Catwoman: "You hurt her, you die."
298690-spetsnaz super

"Stas" Kirilenko

Cpt. Kirilenko: "Kill me, will you? I want to see you try, cat."

--Catwoman and Kirilenko, upon Kirilenko's threat to kill Holly

Cpt. Sergei "Stas" Kirilenko, commonly referred to as Stas ("Stassy" by Catwoman sometimes), is a Russian Spetsnaz operative who leads the elite GRU Special Forces Regiment to combat insurgencies in Chechnya and throughout the former Soviet states. His fighting style, Spetsnaz Systema, in contrast to Catwoman, uses brute force, but he is somewhat agile, and is evenly matched with Catwoman in hand-to-hand combat. He is a primary antagonist in Agent of Night and is voiced by Andrew Divoff.


"Have fun, Comrade Kyle."

--Cpt. Kirilenko to Catwoman after calling in Spetsnaz soldiers

Early life to military career

Stas was born in 1963 at Volgograd, in the Soviet Union. His father was a WWII Soviet veteran and his mother was an expert sniper.

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