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Welcome to ARCHIVE TWO.

This is an archive dated from 21 March 2009 - 3 May 2010.
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Hello, this is Batfan'89. If you want to talk anything BATMAN, just go to my discussion page and I will some how respond. I only get to spend one-two times a week on the ole computer, so it may take a while for me to respond. I also edit from time-to-time on the wookieepedia site and have edited one article on the batman.wkia page. If I could be of help on expanding this site when I can get the chance let me know. Batfan'89 00:59, 23 March 2009 (UTC)

How much information do you need to start a page so that it will not be erased?

Deleted Articles




Quick question why did you delete my Brian Bryan article did i do something wrong

Fan Films and Fan stories


Do we allow on this wiki actual articles on fan films and fan stories? We really should not allow this,except on user pages....

Thanks, --Duel44 22:11, 23 March 2009 (UTC)

Batman Beyond stripped


In reply to your question,I looked at the official site for this article, and they had a disclaimer that this was purely fan fiction. The article is: Batman Beyond stripped.

Thanks, --Duel44 22:30, 23 March 2009 (UTC)


Hello, this is Batfan'89. As for an article to work on, it does not matter, but I am interested in the Batman: Gotham Knight articles. I edited the Cardinal O'Fallon page not to long ago. But its like I said before, I hardly may not be of much help since its RARE that I get to go online and sit at the computer because of my job. But if you want advice on anything, I would like to help. I have been a DIE HARD BATMAN FAN since I was 4 years old and im 19 now!!! I guess for today I could edit some of the Batman: Gotham Knight articles. HUGE FAN OF this animated film that takes place in between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. I hope they do another one that takes place after The Dark Knight and before Batman 3 Batfan'89 16:27, 24 March 2009 (UTC)


i would like to reccomend ventress112 for adminship. she works very hard but has been absent for that past weeks.--Generalgrievous113 20:47, 25 March 2009 (UTC)

speaking of being absent, I'm here!!(thanks GG112)----Ventress112 talk / edits 01:12, 26 March 2009 (UTC)



I am inquiring about the editing tabs for creating new pages. They are notably absent on this wiki and the Wonder Woman Wiki whenever I try to create a page. Why are the tabs missing? They have been for at least a day.

Thanks, --Duel44 22:52, 28 March 2009 (UTC)

Glossary: Minor Other Media Characters

Hey Adam the Glossary: Minor Other Media Characters pages are all done and completed there was only a few Glossary Letters pages that had no Other Media Characters. But overall everything is done right now the pages are all done and this Glossary section of pages are done. I'm going to double check to see if I misted anything if you could help me and just double check as well that would be great and then we can officially confirm the Glossary: Minor Other Media Characters page are done and you can start deleting the stub pages of those Minor Other Media Characters. Well talk to you later and let me know when you start deleting the stub pages of those Minor Other Media Characters. Oh and let me know if I missed anyone and I'll fix it right away. Oh and the list below is of page I couldn't find stub pages of Minor Other Media Characters.


From Rod12

excuse me

do you think that i can be a sysop now. im one of the most active and profitable users as proven on the top user widget. thx----Ventress112 talk / edits 23:56, 30 March 2009 (UTC)

Vandelism Page

Hey Adam we got a vandelism user called User:‎ he created a page called Batman (fucking idiot‎ I marked the page for deletion with a deletion tage. Just wanted to let you know talk to you later oh and let me know what your going to do about the recent completion of Glossary: Minor Other Media Characters pages and the deletion of the stub pages of the Minor Other Media Character pages.

From Rod12


Are you really going to allow User:Wallflowerlover284 to have that on their page? That could be considered hate crime. GroceryBag 19:00, 3 April 2009 (UTC)



It should be noted that the page tabs are still missing. Maybe there is a problem,not just maintenance...

Thanks, --Duel44 17:30, 4 April 2009 (UTC)

Burton Batman 3


Thanks for the message and the help offer. I'll let you know if I ever need a hand. I've been a huge Batman and Burton-Batman fan for a long time. So it is a pleasure give what information I have regarding Burton's proposed Batman 3.

If you have any questions for me, then please feel free to ask.

Thanks again.

Category:Batman 3 Characters


I have noticed this new page called: Category:Batman 3 Characters. With so little known about Batman 3, some of these characters have not been confirmed for any kind of possible upcoming movie. I think that the next time such a page should be created, authors need to show a credible source for this kind of data.

Thanks, --Duel44 13:57, 25 April 2009 (UTC)

Glossary: Minor Other Media Characters Part-3

Hey Adam I was wondering when you were going to delete The Other Media Characters Stub pages that were moved when I created the Glossary: Minor Other Media Characters and the related page to that section. The reason being I noticed people have been doing minor editing on those page. Basically I was just curious when that certian task we talked about was going to be done. Oh well talk to you later.

From Rod12


Hey, Thanks for my welcome. Please take a look at my first submission Batman: R.I.P., and let me know if there's anything I can do to improve it. Many thanks.

Vandalism on Batman (Michael Keaton)


I am mortified to discover the malicious defacement done to this wiki on the Batman (Michael Keaton) page by IP address If you would look at the page under the "Double Life" section, a great deal of vandalism has been done. This IP should be blocked as soon as possible.

Thanks, --Duel44 12:07, 23 May 2009 (UTC)

Vandalism on the Riddler Page.


I have noticed another vandal on the wiki: IP THis IP should be blocked due to vandalism on the Riddler page under "animation".

Thanks, --Duel44 13:49, 29 May 2009 (UTC)



I would like to suggest deletion for the following page: Scarface. The dummy's history is covered in the Ventriloquist and Ventriloquist II pages and this article is poorly-written and not needed on this wiki. No category, no links, no punctuation, no purpose, no good.

Thanks, --Duel44 00:47, 4 June 2009 (UTC)


I'm having some trouble editing the page owlman. Can you help?

Bane in Batman and Robin

I was under the impression that after being devenomized, he was crushed to death when the platform fell. Ghostkaiba297 06:33, 6 June 2009 (UTC)

Vivky Vale


On the back the DVD her name is spelled with a 'y'. In the credits it is spelled with an 'i'. So I apologize.

It looks like they have it spelled two different ways.

Batman - SuperFriends

Is this wiki just live-action or do you have pages dedicated to Cartoon version?

It would be cool if you would link directly to our page from your Batman page for the Batman (SuperFriends). Just a thought.

Also, if you need still shots of the serials, give me a list (characters, etc) and I'll dust them off and do that (schedule permitting).--Superman Fan 17:49, 6 June 2009 (UTC)

Batman (1943 Serial)

Thank you for linking to our page.

I'll try to get to those screencaps before the weekend is over. If not, it may not be till next weekend..--Superman Fan 18:03, 6 June 2009 (UTC)

1943 Serial





I have uploaded several screencaps from the first serial. Hope they help

Also, to touch on the Vicky/Vicki thing again, check out these pics from the 89' Keaton movie. It looks like they might have done it on purpose. This may deserve a not on the main Vicki page.

--Superman Fan 12:47, 8 June 2009 (UTC)


Thanks for the welcome Doomlurker! I don't need help right now, but if I do I'll call!

P.S I see you like The Riddler.

--Biomanzilla 2:45, 14 June 2009.


I heard that Robin might or might be in the third Batman movie and if he is going to be in this one I vote for Shia LaBeouf?--Lg16spears 05:03, 26 June 2009 (UTC)

Side bar

Hi Doomlurker

Have you considered changing up the side bar? The reason I ask is that it is tough to know what is featured on this site. As a new user to the site, I wasn't sure where to go.

You have the 1966 series and villains now. But is in necessary to have the 66 series and no others? I believe the Green Arrow wiki suffers from being dedicated to Smallville the TV show. It should be neutral as should yours.

Use the sidebar to direct them where you want them to go....maybe to every series / franchise or to each individual Batman.

Does that make sense? --Superman Fan 12:28, 26 June 2009 (UTC)

Yes, that is what I was thinking. It looks good. I would consider adding the years to all the movies and TV series.
When I changed up ours at the SF wiki I looked around at other wikis for ideas. If you have any questions about how to make any other changes, I'd be happy to help. It took a lot of trial and error. --Superman Fan 17:44, 26 June 2009 (UTC)
Looks great! I like the additional dropdown menus for villains. --Superman Fan 20:32, 26 June 2009 (UTC)


Hi, Doomlurker - I'm Shawn, a member of Wikia's Entertainment team. You guys have a pretty amazing wiki here! I'm really impressed by the amount and quality of content and great community working here. I wanted to drop a note just letting you know that the Entertainment team is here to lend a hand if you need it. Is there any particular project you're working on? We can lend a hnad doing whatever you need. Shawn (talk) 16:55, 26 June 2009 (UTC)

Main Page News

Hey Adam do you thinks its ok to get rit of The Dark Knight Related Movie New and the death of Bruce Wayne in Final Crisis news along with the image its been up there for a while if we got rit of it we would have more room for other things on the main page or just more news. Oh well talk to you later.

From Rod

Search Engine Optimization

Hey, Doomlurker, it's Shawn from Wikia Entertainment again. I wanted to drop a quick note talking about SEO for a minute - Entertainment wants to help you guys out at getting Google to recognize your wiki better and rank it higher in search results, and we have a few simple ways to do it. We think you have a fantastic, exemplary wiki and we want to help it get as many new eyes/great editors on it as possible. I wanted to run these by you before we go ahead and implement them:

  • New keywords - we want to add a few new terms to the desc, pagetitle and pagetitle-main areas of your wiki that will help Google pick it out easier. We/you can swap these out with new and better terms on an ongoing basis if there's new Batman media in the pipeline that you might want to capitalize on.
  • Main page links - we want to trim down the links on your main page a little bit. Google penalizes pages with too many links (typically over 100), so we want to cut down some of the ones on your main page. This won't mean removing any relevant content, as all we're looking to cut out is the Entertainment footer down at the bottom of the page. We don't use those footers on new wikis anymore, and it doesn't seem like you're too invested in promoting stuff like He-Man or Ninja Turtles. As for the other DC links in the footer, they're in the Related Wikis section as well (which we'd like you to keep if you want), and thereby redundant, which is a double-whammy as far as Google results go.

Any thoughts or ideas? Let me know what you think of it. Shawn (talk) 04:42, 7 July 2009 (UTC)

Hey, Doomlurker, thanks for giving the go-ahead on those SEO changes, I'll make them now and keep tabs on how they affect the wiki going forth. Shawn (talk) 16:28, 7 July 2009 (UTC)

Reverted Edits

Hi Doomlurker,

Quick question. On two occasions, my edits to a page were reverted to a bare-bones version that existed before them (this happened on Alfred Stryker and Dracula). One of the reverts was yours so I was curious why this was done. Did I violate a rule of the Wiki? The Stryker edit had an issue # reference for the info and the Dracula edit was simply a more detailed description of the character.

I realize that Wikis are always changing but since it happened twice right after I joined, I wanted to make sure I wasn't doing something wrong. Rajah1 09:45, 11 July 2009 (UTC)

i'm back

I know it's been - what, about a year I've been gone. I've been going through some trounbles...and also I forgot my password lol but I'm back. Spread the word.--Lord EggHead (I'm an Agent of Chaos) 23:24, 13 July 2009 (UTC)

Glossary: Minor Other Media Characters

Hey Adam I was wondering were do we stand on the Glossary: Minor Other Media Characters pages that were created to get rit of all the Minor Other Media Character Stub pages that are on the Batman Site are we still going to delete the Minor Other Media Character Stub pages because there still up on the site. I was just wondering if you had a statis update on that issue I'm just curious on what where going to do because I don't want to start the other Glossary Pages that I had planed until I know what were going to do with the 1st Set I completed. Oh well talk to you later and check out the new image I added to the Bane article I think you will real enjoy it.

From Rod

Hey Adam thanks for the update on the Glossary Pages I don't mean to rush you with those pages I know we'll eventually get to them I was basically curious were we stand on the issue. Well now that I know I won't start any Glossary Page work until we offically complete the process with the first set of Glossary pages. As of Batman site work I think I create a page for Manhunter (Kate Spencer) and work on some writer and artist pages. Oh and I'll add some writer and artist pages to the Hawkman site to get the site too 200 pages.

From Rod

Stub template

Hey man,

I noticed that the stub template doesn't close right (especially when put up at the top of an article). I'm no expert, but I'll try to fix it, if that is alright with you. --Superman Fan 18:25, 24 July 2009 (UTC)

I changed it! It should work better on the page. --Superman Fan 18:49, 24 July 2009 (UTC)


I see that you have seen the changes / additions I made. I was curious about something (I'll try to explain it clearly). I noticed that on a few movie article pages (i.e. Batman (1943 Serial)), that the cast section pointed to the general character as opposed to the actual character. Then below, in the appearances section you link directly the proper character (i.e. Batman (1966 film)). Is that correct? Also, why do you have two separate section with characters listed twice?

I have one more question, I noticed that when I was adding characters, there were two potentially the same categories (i.e Category:Batman and Robin (1949 Movie) Characters and Category:Batman and Robin (1949 Movie) Cast). Are there supposed to be two categories like that?

You know, I'm glad I have the serials, but they are incredibly long....which detracts from the enjoyment, since pacing and action are significantly low.... --Superman Fan 14:32, 26 July 2009 (UTC)

Ok, cool! I get it. --Superman Fan 17:05, 26 July 2009 (UTC)

Wayne Manor

Before I forget... I wanted to tell you that for the Wayne Manor SuperFriends link at the bottom, I link directly to the SuperFriends site. You can obviously change that. It was more of a placeholder, till you write your own article. --Superman Fan 15:20, 26 July 2009 (UTC)

1943 serial

I noticed that everything in the movie takes place near and around Los Angeles not Gotham City. Which seems strange given the back of the DVD cover says that it takes place in Gotham. So I change Prince Daka's page to reflect that. They actually use those location references (that I use) in the movie --Superman Fan 17:17, 27 July 2009 (UTC)

With your permission..or 'By your Command'

I was hoping to add to the Batman (Disambiguation) page a side by side comparison of the different looks of Batman. From animated to live action. From the 40's to the present. It will look like the galleries that you have at the bottom of your character article pages. However, I have a template that will allow the picture itself as well as the text to link to another page. The reason I ask is because as an admin myself I know how frustrating it can be to have major work done that is not the direction of the page.

Also, If we do this, I can add the new template link to your page so you can file it accordingly. Speaking of that do you a template page? I created the one we use (yes I have to plug in the new template every time I create a new one). It is not the usual category page as you can see.--Superman Fan 17:29, 27 July 2009 (UTC)

Maggie Sawyer

Hey Adam do you want to have Detective Maggie Sawyer on the Batman Site here or on the Superman Rebirth Site. I'm kind of leaning towards putting here because she has been in Gotham alot in her past and her current state an she's only been in Metropolis for a short time span but not anything permanetly. If we put her on the Batman Site we can easily mention her and her part of both Batman and Superman Universe. Oh well talk to you later.

From Rod

I'll get Maggie Sawyer and the two Hawk Characters done by the end of today. Thats funny for some on reason I thought one of did those character because I'm surprised we both missed them since there so important oh well no big deal I have funny creating character pages. Oh and today I got Green Lantern: First Flight Movie haven't watched it yet but I'll let you know how it is. Oh well talk to you later Adam.

From Rod


Here are the names of the template pages (the 'link image' is the main on, the rest are interwoven into it):

No I did not write these. I found them on other sites.

Template:Link Image



--Superman Fan 23:53, 29 July 2009 (UTC)

I messed around with the template and it works. The one thing that I don't like about it is that the pics are bigger than the box they are in...meaning that you loose some of the picture. Another words, if it is a full size shot, you end up with only a waist up shot loosing the rest of the pic... which looks ok, its just not the full shot. Make sense?
Since I don't know code, I'm not sure how to fix that. --Superman Fan 00:34, 30 July 2009 (UTC)
Well, its done and it looks cool. I'm still not thrilled that it is not full body. If you want the full body, we'll have to sacrifice the new template and use the regular gallery template. --Superman Fan 15:53, 3 August 2009 (UTC)
Ya, I noticed that too! I wonder if all the pictures were made that size, they would look like that. Not sure...and I'm not sure I know how to do that. --Superman Fan 03:08, 4 August 2009 (UTC)


Hey Adam tell me what you think of the new Deadshot Image I added I think it real makes the page stand out more and it makes you have a Keanu Reeves Matrix Moment. Oh well talk to you later.

From Rod

Awsome that sounds like a good plan.

From Rod

Final Crisis: Revelations

Hey Adam what do think of me adding Final Crisis: Revelations to the Batman site here it deals with alot of Batman Universe Characters Crispus Allen, The Question (Renee Montoya), Batwoman and Huntress (Helena Bertinelli) plus it takes place in Gotham City and is written by the Great Greg Rucka. I'll do the whole story arc and everything. Oh well talk to you later.

From Rod

Thats sounds great yea with the Former Sinestro Corps Members and the Former Green Lantern Corps Members mainly the Fallen Lantern are now basically all members of the Black Lantern Corps and that sounds like a great idea to put the Heralds with the Sinestro Corps Members Section but we maybe have to move the Anti-Montior to the Black Lantern Corps Section. An I'll start work on the Final Crisis: Revelations Pages today. Oh well talk to you later Adam.

From Rod

Hey Adam all the pages for Final Crisis: Revelations is all done and completed check the pages out and tell me what you think oddly enough I'm going to my Comic Book Store tommorrow and getting this story along with Rogues Revenge. Oh well talk to you later.

From Rod

That sounds great.

From Rod

Disambiguation Pages

SOund cool!

I don't have many comic books so can't scan any pages.

We could find (or make) a 'Need Picture' to use as a fill in.

I'll check it out....been on vacation for a few weeks.--Superman Fan 21:07, 10 August 2009 (UTC)

Rogues Gallery Page

Hey Adam thats great that you finished the Rogues Gallery Page at least most of it like you said yea take a break either do something else you want to do on your to do list or just take an overall break you deserve it you did a awsome job. I'm kind of doing work on the Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter and Superman Rebirth sites right now. Oh well talk to you later.

From Rod


Hey Adam thats good News with the Rogues Gallery Page and on the issue of Blackest Night: Superman I'm trying to find Cover #1 of Issue #1 of that story which is hard to find without a watermark tage on it. An I haven't seen any Zor-El or Lois Lane Kent aka Earth-2 Lois Lane Black Lantern Images anywhere but I'll keep a lookout. Oh well talk to you later.

From Rod

Oh thats good 3-More Sections that shouldn't be to hard I guess after that on to the work at my Superman Rebirth Site or something else. On my end I'm cleaning up and updating the main team pages of Justice League of America, Justice Society of America, The Outsiders and the Teen Titans an I'm also creating a Titans Team page and I'll be adding it to are sites that need the page. After thats done I will add the main teams that are needed for the Superman Rebirth Site and the Shazam Site. Then that task should be all done. Oh well talk to you later Adam.

From Rod

Yea I know what you mean you can get side track very easily with the work that we do. I'm just about done with the Teen Titans team page updating it and cleaning the page up that will be probably finished by the end of today or tommorrow probably today would be a ok time table right now. After I'm done with the updating and cleaning up the Teen Titans page on all sites I'll add the main teams that need to be added to the Superman Rebirth and Shazam site. I took the Teen Titans and The Outsiders of the Green Lantern Wiki site because there was only two character from that Green Lantern Universe that each separtly joined one of those teams so there was no point to have them on there. Oh and I've also been creating some Black Lantern pages for Former Green Lantern Corps Members. What your statis with the Sinestro Corps Members but overally congraduations for a great job on finishing the Batman Rogues Gallery Page it looks great. Oh well talk to you later Adam.

From Rod

Thats good news with the Sinestro Corps Members as for The Battle For The Cowl that is a Story Arc mainly I'll find some info to help you out with that or if you want I can do the pages for you. Oh well talk to you later and I'll find you some info for Battle For The Cowl.

From Rod

Batman: Battle For The Cowl

Hey Adam I did find alot of Links that deal with whole Battle for The Cowl Story. It basically makes up of 3-Parts the event which is the story arc and the event in the DC Universe Time Line, Batman: Battle for The Cowl and finally Batman: Battle for the Cowl Companion which mainly makes up the one shot of the series along with other short Mini Series during the story arc. Don't worry all work on all those page first let me get the Major Teams Project Pages I'm working on now done with updating and cleaning up those major team pages like the Teen Titans for excample and then after that I'll get straight to work on the new Battle for Cowl Project. I wouldn't work on the new Batman: Reborn Story Arc yet let the series get a few more issues out then try to work on it makes it harder when your trying to find info on recently released comic issue. Try Batman: R.I.P story arc or why not add the entire Final Crisis story arc to the Batman site here the Story Arc should be located on one of The Big Tree sites for us either your Batman and Wonder Woman site or my Superman Rebirth site. Oh well talk to you later.

From Rod

Hey Adam the updating and cleaning up of all major comic book teams is completed and finished its all done there all set on all sites. On the Shazam site I added the Justice Society of America and Justice League of America and on the Superman Rebirth site I added JSA, JLA and the Teen Titans. I didn't add The Outsiders or The Teen Titans to the Shazam site even though Freddy Freeman was on both teams if there was another person that from the Shazam Character Universe that was on the list I would be happy to add the two teams to the site. On the Hawkman site with the Teen Titans Team Page currently it stands as the only reason to have the page on the site and its List of Former Team Members is because of Ray Palmer so the 2-Teen Titans related page might be considered to be deleted but I did think of a good solution to the problem we could add the 2-sets of Hawk and Dove teams or at least there character pages to the Hawkman site and we would add 4-New Pages to the Hawkman site which would be great. On the issue of Black Lantern Zor-El and Earth-2 Lois Lane I found to great images of Black Lantern Earth-2 Lois Lane and there currently on the Superman Rebirth site in the Lois Lane Kent/Gallery page because I created a character page for her so if you want to add the image to the Green Lantern Rogues Gallery Black Lantern Corps Section you can. On the issue of Zor-El found a Black Lantern image of him but is't a bad one its kind of his back and it shows more of his daughter and wife then him. Oh well talk to you later and tommorrow I'll start work on the Battle for The Cowl pages and that whole big fun project.

From Rod

Hey Adam I was following the DC Database Wiki Version and there general format I was just doing some small changes and fun enough just as I was finishing with what I was editing and I hit save you were at the same time doing your editing work so I lost all my work I did. I was using and following the DC Database Wiki Version and there general format the version I was trying to create wasn't done yet ok if I try again and then I'll show you and see what you think. Oh well talk to you later.

From Rod

Yea I know that moving the issues thing through you off I was going to move it back I just temporaly place it there that was my mistake sorry if it confused you. I have a plan on how I want the whole pages to look and everything its just a slow process and I'm trying to get ever detail right of how I planed it out in my head. The best way I can describe it is you know what were doing with The Blackest Night on the Green Lantern site this plan will be are version of that just for Batman. Oh and just one question with the epiloge issue shouldn't that be with Batman: Reborn Section and not Battle for The Cowl with the DC Database they have that issue with Batman: Reborn not Battle For The Cowl. Oh well talk to you later Adam.

From Rod

Battle For The Cowl

Hey Adam all the main page for the Battle for The Cowl Story Arc are completed and finished. I'll start work on the issue pages for all the issues involved in the Battle for The Cowl Story Arc. Two main related Battle for The Cowl pages might should be moved but I'll let you make the call on that the main related page are Battle for The Cowl: Oracle moving to the new name of Oracle: The Cure and Battle for The Cowl: Azrael moving to the new name of Azrael: Death's Dark Knight those are the only two Battle for The Cowl main related pages that might have to be moved to new title. There is one current problem with the Battle for The Cowl: Oracle page it shows the issues of the series are already created but in fact when you click on the link to go to the page it redirects you to a new wiki site called Oracle that I personally don't think has anything to do with Comic Books. Check out the problem first then will figure out a plan on how to solve it. Over all the Battle for The Cowl Project is half way done the main pages are completed and finished alone with there Gallery pages as well. The Issue Page work for the Battle for The Cowl will start tommorrow. Oh and the only issues in the entire Battle for The Cowl Story Arc that have a Cover-2 are the Batman: Battle for The Cowl Core Issues. Oh well talk to you later.

From Rod

Hey Adam the issue that are in the Batman: Battle for The Cowl Graphic Novel are all done and completed and the same goes for that Secret Six #9 issue as well. Tommorrow I'll start work on the issue that are in Batman: Battle for The Cowl Companion Graphic Novel. Oh well talk to you later.

From Rod

Hey Adam all the issue for Azrael: Death's Dark Knight are done and completed they are all set later today I'll work on the issue that are in Batman: Battle for The Cowl Companion Graphic Novel. Oh well talk to you later.

From Rod

Hey Adam all the issue for the Batman: Battle for The Cowl Companion Graphic Novel are done and completed they are all set. I'll work on the issue for Battle for The Cowl: Oracle: The Cure tommorrow. Oh well talk to you later.

From Rod

Hey Adam I just finished all the issues for Battle for The Cowl: Oracle The Cure they are done and completed there all set the Battle for The Cowl Project is officially done. If you get a chance could you make a history page on the character Azrael because the next Batman Wiki related project I'm going to work on is one on the Hero Azrael. You know there has been 3 people that have Azrael there was a guy in between Jean Paul Valley and Michael Lane that was Azrael for a short time and thats why you forget about there being 3-people who were Azrael when most people only know the main two Valley and Lane. Oh well talk to you later.

From Rod

Thats good news with the Azrael History Page. On the issue of the Superman: Rogues Gallery remember Mongul II he is a villian that needs to be a the Rogues Gallery page and your using the Category: Villians to help create the Superman Rogues Gallery page be on the Superman Rebirth site with the Category: Villians page there is alot of Villians on that page. Oh well talk to you later.

From Rod

Thats good news on the Superman Rogues Gallery with the other Villians section that you are going to do you think it should be Kryptionain Villians as the other section because there is alot of Kryptionian Villians in that Category Villian Page but the Rogues Gallery Page looks awsome great work as always. Oh well talk to you later Adam.

From Rod

Ok that sound good to me let me know when you got the Azrael History Page done thats what I' be working on next basically the 3-Azrael Hero Pages and a Disamugation page an a Order of Purity Page. Oh well talk to you later Adam.

From Rod

Thats a good History Page it will work fine for now and we can improve it later. What are you were on right now still Superman Rebirth or something else. Oh well talk to you later Adam.

From Rod

That sounds like a good plan and I agree with you on the break always need one of those. Oh well talk to you later Adam.

From Rod

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Just wondering if there should be character pages for this game.

Rightio. I could do a few pages if ya want. Btw, made an account for the sake of it...Holy Sock 22:25, 31 August 2009 (UTC)

Created pages for The Riddler, Bane, Killer Croc and Zsasz. They're pretty much done despite a few aspects that I need to get such as Patient Interviews and biographies etc for the Riddler.Holy Sock 01:45, 1 September 2009 (UTC)

Yeah, took a break becaus they are rather time consuming. But anyways, I'll get all the basic articles done before I collect Patient Interviews and bios etc Holy Sock 19:26, September 1, 2009 (UTC)

Done a few more pages. I'm completing the game again to get the plot and character plots straight so there are a couple of bios that stop halfway. Holy Sock 23:26, September 1, 2009 (UTC)

Thank You

I am Rising Moonlight. Thank you for your welcome and any assistance in getting my newest wiki page up and running would be gratfully accepted. --Rising Moonlight 00:59, September 9, 2009 (UTC)

Gotham Aventures

Hey Adam the Batman Gotham Adventures pages looks great overall the page looks fine. My only suggestion or question how ever you want to put is if the series was a total of 60 Issue is it one Volume or more than one Volume if it is more than Volume you could seperate it to make it less crouded but overall great job on all the pages. Oh well talk to you later.

From Rod

I'll take a look and see what I can find on the issue becaue I don't ever remeber seeing or hearing about a graphic novel have 60 Issues in it without it being more than 1-Volume. Oh well talk to you later and your welcome to do the pages for John Byrne's and Mark Waid's 2-Separte Graphic Novel Stories on Superman's Origin I saw you started Waid's. I work on Geof Johns one Superman: Secret Origins.

From Rod

Hey Adam I found something interesting about Batman Gotham Adventures the Comic Book Series had a total of 60 Issues but the Graphic Novel Titled Batman Gotham Adventures appears to only have Issues 1-6 while the Other Issues are Spread out through other Graphic Novel Titles that connect to Batman Gotham Adventures. I'm still trying to find the names of the othere titles but I hope that helps a little with trying to make that page a little less crowed looking. Oh well talk to you later.

From Rod

Hey man!

I've been so busy lately and we moved and my lap DVD player got fried. At any rate once I am back at it, Id' be glad to work on the disambiguation pages. --Superman Fan 20:46, September 24, 2009 (UTC)

Villains in Nolan series

Doomlurker, I'm so sure Clayface can work with the realism Nolan has set up, If he use the first Clayface (Basil Karlo) when he didn't have any clay powers, he was just an actor/serial killer with a clay like makeup mask, also what about Deadshot, Black Mask or Ventriloquist? Shadowhawk27

You still haven't answered my other questions on Deadshot, Black Mask or Ventriloquist. Can they can fit in with the real life tone that Nolan set up? Shadowhawk27 22:53, October 8, 2009 (UTC)

You also mentioned that you would want to see Harley Quinn in Nolan's verse right? Truth be told she already done a live portrayal in that failed series Birds of Prey she was played by actress Mia Sara, who replaced Sherilyn Fenn (originator of the role in an unaired pilot episode). (Shadowhawk27 12:56, December 23, 2009 (UTC)

Well, that was as close as we could get to a Live action Harl Quinn, even if this one was not to the public's liking :( (Shadowhawk27 23:59, December 23, 2009 (UTC))

Lois Lane


I noticed a new page on this site: Lois Lane. Lane is more of a main Superman character who really does not have any connection to Batman. Her page is not needed, and I think that the only Superman-related characters that should be made on this wiki are those who have long-lasting connections with Batman. (such as Jimmy Olsen, a close friend of Robin who has appeared in the mainstream "Batman" comic books).

Thanks, --Duel44 14:06, October 24, 2009 (UTC)



First of all, thanks for your welcome. Also, I'm starting a Nolan series Batman Fanon Wiki, and I was wondering if you could help me spread the word, or advise me on how to spread it, since i am a beginner wikia user.

Thanks anyway

--Leo 19:04, October 28, 2009 (UTC)


Hey Adam wow alot of Page to work on I guess for you but your fast at so I'm pretty sure you'll be fine. As for me right now it will be Blackest Night Page work on the Green Lantern Site as my main work for now. Oh well talk to you later.

From Rod

Thats good to know the pages aren't to hard and you got alot done today as for help soon I'm going to need you do some History Pages for me on some characters on The Martian Manhunter Site and Superman Rebirth Site and that job can be started soon but I'll let you know when you can get started on it. Oh well talk to you later Adam.

From Rod


why did you delete Flamingo and I presume Proffesor Pyg

Vandal User

Hey Adam could you please block this random User: he did some vandilism to my user page and you should check his history to see what else he might done thats real it for now. Talk to you later.

From Rod

Thanks buddy another problem solved.

From Rod

i just got your message thanks for fixing my Brian Brayn page i have a few more characters pages i planing to make like Sister Lilhy and Carlton LeHah but first i'm read my old issues of Azrael before i start so i can make a more detailed page on them

Dear Doomlurker: Thanks for the welcome! Looking forward to more editing! KryptoTheSuperdog ktsd

Fan Film called Bat-andrew


I have found the following IP address,, has created pages and categories for a fan-film called Batandrew. I have reverted some of their edits and marked all their dud articles and category pages for deletion. They have added their fan film category under Category: Characters, and I have reverted these edits as well. I recommend blocking this IP if possible and/or deleting their fan film pages.

Thanks, --Duel44 21:55, December 8, 2009 (UTC)

Arkham Asylum (Batman: Arkham Asylum)


As you may have noticed, I was working a lot recently on the Arkham Asylum (Batman: Arkham Asylum) page, but recently there has been an unregistered IP, making unproductive edits. I reverted them, but they added them all back and replaced an entire section of the article with "&nbsp". It looked terrible when they were done and they reverted all of my recent useful edits. I have reverted all of their recent edits back, but they don't appear to be a one-time user and will no doubt keep returning to ruin this article. I recommend they be blocked as soon as possible.

Thanks, --Duel44 14:50, December 13, 2009 (UTC)

Comic Book Egghead


I recently completed the comic book Egghead page. Now there are two pages: Egghead and Egghead (Vincent Price). I am really satisfied with the comic book Egghead page, and although I've been looking at the idea for some time, I have never quite gotten around to it until recently. Thank You for giving me the 'okay' to go ahead on that.

Thanks, --Duel44 15:15, January 10, 2010 (UTC)

New Batman movie

I was wondering, is there any information on who will be the next villain in the third enstallment of the most recent Batman movies? and if so, have they chossen actors/actresses for the parts yet?

MistaJ22 10:02, January 14, 2010 (UTC) MIstaJ22 (HAHAHAHA) Jan.14,2010. 4:02 am

Candidates for deletion


I have marked the following pages for deletion: Rumor and Billy Numerous. Altogether terrible, poorly-written articles consisting of one or a few measly sentences. No links, no category, no good. I recommend these terrible articles be deleted as soon as possible.

Thanks, --Duel44 23:01, January 14, 2010 (UTC)

Vandalism on Two-Face, Penguin, and several other pages


I have recently noticed some extensive vandalism done to the Penguin, Two-Face, and several other articles on this wiki perpetrated by this unregistered IP: I have reverted their edits, but I recommend they be blocked as soon as possible, since they may soon return to vandalize again otherwise.

Thanks, --Duel44 03:14, January 15, 2010 (UTC)

Stub Page

Hey man, sorry about leaving it like that. For some reason it wasn't working the way it should have. I still don't see it populated on the category template page. I've been having system errors and problems over at the SuperFriends Wiki all day. --Superman Fan 22:10, January 17, 2010 (UTC)

More Vandalism


I am reporting more (and more) vandalism on the Poison Ivy (Uma Thurman) article by an unregistered vandal: IP I have reverted their edits and recommend they be blocked as soon as possible.

Thanks, --Duel44 01:55, January 18, 2010 (UTC)

Batman: Arkham Asylum 2


I have noticed the following protected article, Batman:Arkham Asylum 2. I was going to move the page to Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 (adding a space) after the article's creation, but then, (For understandable reasons), you protected it to prevent editing. I would like to suggest that you add the proper space in the title and redirect it to Batman: Arkham Asylum 2.

Thanks, --Duel44 04:34, January 24, 2010 (UTC)

More Candidates for deletion


I have marked the following new pages on this wiki for deletion:

No links, no category, no good.

Thanks, --Duel44 19:12, January 30, 2010 (UTC)

Two more Candidates for deletion


I would recommend the following articles for deletion:

No links, no category, at the most three sentences, no good.

Thanks, --Duel44 16:26, January 31, 2010 (UTC)


As I was uploading pictures earlier I noticed that you did not have a template for CC-BY-SA licensing. As may know a few months ago they changed the licensing from (if recall) GFDL to CC-BY-SA. I have a template already made over at the SF wiki. I'd be happy to add it here. If I do, I'll leave the page link here on your talk page so you can organize it as you see fit. --Superman Fan 22:16, January 31, 2010 (UTC)

here you go:
--Superman Fan 00:01, February 1, 2010 (UTC)

(More) Candidates for deletion


I would recommend the following articles for deletion:

The first is a page created by a vandal (IP, and the second duplicates the page Harold Allnut. The others are nonsense articles. I recommend these articles be deleted and the vandal be blocked as soon as possible. ‎‎

Thanks, --Duel44 00:40, February 6, 2010 (UTC)


Don't delete them i'm working on it!The problem is i don't know how to put the images.Help me!

Batman 3 News


I am terribly sorry about removing the Batman 3 information from the main page. I noticed the word "reportedly" in the text and did not want rumours posted on the wiki page. I also would remove any unconfirmed Batman 3 content unless was added by a reliable user, such as the administrator. Once again, my eternal apologies.

Thanks, --Duel44 02:56, February 10, 2010 (UTC)

The Music Meister


I would like to report the following page for deletion: The Music Meister‎‎. No links, no category, incorrect information. I would also like to recommend "Category:Episodes I hope will air‎‎" for deletion. It is comprised of a letter addressed to the producers of Batman: The Brave and the Bold about episode ideas. This is unacceptable. I recommend both pages be deleted as soon as possible.

Thanks, --Duel44 16:56, February 14, 2010 (UTC)

Cast Shadows

How we do one-shot comics pages?

Soranin 18:00, February 16, 2010 (UTC)

The Penguin's Umbrella


I would like to report vandalism on the Penguin's Umbrella article by the following unregistered IP: This IP had removed the entire page and left the article with no content. I recommend that this unregistered vandal be blocked as soon as possible for removing content from pages.

Thanks, --Duel44 02:35, March 11, 2010 (UTC)

Batman (Comic Book) Vandal


I would like to report vandalism on the Batman (Volume 1) article by IP, who replaced the entire page with "818 PaNda RaIDeRs LMAo I kILLED someONE....................... aND I GoT AwAy WIth iT LMAo". This unregistered vandal should be blocked as soon as possible. This sort of vandalism deserves infinite blocking.

Thanks, --Duel44 02:20, March 12, 2010 (UTC)



I have changed your revision of the Crazy Quilt page because I noticed you added that Crazy Quilt's real name is Paul Dekker. Dekker was an underworld fence that adopted the persona of Crazy Quilt, but was later revealed to have been an imposter.

Thanks, --Duel44 01:12, March 15, 2010 (UTC)

Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 and Robin


I thought you should add 'Robin' to the character list for Batman: Arkham Asylum 2. Rocksteady Games has announced that Robin will be featured in the upcoming Batman video game, although they have not specified which Robin (Dick Grayson, Tim Drake or even Jason Todd) they will be featuring.

Thanks, --Duel44 22:08, March 15, 2010 (UTC)


Will Someone please message me on how you create a link BatMarcus

Batman 3 Edit Error

Did you create Batman Wiki? If so can you answer a question: Why can't I edit the page for Batman 3?

Batman 3 Edit Error

[This Message Has Been Deleted By The Writer]

Affiliation request

Hello, I am John Mahler, founder and head of a small fan labor publishing group called Fanatical Publishing; we currently publish two e-zines(almost 200 subscribers and growing), and plan on more.

I want to affiliate with groups like yours, to reach a wider fan base and provide better service to our subscribers.

Obviously, you'd want to check out the group before you make any decision; for further information, please check out the group at or e-mail me at

We would of course, link to you as a source of information: some of our contributors write Batman fan fiction and art, and many more are certainly interested in Gotham's dark protector.

Locked Gallery Pages


I would like to inquire as to why all gallery pages have been locked to prevent editing, flashing warnings telling me I will not be able to save any edits: "The administrator who locked it offered this explanation: We're sorry, this wiki is currently read-only...."

Since you are the only active administrator, I am inquiring as to why all gallery pages have been locked from editing. What kind of "test" is needed to prevent constructive editors from contributing?

Thanks, --Duel44 20:26, April 5, 2010 (UTC)

New Edits

Hi Doomlurker, I take it you've seen the article I did on Shame (Cliff Robertson), it's hasn't resgistered my credit to it though, even though I logged in before I did it, it loogged me out again. Do you what's happening? Daniel Macgregor


Yes I have now, yesterday I did an article on False Face and everything was fine.


Ma Parker

Hi Doomlurker, what do you think of my article for Ma Parker. The same thing happened with Shame and didn't give me credit for it but after doing more editing to it, I still have some credit for it. (Daniel Macgregor 11:33, April 13, 2010 (UTC))


Hi Doomlurker, I just thought that I should tell you that Dual44 is annoying me. I don't mind him editing the pages that I make, but he keeps on removing the edits that I make on his and changing them back to his own especially when I put in exciting and important parts that I expect to stay there. Is there anything that I can do? (Daniel Macgregor 11:49, April 13, 2010 (UTC))

Why do you insist on deleting my film related Batman contributions!?

It wasn't me who but the red links there in the first place in the list of inter-film related articles. So if you insist on having them deleted (without a consenus or proper explaination), what point is there having them in the article to begin with. That's extremely restrictive and controlling in my estimation! (TMC1982 (talk) 03:05 p.m., April 13, 2010 (UTC))

Ma Parker

Thanks Doomlurker, I have tried many times to install a template especially an infobox, but it keeps on saying that it doesn't exist.

Is there any way you can help? (Daniel Macgregor 22:08, April 13, 2010 (UTC))


Hi Doomlurker, thanks for helping me, Duel44 responded to my message, a little rudely but I understood where he was coming from. I'm hoping to start work on another new Batman Tv Series page about Lord Ffogg and hopefully he'll edit what needs to be edited and start making it even more special. I'm going to have a shot at installing templates for it if I can, if I can't I'll ask you again. Thanks So Much (Daniel Macgregor 14:24, April 14, 2010 (UTC))



I have created the following page: Starman. There have been several Starman characters in DC Comics, but only one has anything to do with Batman. This was an alternate identity developed by Bruce Wayne. Since I have only provided information on this version of Starman, I wanted you to look the article over and advise me on whether the page should be redirected to Starman (Bruce Wayne) instead.

Thanks, --Duel44 18:56, April 17, 2010 (UTC)

Dr. Cassandra


I have added the template (and correct quotation layout) to the Dr. Cassandra Spellcraft page. Will need to correct inconsistencies, spelling mistakes, grammar problems, and add links. Altogether, promising article.

Thanks, --Duel44 22:32, April 17, 2010 (UTC)

Removing Content from pages


I would like to report Dark boy as a vandal. Since the few minutes this user has been on this wikia, they are removing entire articles of content, infoboxes, everything. Dark boy must be blocked before he can do any more damage to this site.

Thanks, --Duel44 16:16, April 18, 2010 (UTC)

Lord Ffogg page

Welcome to ARCHIVE TWO.

This is an archive dated from 21 March 2009 - 3 May 2010.
Message Not Here ??? I also have Current Talk for newer messages

Current talk: 1
Archived talk: 1 3

</div> </div>

Hi "Doomlurker", I made the new article for Lord Ffogg as promised. I still need an infobox and a picture for it. Could you or "Duel44" install one for me because even though I have already made several articles. I still quite new to this installing template scenario. I found putting in a quote template easy with copying and pasting. If you could let me know and also inform "Duell44" I would be very greatful. Please let me know. (Daniel Macgregor 17:57, April 19, 2010 (UTC))


Hey, I was wonderin if you could answer my following question. How do you put pictures on articles because for some reason it wouldn't let me?

Please answer, and Thanks :)

Possible Returning Vandal

Hey Adam I noticed a possible returning vandal has returned to the site he left a not so friendly message at the Batman Wiki front page talk page section under the title I'm Back the user is known as User: just giving you a heads up. I'll let you take care of the rest and hopfully the source of the problem can be stopped before it starts. Oh well talk to you later.

From Rod


How do you make a name clickable that makes it lead to a page with the same name? please repile and thank you

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