Welcome to the Userbox Gallery -Brought to you by HQI Inc.Edit

High Quality Images Inc. is proud to present to you, a collection of userboxes that you can use to personalise your User Profile with. It is both Easy and Stylish to do. If you need and help at all, feel free to ask for assistance at either HQI Inc's Chairman's Talk Page or his Executive's Talk Page.

Current Globally Available UserboxesEdit



This user is as insane as the Clown Prince of Crime himself,The Joker. You


This user's intelligence is equal to that of The Riddler. Riddlerthinking


This user is as fierce and as scheming as The Penguin. The penguin332


This user is as graceful and feline as Catwoman. Catwoman03x-wide-community


How to use/addEdit

So, you're probably wondering how to use these wonderful Userboxes, well it's simple! All you have to do is type in (Or copy and paste if you're as lazy as me) the code that you see next to your desirable userbox into your User Profile. That simple. Take the code, and put it where you want on your User Profile.


Do you have a certain Userbox you would like but don't know how to make one? Feel free to request it on either the Chairman's or his Executive's Talk Page, and we'll be more than happy to make it.

--- High Quality Images Inc.

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