will give you infomation on Two Face's location that she heard through the plants. She will be located in Robinson Park that she turned into a second Eden like in the comics.

    The Joker:At the end of the game he will betray Harley possibly the same way he did in Mad Love. He will fight Batman as the final boss but actually fight him not send goons after you until you pull him down.

    Harley Quinn:Will have her "babies" with her since shes not in Arkham. Won't be beaten by Batman rather betrayed by Joker because she brought Batman to them.

    Scarecrow:He'll be trying to infect Arkham's water with fear toxin so he can make his escape.

    Two Face:Same up until after being beaten. Confronted again later in the ga…

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